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He’s gone Hawkeye fans. The Justin Mejia roller coaster rolls back to Illinois. Mejia originally committed to the Hawkeyes back in 2014 and then decommitted from the Hawkeyes in July of 2016.

Once his recruiting options were opened up Illinois jumped on him and Mejia would accept an offer. Justin would go on to make California history at the state wrestling tournament, becoming just the second wrestler ever to win four individual state titles. In fact there hasn’t even been 10 wrestlers to compete in four finals (Justin was the ninth). He ended his high school career the #42 overall wrestler in the class of 2017, and ranked #4 at 126 pounds according to Flowrestling.

That brings up to the present, where Mejia recently was denied admission into Illinois due to a transcript error, which prompted him to explore other options and that put Iowa back on the table. After discussing it over with the Iowa coaching staff, Mejia would reunite with the Hawkeyes. This meant that Mejia would not only be in a college room with Tom and Terry Brands, but former Illinois coach Mark Perry, who recently took over the Hawkeye Wrestling Club coaching position.

Fast forward two months and IAwrestle has confirmed Justin Mejia will be going back to Illinois. We reached out to the Mejia family for comment and received “Long Story”.  We will keep you updated on this developing story.



18 thoughts on “Justin Mejia officially NOT at Iowa”
  1. Funny, how the first post mentioned a full court press by PSU, but the story says he is at Illinois. My guess is we are getting a lot of b.s. If there was a transcript error that kept him out of Illinois the first time, what happened to that error now since he is going back there? Or, if it would be corrected, or just delay his start there, why didn’t he do that the first time? Did he want to follow Perry, but Iowa did not have enough scholarship money left for him? Btw, I am not in Iowa, but I see guys like Daniel Dennis show up there and develop. Ramos, nd Gilman show up at the WTT fresh from college and nobody gives them a chance, yet they make the team… Also, every school has their big recruits that never seem to live up to their expectations, but that may be more about what the individual kid does once they are on campus. Lastly, Iowa does not get the best recruiting classes. That without a doubt goes to PSU. Iowa has done a nice job lately though.

  2. My bet is Cael is putting full court press on with the loss of Suriano. We Are.

  3. When I think Hawkeye I think under achievers. They get all of the best guys then take 5th at the NCAA’s. I hope you guys paid top dollar for Perry because now all of your success will have an * by it! The only time Brands could get it done was when he had his recruits from VT and Zalesky’s leftovers combined. The Brands can’t get it done on a level playing field. But I have no doubt Perry can get it done. He did it at sorry @$$ Cal Poly and Illinois. Now he gets the nations best recruits. It will game over in a few years. He is that good. It is too bad the Brands will get credit though.

  4. I am a relatively normal sized man and a former college wrestler. I have Brands brothers nightmares. If you think a normal human would do anything but eat the ground, you are about the dumbest guy around.

    1. Relatively? You are basically just admitting that you are a itsy bitsy “fun sized” human like your beloved coaches. There are weight classes in wrestling and fighting for a reason! I know plenty or “normal sized” men that would take the Brand’s lunch money! Heck, you don’t even need a normal sized man to take out a Brands. Just need a Kendall Cross. Haha!

  5. Sounds like a bitter father and son. You don’t need to continue the story because it’s not news worthy. Good luck to the kid.

  6. Can’t stand you Hawkeye idiots anyways. Your coaches will never make an average guy a lot better. You just get great kids and your 5’0 tall (I may be being generous) coaches walk around 24 hrs a day with a crazy look on their face and preach intensity and to pound square pegs in circle holes ! A normal sized man would slap the taste out of those little midgets mouth!….I get tired every time I go to watch a youtube video, seeing the commercial where Terry is saying “get out of my way or I will take you out”. Tank mouth, chihuahua sized body ….So glad Mejia is anything but a Hawkeye!!

    1. Tell me you’re the ‘normal sized man’ you speak of. How are you going to post something like this under ‘anonymous’? Lol

    2. Either of them would beat you so bad your grand mother would be ashamed to claim you.

      1. But in your case your grandmother wouldn’t be so judgemental because she still has mud in her eye from having a baby with her cousin. Go suck your sisters toes you pasty face inbred hillbilly.

    1. You sound like a scorned d-bag! Move on d-bag! I doubt you would do half the crap you talk on keyboard to the Iowa coaches. Brands would hand you your ass! LOL!! 😂😂

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