What: 2015 Mendenhall Invitational

Where: Ames High School – 1921 Ames High Drive, Ames, IA 50010

When: 10AM

Who: Ames, Applington Parkersburg, Ballard, Boone, Carroll, CR Kennedy, Clarion Goldfield, CB St. Albert, Dowling Catholic, Indianola, Nevada, OA-BCIG, Perry, Prairie CR, Sergeant Bluff Lutton, WDM Valley & Waverly-Shell Rock

Returning Champs

113 – Josh Portillo (Clarion-Goldfield)

120 – Sam Uthoff (Prairie, CR)

138 – Josh Wenger (Prairie, CR)

145 – Bryce Steiert (Waverly-Shell Rock)

160 – Isaiah Patton (Dowling Catholic)

182 – Cash Wilcke (OA-BCIG)


1              1A           Justin Portillo                   Clarion-Goldfield              Junior

2              3A           Marcus England              Prairie CR                         Junior

4              3A           Spencer Hutchinson       WDM Valley                      Freshman

Finals Prediction – Portillo over Hutchinson


5              2A           Tate Battani                        Ballard                            Freshman

6              2A           Devin Phaley                      Sergeant Bluff-Lutton     Senior

7              3A           Austin Yant                         Waverly-Shell Rock        Sophomore

Finals Prediction – Yant over Battani


1              1A           Josh Portillo                        Clarion-Goldfield              Junior

3              2A           Brayden Curry                   Sergeant Bluff-Lutton    Sophomore

4              3A           Grant Stotts                       WDM Valley                       Freshman

5              3A           Nolan Hromidko               CR Kennedy                       Junior

Finals Prediction – Portillo over Curry


4              3A           Sam Uthoff                         Prairie, CR                          Junior

7              1A           Jake Wulf                            OA-BCIG                            Junior

8              2A           Gisaveri Niyibizi                  Perry                                  Junior

9              3A           Noah Carr                           WDM Valley                       Junior

Finals Prediction – Uthoff over Carr


2              3A           Michael Zachary               Dowling Catholic               Junior

4              3A           Nathan Sands                    Waverly-Shell Rock         Senior

8              2A           Nathan Macki                    Ballard                              Senior

Finals Prediction – Zachary over Sands


3              3A           Josh Wenger                      Prairie, CR                     Senior

5              1A           Joel Haberman                  Clarion-Goldfield             Senior

8              2A           Preston Dunn                    Sergeant Bluff-Lutton      Freshman

9              3A           Ben Sarasin                         CR Kennedy                 Freshman

10           3A           Merrick Purcell                  Dowling Catholic               Senior

Finals Prediction – Wenger over Haberman


6              3A           Zack Wagenhoffer           Waverly-Shell Rock         Soph

7              3A           Jack Koethe                     WDM Valley                     Junior

8              3A           Justin Kaltved                  Carroll                               Junior

10           3A           Logen Rodriguez              CR Kennedy                     Junior

Finals Prediction – Wagenhoffer over Koethe


7              3A           Marcus Coleman              Ames                                Sophomore

9              3A           Seth Walker                      Waverly-Shell Rock         Junior

Finals Prediction – Walker over Coleman


2              3A           Bryce Steiert                      Waverly-Shell Rock      Senior

3              3A           Casey Crawford                 Indianola                       Senior

4              2A           Blake Pruisner                   Aplington-Parkersburg  Senior

Finals Prediction – Steiert over Crawford


1              3A           Isaiah Patton                      Dowling Catholic            Senior

8              2A           Tyler Strong                        Sergeant Bluff-Lutton    Senior

Finals Prediction – Patton over Strong


5              3A           Jared Cadena                     Prairie, CR                           Senior

7              1A           Ryan Anderson                   Clarion-Goldfield                  Senior

8              3A           Dillon Calkins                      Boone                                  Senior

Finals Prediction – Cadena over Anderson


1              1A           Cash Wilcke                        OA-BCIG                           Senior

6              3A           Taylor Mehmen                   Prairie, CR                         Junior

7              3A           Joe Brett                              Dowling Catholic               Senior

Finals Prediction – Wilcke over Mehmen


5              3A           Brady Smith                     WDM Valley                       Senior

7              3A           Harrison Townsend         Ames                                  Junior

Finals Prediction – Townsend over Smith


6              3A           Eli Alger                                Dowling Catholic               Senior

6              2A           Alex Silberstein                 Ballard                                  Senior

Finals Prediction – Alger over Silberstein

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  1. 145 – W-SR has Zach Waggenhoffer, ranked 6th in 3A, spilt with Koethe this season, given Goodale 1 of 2 losses this season, actually has criteria over Rodriguez for seeding on Saturday, also forgot about Brott from C-G at 145, pretty good as well. Swalla back at 182.

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