What: Ed Winger Classic
When: Saturday January 24th – 9AM
Where: Urbandale High School
Who: ADM (Adel), Ames, Ballard (Huxley), Bettendorf,
Burlington, Cedar Falls, Centerville, CB Thomas Jefferson,
Dallas Center-Grimes, DM Roosevelt, Dowling Catholic
Fort Madison, Indianola, Iowa City West, Johnston
North Scott, Pleasant Valley, Southeast Polk, Urbandale &
WDM Valley
Ranked Tournament Teams
1 SE Polk
2 Bettendorf
4 Pleasant Valley
5 Dowling Catholic
8 WDM Valley
9 Johnston
10 Iowa City West
          2014 Place
106       Ed Winger State
3 Spencer Hutchinson WDM Valley Soph
4 McGwire Midkiff CB Thomas Jefferson Soph 2nd 8th
6 Max Tracy Dallas Center-Grimes Fresh
7 Gauge Perrien SE Polk Fresh
8 Harlan Steffensmeier Fort Madison Fresh
9 Zach Price Johnston Fresh
Finals Predictions: Perrien over Midkiff
1 Jack Wagner Bettendorf Junior 1st 1st
2 Nathan Lendt SE Polk Fresh
6 Ethan Ksiazek Johnston Junior
8 Matt Robertson Pleasant Valley Fresh
10 Zane Mulder Dallas Center-Grimes Fresh
Finals Predictions: Wagner over Lendt
1 Jacob Schwarm Bettendorf Senior 1st 1st
2 Tanner Rohweder Iowa City West Senior 3rd 4th
4 Zach Barnes SE Polk Soph 6th
5 Grant Stotts WDM Valley Fresh
7 Alec Ksiazek Johnston Junior 3rd 6th
Finals Prediction: Schwarm over Rohweder
1 Nolan Hellickson SE Polk Senior 1st 3rd
2 Henry Pohlmeyer Johnston Senior 2nd 2nd
3 Jackson Gallagher Bettendorf Junior
4 Darien Collins Pleasant Valley Junior
10 Nelson Brands Iowa City West Fresh
Finals Prediction: Hellickson over Gallagher
1 Paul Glynn Bettendorf Senior 3rd 2nd
2 Michael Zachary Dowling Catholic Junior 4th 4th
4 Spencer Nevills Pleasant Valley Junior
4 (2A) Bradley Irwin Centerville Senior
6 Tanner Hocker Fort Madison Senior 6th
9 Triston Cobb WDM Valley Junior
Finals Predicition: Pohlmeyer over Zachary
1 Daniel Kelly Cedar Falls Senior 2nd 3rd
2 Keegan Shaw SE Polk Senior 3rd 3rd
4 (2A) Trevor Harsh ADM (Adel) Senior
5 Colton Clingenpeel CB Thomas Jefferson Junior 7th
6 Zeljko Caculovic Urbandale Senior
8 Chase Seaney Fort Madison Senior 6th
9 Shane Vaughan Johnston Senior
Finals Predicition: Kelly over Shaw
1 Fredy Stroker Bettendorf Senior 1st 1st
2 Aaron Meyer SE Polk Senior 3rd 2nd
4 Christian Foote Pleasant Valley Junior
7 Jason Wallace CB Thomas Jefferson Senior
8 Jack Koethe WDM Valley Junior 5th 8th
Finals Predicition: Stroker over Meyer
3 Jacob Woodard Bettendorf Senior 1st 5th
4 Briar Dittmer SE Polk Senior 2nd 2nd
8 Marcus Coleman Ames Soph 4th
Finals Predicition: Dittmer over Woodard
1 Dayton Racer Bettendorf Senior
3 (2A) Zach Johnston ADM (Adel) Junior 1st 2nd
6 Jakubb Fahrenkrug North Scott Senior 5th
8 Spencer Sherwood Burlington Soph
10 Brady Buchheit SE Polk Senior 2nd
Finals Prediction: Racer over Johnston
1 Isaiah Patton Dowling Catholic Senior 1st 1st
4 John Milani Iowa City West Senior 2nd 5th
5 Casey Crawford Indianola Senior 3rd 4th
8 Nathan Standish Johnston Senior
10 Mason Kerr SE Polk Senior 4th 7th
Finals Predicition: Patton over Crawford
2 Hank Swalla Ames Senior 1st
4 David Carr Pleasant Valley Junior
6 Rocky Lombardi WDM Valley Soph 6th
Finals Predicition: Swalla over Lombardi
2 Colin Kreiter North Scott Senior 1st 3rd
3 Donovan Doyle Iowa City West Junior 3rd 7th
4 Deion Mikesell SE Polk Senior 2nd 5th
8 Joe Brett Dowling Catholic Senior 4th 8th
10 Chance Cary Pleasant Valley Junior
Finals Prediction: Kreiter over Doyle
1 Ethan Andersen SE Polk Junior 1st 1st
3 Cordell Eaton North Scott Senior 2nd 2nd
4 Cole Baker Dallas Center-Grimes Senior 4th
5 Brady Smith WDM Valley Senior 5th
7 Harrison Townsend Ames Junior
10 Broihson Turner Burlington Senior
Finals Predicition: Andersen over Eaton
1 Jake Marnin SE Polk Senior 2nd 2nd
4 Jake Heinrich Urbandale Junior 5th
6 Eli Alger Dowling Catholic Senior
7 Tom Dusen Johnston Junior
9 (2A) Nathan Heath ADM (Adel) Junior 2nd
Finals Prediction: Marnin over Dusen

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