WAAAY Too Early Look at Class 1A

Well here it is, folks. Your way too dang early class 1A season preview. We listed all of the returning state placewinners, qualifiers, and district qualifiers. This should give everyone a pretty good idea of what weight ranges will be stacked, and where there might be some holes. All wrestlers are listed at their weights from last year. Some kids will obviously move up a weight class or two, but the groups of kids year after year usually tend to be fairly similar.


7 of 8 placewinners return here. Kimball, Wilson, and Klingensmith are a step or two above the pack of returners. Kimball came out on top last year at the state tournament, but he has losses within the last two years to both Wilson and Klingensmith. Dye, Meyer, Ramaker, and Shaha will all look to follow up their podium finish from last year with another one. Brisker, Meeker, Attkisson, Hanson, and Cassady had been threats to place all year last season. It’s not often 106 or 113 has 10 quality kids to rank in the preseason before freshman are added, but this group is at least 12 deep with guys who will immediately be medal threats.

Returning Placewinners:
1st – Daniel Kimball (Don Bosco-Gilbertville)
2nd- Jaymus Wilson (Alburnett)
3rd – Beau Klingensmith (Woodbury Central, Moville)
4th – Mason Dye (Sigourney-Keota)
5th – Brooks Meyer (Denver)
7th – Jack Ramaker (Lake Mills)
8th – Bryce Shaha (Mount Ayr)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Kael Brisker (Wilton)
Seth Danker (ACGC)
Colton Meeker (Wapello)
Connor Attkisson (Tri Center)
Donavon Hanson (Manson NW Webster)
Cael Cassady (Martensdale St.-Marys)
Jackson Cobb (WACO)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Kaleb King (Logan-Magnolia)
Drew West (Missouri Valley)
Damon Huston (Midland)
Carter Littlefield (Jesup)
Ryan Duckett (St. Edmond)
Cade Stearns (Graettinger-Terril)
Drew Kelso (Southeast Warren)
Ethan Kupka (HLV)
Mick Schroder (Riverside)
Cole Wimber (East Union)
Brady Wilkinson (Sumner-Fredericksburg)
Korey Knoblock (West Lyon)
Jaden Clements (Kingsley-Pierson)
Tyler Siemen (West Branch)
Bryce Thompson (Lone Tree)
Jacob Pierick (Collins-Maxwell) ***2A LAST YEAR***


All 8 placewinners return here. Adam Allard is the cream of the crop at this weight. He brings 2 state titles in 2 tries into his Junior season. When you look at this group of returning placers, you see a lot of wrestlers who made names for themselves late in the season. Reisz made a bit of a surprise run to the finals. Whitinger came in to the tournament with double digit losses, but rebounded from a 1st round loss to bonus his way back to 4th. Roest and Lashbrook had been borderline rankable for most of the year, but finished strong. Caiden Jones will be another one to watch as he was a placewinner two years ago. Did most of these wrestlers named above max out last year or are they just hitting their stride?

Returning Placewinners:
1st – Adam Allard (West Sioux)
2nd – Briar Reisz (Logan-Magnolia)
3rd – Cole Cassady (Martensdale-St. Marys)
4th – Jakob Whitinger (Nashua-Plainfield)
5th – Heath Moyer (North Linn)
6th – Daltin Roest (Manson NW Webster)
7th – Jacob Moore (Denver)
8th – Trey Lashbrook (AGWSR)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Joel Sampson (AHST)
Gage McCoy (Lisbon)
Trae Ehlen (Mount Ayr)
Aiden Christensen (Hinton)
Wil Martin (Moravia)
Caiden Jones (Lake Mills)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Sam Kyle (Missouri Valley)
Tryston Palmer (Interstate 35)
Aidan Noonan (Cascade)
Michael McClelland (Don Bosco)
Monte Matthews (Graettinger-Terril)
Jacob Cline (BGM Brooklyn)
Kodie Strong (Montezuma)
Ian Dinsmore (Treynor)
Ethan Stubbs (MFL MarMac)
Brackett Locke (Woodbury Central)
Mario Martinez (Sibley-Ocheyedan)
Christopherr Ewart (Wapello)
Colton Cruse (Wilton)
Mason Recker (Beckman) ***2A LAST YEAR***


If Happel and Allard are at separate weights this season, you can pretty much pencil them in as champs barring injury. The only real question mark there is, will we see those two meet up? No real upsets among the placewinners at this weight last year. There are a few names that didnt make the stand that have a shot to knock off a few of these medal winners, but the bracket shook out about as expected. Another weight where almost all placers return.

Returning Placewinners:
1st – Cael Happel (Lisbon)
2nd – Daniel Meeker (Wapello)
3rd – Blake Thomsen (Underwood)
4th – Casey Baker (Interstate 35)
5th – Cael Frost (Don Bosco)
6th – Tyler Helgeson (Lake Mills)
7th – Dillon Lynott (West Sioux)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Trent Terrel (WACO)
Elliot Young (AHST)
Bryce Kafton (MVAO)
Seth Thompson (English Valleys)
Parker Sternhagen (Maquoketa Valley)
Cauy Fitch (Colfax-Mingo)
Isaac Schimmels (Denver)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Sidney Pitt (Logan-Magnolia)
Gabriel Rolon (Eagle Grove)
Brock Grimm (Graettinger-Terril)
Blake Mann (BGM Brooklyn)
CJ Snethen (Lynnville-Sully)
Jarryn Stephens (East Union)
Quentin Gregg (Mount Ayr)
Carter Pal (Central Springs)
Gabe Sadler (South Winneshiek)
Hunter Walkingstick (Akron-Westfield)
Caedon Harbison (Highland)
Nick Hageman (Beckman) ***2A LAST YEAR***


That brings us to the first group without the state champ returning. Also just over half of the placers back with 5 of 8. Siebrecht looks to be the solid favorite now that Alex Thomsen is gone as he has big wins over the top returners. McBride and Larson appear to be in a second tier followed by Noonan and Lundquist. Heaberlin and Schuck were ranked most of the year last season and will look to push their way on to the podium, but after that it is fairly wide open.

Returning Placewinners:
2nd- Cobe Siebrecht (Lisbon)
3rd- Jacob McBride (Newman)
4th- Easton Larson (Don Bosco)
6th- Nolan Noonan (Cascade)
7th- Teagan Lundquist (Southwest Valley)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Reese Welcher (Wapsie Valley)
Logan Heaberlin (Belmond Klemme)
Kayne Marshall (Iowa Valley)
Trey Schuck (Sibley-Ocheyedan)
Tay VanDyne (WACO)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Cyden Fitch (Colfax-Mingo)
Quinten Vogel (Missouri Valley)
Curtis Schott (North Linn)
Trey Jochumsen (Hudson)
Levi Aldous (Emmetsburg)
Nathan Thomsen (East Sac County)
David Walker (Central Decatur)
Jaeden Rassmussen (AHST)
Ryan Hull (Nodaway Valley)
Caden Schrage (Northwood-Kensett)
Trevor Brinkman (North Butler-Clarksville)
EJ Hildreth (West Monona)
Mitchell Moore (Wapello)


Raise your hand if you know how this group will shake out? Everyone with their hand raised is a liar. The top 4 in this group are all great wrestlers, they are also very even. Henderson made the finals last year with a 1 point win over Tibbits in the semis. Tibbits has done it all in the regular season, but has come up short in his state tournament trips. Lewis split with Tibbits last year at state with Lewis coming out on top in their last matchup, and James wrestled Lewis to a 2 point loss.

Returning Placewinners:
2nd- Brady Henderson (North Linn)
3rd- Gabriel Lewis (Denver)
5th- Josh Tibbits (Martensdale-St. Marys)
7th- Logan James (Underwood)
8th- Wyatt Appleseth (Panorama)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Ryne Mohrfeld (Lisbon)
Zach Hammes (Pekin)
Sherman Hayes (East Union)
Max Wettengel (Don Bosco)
Nate Monahan (Woodbury Central)
Jarrett Stodghill (North Mahaska)
Casey Hanson (Lake Mills)
Grant Hoeger (Beckman) ***2A LAST YEAR***

Returning District Qualifiers:
Drew Belden (West Central Valley)
Griffen Gravel (Midland)
TJ Lau (East Buchanan)
Ethan Berven (Emmetsburg)
Mark Dawson (Eagle Grove)
JT Rowe (SE Warren)
Benjamin Ehlers (AHST)
Zach Taylor (South Winneshiek)
Sean Pinkelman (West Monona)
Johnny Perez (West Lyon)
Geoff Streb (Highland)


WIDE OPEN is the name of the game with this group. My money would be on Wright to come out on top, even though Griffin beat Wright last year at state in the quarters. After Egan and Anderson you have Lange who is a previous placewinner. Outside of that there is a huge drop off in this group. 

Returning Placewinners:
4th- Spencer Griffin (Emmetsburg)
5th- Riley Wright (Denver)
6th- Michael Egan (MFL MarMac)
7th- Cory Anderson (Wilton)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Connor Lange (Missouri Valley)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Noah Kirtley (Panorama)
Bryce Hudnut (Logan-Mangolia)
Kyle Beery (Lake Mills)
Trevor Nelson (Tri Center)
Tanner Owens (Underwood)
Logan Schnuelle (South Winneshiek)
William Kooi (West Lyon)
Kyle Brighton (Hinton)
Cory Stewart (Highland)
Caleb Fullerton (Collins-Maxwell) ***2A LAST YEAR***


Half of the returning medal winners are gone here, including 3 of the top 4. Mitchell is the returning finalist, but Van Oort was a finalist two years ago. After Elliot and Smith it probably goes Downs and Hahn as the next two in line. That leaves the last two podium spots wide open, and that’s not even including the other 8 state tournament berths that will be available in this group. The rest of the names here combined for 0 state tournament wins last year. 

Returning Placewinners:
2nd- Wade Mitchell (Woodbury Central )
5th- Kory Van Oort (West Sioux)
7th- Ethan Elliot (Interstate 35)
8th- Benjamin Smith (Iowa Valley)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Bret Hoyman (Emmetsburg)
Bryson Freeberg (Tri Center)
Chance Downs (Maquoketa Valley)
Kameron Black (Newman)
Brady Hahn (Highland)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Emry Colby (Panorama)
Cael Rahnavardi (Don Bosco)
Carson Hunter (Midland)
Dalton Subject (West Hancock)
Hunter Conger (Pekin)
Kyler Rodenburg (Underwood)
Andrew Cox (Western Christian)
Seth Watson (West Monona)
Caden Benz (Mediapolis)


Two time finalist and state champ from two years ago, Kaleb Krall is your favorite here based on state finishes. Arment did have a 2 point win over Krall last season though. Arment was banged up for most of the year so be careful weighing some of his losses too heavily. The 3 returning qualifiers here are good wrestlers and no doubt will be favored to make the podium. Another name to watch out for is Tristan Mulder. He had a solid freshman season before having a tough day at districts. 

Returning Placewinners:
2nd- Kaleb Krall (Wapsie Valley)
8th- Garrett Arment (Woodbury Central)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Drew Venteicher (Bedford/Lenox)
Michael Baker (Underwood)
Mason Griffin (Emmetsburg)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Trystin Ross (Colfax-Mingo)
Garret Bruce (East Sac County)
Jaedon Probasco (Montezuma)
Gabe Madsen (AHST)
CJ Niedert (North Butler-Clarksville)
Tristan Mulder (Western Christian)
Hunter Aney (Mediapolis)
Cameron Ragurrio (Durant)
Chase McAlister (South Central Calhoun) ***2A LAST YEAR***


Another weight were you can feel fairly confident writing in the state champ. Henrich is 2 for 2 in Iowa State Titles after transferring in from South Dakota as a Sophomore. Fulcher made some huge strides last year to climb all the way from nonqualifier to 5th. Ebaugh is a very dangerous wrestler and will be a favorite to place high. Cameron Rasing of Rockford will be at New Hampton this year we are being told so that leaves only 3 returning placers and 5 returing qualifiers. 

Returning Placewinners:
1st- John Henrich (Akron-Westfield)
5th- Ethan Fulcher (Hudson)
7th- John Ebaugh (Denver)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Elijah Wagner (Lake Mills)
Tate Hagen (West Hancock)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Trace McCuen (Audubon)
Dawson Carey (Exira/EHK)
Chris Cummer (Clayton Ridge)
Hunter Cobb (Wayne)
Cole Widmer (Montezuma)
Brennon Mauer (Treynor)
Nathan Johangimeier (MFL MarMac)
Trevor Schuller (West Sioux)
Dan Burton (Highland)


Pauley and Krueger feel like they have been around forever, but I guess thats what happens when you are state placewinner material right out of the gate as a freshman at a middle to upper weight. A 3-1 decision in sudden victory from Pauley over Krueger is how narrow the gap is between these two. Even has a win over Krueger last year also, but Krueger has the most recent win in that series. Milder is the best of those left off the podium last year after a rough first and second round draw at state. 

Returning Placewinners:
1st- Gabe Pauley (AHST)
4th- Cael Krueger (Denver)
5th- Thomas Even (Don Bosco)
6th- Chase McCleish (Newman)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Caleb Peach (English Valleys)
Neddy Montes (West Sioux)
Hunter Clasen (Bellevue)
Nick Milder (Iowa City Regina)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Steven Linn (Martensdale-St. Marys)
Chase Maguire (Logan-Magnolia)
Kanan Morris (Alburnett)
James Mossman (East Buchanan)
Treyton Cacek (Graettinger-Terril)
Alex De Roos (Alta-Aurelia)
Alex Hanner (Kinglsey-Pierson)
Tayton Bartholomew (Van Buren)
Coy Baker (Wilton)
Evan Wulfekuhle (Beckman) ***2A LAST YEAR***


Sims wasnt tested too much at state last year by anyone returning. His closest match was a 7-0 win over Kroeze. That would be Kroezes only loss of the state tournament though as he came back for 3rd, beating Ryg 9-7 in the process. After the 5 returning placewinners though, this is a weight littered with guys who have shown flashes, but didnt make the stand last year. Rechkemmer, Moss, and Haynes to name a few. Grover coming down from 2A makes adds an interesting wrinkle to this group. He gave Julian Broderson his closest match last year at state falling 10-6. Grover owns a 2-0 win over Rechkemmer last year in his only matchup against the top guys here. 

Returning Placewinners:
2nd- Garet Sims (Iowa Valley)
3rd- Tucker Kroeze (Belmond Klemme)
5th- Zach Ryg (Central Springs)
6th- Owen Grover (Beckman) ***2A LAST YEAR***
8th- Carter Murray (Graettinger-Terril)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Ethan Allie (Belle Plaine)
Quinton Rechkemmer (North Linn)
Jim Moss (Woodbury Central)
Colby Page (SE Warren)
Bryce Schares (Don Bosco)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Carson Wadle (West Central Valley)
Nick Haynes (Missouri Valley)
Colten Lawerence (Clayton Ridge)
Nick Schany (Emmetsburg)
Caleb Eckels (West Hancock)
Daniel Kenyon (Pleasantville)
Dylan Steinhoff (East Union)
Chris Darnold (East Mills)
Weiland Steffen (Sumner-Fredericksburg)
Tommy Heetland (Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn)
Tyler Thurston (North Cedar)


Preview for this weight: Nothing, onto 220…

Alright, that would just be too lazy. Seriously though, I dont think I could give you a single name from this group I feel confident about. Some of those guys from down at 182 will undoubtably move up. Fischer and Gashe did both with a match at state last year. 

Returning Placewinners:

Returning State Qualifiers:
Mason Juhl (Pekin)
Darius Gashe (West Monona)
Gavyn Fischer (AHST)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Blake Haub (Ogden)
Blake Miller (Graettinger-Terril)
Austin Corbin (East Sac County)
John Fisher (English Valleys)
Spencer Buban (Wayne)
Crew Howard (Clarinda)
Aaron Anderson (East Mills)
Trevor Dorn (Denver)
Zach Adams (Westwood)
Rowan Udell (Regina)
Cameron Raines (New London)


Gaes is your only returning placewinner here so it would be a safe bet to put him as the preseason favorite. Strough is a state placewinner from 2 years ago when he was with Clarinda. Schoenherr would be another solid name since he is a two time state qualifier. 

Returning Placewinners:
5th- Nicholas Gaes (Alta-Aurelia)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Chance Strough (Bedford/Lenox)
Caleb Lily (Wilton)
Brett Schoenherr (Midland)
Joel Mendoza (Eagle Grove)
Brady Canada (AHST)
Trenton Dirks (West Lyon)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Dylan Obermeier (Audubon)
Max Johnson (Lake Mills)
Dakota Zinnel (Wayne)
Tallen Myers (Southwest Valley)
Isaiah Moore (St. Albert)
Damon Meyer (South Winneshiek)
Thomas Bishop (Hinton)
Jaxon Allen (New London)


As always 285 is one of your weights that clears out the most. Farley is the top returner and beat Olson 2-1 in the consolation quarters last year. Cox and Kauffman both picked up 1st round consolation wins last year before falling one match short of placing. This might be the most wide open 285 has been in recent memory. 

Returning Placewinners:
5th- Brock Farley (Denver)
8th- Arron Olson (Missouri Valley)

Returning State Qualifiers:
Josh Cox (Mount Ayr)
Matthew Kauffman (Pleasantville)

Returning District Qualifiers:
Michael Feldmann (Maquoketa Valley)
Kipp Corbin (East Sac County)
Daniel Tapken (English Valleys)
Leland Barr (AHST)
Emmett White (Tri Center)
Rylan Duffy (Wapsie Valley)
Teddy Behrens (Central Springs)
Dylan Lewis (Maple Valley-AO)
Chase Gallagher (North Cedar)

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