What: 2015 Jerry Eckenrod Invitational

Where: Benton Community High School in Van Horne

When: Approximately 9:30am (JV tournament starts at 8am with 1st round of Varsity  between 2nd and 3rd rounds of JV)

Who: Benton Community, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, Cedar Rapids Washington, Centerville, Davenport Assumption, Don Bosco, Eddyville-Blakesburg, Independence, La Porte City Union, Maquoketa, North Linn, Vinton-Shellsburg, Waterloo West, West Delaware, West Marshall, Williamsburg.

With the holiday tournaments all behind us, it is time to kick off the second half of the wrestling season with the Jerry Eckenrod Invitational at Benton Community High School. This tournament will feature 49 IAwrestle.com ranked wrestlers as well as some of the top teams in the states three classes. The tournament field this year includes all the teams from last year with exception of Belle Plaine. Their spot is replaced by 1A’s West Marshall. Davenport Assumption is the reigning team champ scoring 224 points followed by CR Jefferson with 193, and Union at 189. Expect a much tighter team race this year between Assumption, Union, Jefferson, and Independence.

Returning 2014 Jerry Eckenrod Tournament Champs

106 Brenden Baker CR Jefferson

126 Cole Fox Don Bosco

138 Max Thomsen Union

145 Chase Straw Indee

170 Brent Lammers West Del


2              1A           Brock Henderson             North Linn                                   Soph

4              1A           Gable Fox                        Don Bosco                                  Fresh

6              2A           John Hellman                   Union, Laporte City                     Junior

Finals Prediction : Henderson (NL) over Hellman (U)

Hellman is down a weight from last year and having a solid season, but Henderson is looking to improve on a 4th place finish from last season.


4              3A           Brenden Baker                 CR Jefferson                              Junior

4              2A           Derek Holschlag               Union, Laporte City                    Soph

7              2A           Travis Pulse                     Davenport Assumption               Senior

9              1A           Jeremy Schmitz               Don Bosco, Gilbertville                Soph

Finals Prediction: Baker (CRJ) over Holschlag (U)

This will be a rematch of last years semifinal from Benton where Baker topped Holschlag 11-5. This matchup never happened at the Keith Young because Baker didn’t wrestle.


6               2A         Jacob Fenske                   Davenport Assumption                Junior

8               1A         Ross Randall                    West Marshall                              Soph

10             3A         Joesph Sibomana            CR Jefferson                                Junior

10             2A         Mitch Evens                     Independence                              Senior

Finals Prediction: Fenske (DA) over Evens (I)

These two could meet again for the 2nd time this season. Fenske took the match earlier this year 5-2 at the Battle of Waterloo.


9              2A           Kirk Mommsen               Davenport Assumption                 Junior

10           1A           Cole Needham                West Marshall                               Senior

Finals Prediction: Mommsen (DA) over Mangrich (DB)

This weight class might be one of the thinner ones in this tournament, but don’t count out Mangrich who just had a big win over returning state champ Nick Williams of Lisbon last weekend.


5              3A           Kyle Briggs                     CR Jefferson                                 Junior

5              2A           Stuart Schafer                Davenport Assumption                 Junior

8              1A           Cooper White                 West Marshall                               Soph

9              2A           Dylan Beaver                 Benton Community                        Senior

9              1A           Cody Brown                   Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont      Senior

Finals Prediction: Schafer (DA) over Briggs (CRJ)

We could have a great finals match here as you will have Schafer who finished 4th last season at the Kansas 6A state tournament at 138 against Briggs who is a 7th place IA finisher last season at 120.


1              1A           Jeren Glosser                Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont    Senior

5              2A           Bradley Irwin                  Centerville                                   Senior

9              2A           Colton Dietrick               Union Laporte City                       Senior

10           2A           Nick Hyland                    Vinton-Shellsburg                         Junior

10           1A           Cole Fox                        Don Bosco, Gilbertville                  Senior

Finals Prediction: Glosser (EBF) over Irwin (C)

Glosser is a returning state champ and should take this weight class that features a handful of returning state qualifiers.


1              2A           Max Thomsen              Union, LaPorte City                       Senior

1              1A           Blake Marolf                 Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont      Senior

Finals Prediction: Thomsen (U) over Marolf (EBF)

Marolf is another returing state champ for Eddyville-Blakesburg and is the favorite to win a lot of tournaments this year, but not this one. Thomsen is having a great season and, he could show us just how far apart him and Stroker are then everyone else at this weight class.


1              2A           Chase Straw                Independence                               Senior

4              2A           Tristen Finch               Davenport Assumption                  Senior

6              3A           Tavian Rashed            CR Jefferson                                 Soph

6              1A           Chris Paulsen              Don Bosco, Gilbertville                  Junior

Finals Prediction: Straw (I) over Finch (DA)

This will be a rematch of when the two met at the Battle of Waterloo where Straw took the match 5-4 in overtime. This could be the match of the tournament.


3              2A           Trevor McLaughlin      Union, LaPorte City                       Senior

6              2A           Jake Juhl                     Independence                               Junior

6              1A           Jared Johnson            West Marshall                                Junior

8              2A           Michael Neal               Vinton-Shellsburg                          Senior

10           2A           Luke Sedlacek             CR Jefferson                                 Senior

Finals Prediction: McLaughlin (U) over Juhl (I)

McLaughlin and Juhl never met up at the Battle of Waterloo because Independence bumped Straw and Juhl up in trying to win the meet. This one could be a close match, but it will favor the state placer winner McLaughlin.


1              2A           Jacob Holschlag         Union, LaPorte City                       Senior

1              1A           Dale Hilleman             West Marshall                               Senior

7              2A           Nick Holt                     Independence                               Junior

9              2A           Vic Malloy                   Williamsburg                                 Junior

Finals Prediction: Holschlag (U) over Hilleman (WM)

Holschlag has already knocked off  a 3A state champ this year and this will be his chance to do the same with the 1A champ in Hilleman. These two met last year with Holschlag winning 8-2.


2              2A           Brent Lammers          West Delaware                              Senior

4              3A           Kelly May                   CR Jefferson                                 Senior

Finals Prediction: Lammer (WD) over May (CRJ)

West Delaware is down a little from years past, but they still have a bright spot in Lammers. Look for him to take the title here. Don’t be surprised if you see Tanner Shirk sneak into the finals here either as he is wrestling down a weight due to an injured teammate.


4              2A           Matt McMillan            Independence                               Junior

4              1A           Zach Hickson            Don Bosco                                     Senior

5              1A           Hunter Johnston       Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont       Senior

9              2A           Tanner Shirk             Union, Laporte City                        Senior

Finals Prediction: Hickson (DB) over McMillan (I)

Hickson and McMillan met up last year at this tournament as well as this year at the Battle of Waterloo. Hickson took both of those matches winning the most recent by a score of 5-1. We could see a good match in the semifinals between McMillan and Johnston who met for 3rd and 4th last year at this tournament with McMillan winning 2-1 in the Tiebreaker.


5              2A           Noah Broderson       Davenport Assumption                  Soph

10           2A           Jace Hadachek         Union, LaPorte City                        Senior

Finals Prediction: Broderson (DA) over Hadachek (U)

Another rematch could happen in the 220 finals as Hadachek and Broderson met up in the Battle of Waterloo. Broderson pinned Hadachek, but the match was closer than the pin would indicate.


2              2A           Gabriel Rangel         Davenport Assumption                  Senior

4              3A           Dalton Kuehl            CR Jefferson                                  Senior

9              2A           Austin Larkin            Independence                                Soph

Finals Prediction: Larkin (I) over Rangel (DA)

Our last final could also feature a rematch from the Battle of Waterloo where Rangel defeated Larkin 3-2. Don’t be surprised to see an upset here as Larkin has a big size advantage over Rangel.