Thank you very much for visiting our site for your daily wrestling news.  Please comment below or email us your feedback. In our rankings a wrestler will be ranked at the weight class they are actually wrestling at during the season. Our hope is that you will use these rankings to help further your research during duals and at tournament seeding meetings. So often we see a wrestler ranked at a lower weight because they plan on wrestling there at the end of the season. Our goal is to have their true ranking and to keep these as up to date as possible. If wrestlers are not wrestling due to grades or injuries they will not be ranked. Once they are back to wrestling you will see them back in the rankings. Your feedback is greatly needed in providing this type of service.
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1 Union, Laporte City (8)
2 Mediapolis (6)
3 Clear Lake (4)
4 Davenport Assumption (7)
5 Osage (5)
6 Independence (6)
7 Crestwood, Cresco (4)
8 Dubuque Wahlert (3)
9 ADM, Adel (4)
10 Central Lyon, GLR (2)
106 Name School Class
1 Gable Sieperda Central Lyon GLR Freshman
2 Noah Fye New Hampton Freshman
3 Michael Millage Crestwood Freshman
4 Josh Keller Columbus Junction Junior
5 Dante Tacchia Iowa Falls Soph
6 John Hellman Union, Laporte City Junior
7 Shea Ruffridge Pocahontas Area Freshman
8 Brady Fritz East Marshall Freshman
9 Phillip Ihde Decorah Freshman
10 Levi Sawyer Humboldt Senior
1 Tristan Birt Dubuque Wahlert Senior
2 Brennen Doebel Clear Lake Senior
3 Conner Cleveland New Hampton Junior
4 Derek Holschlag Union, Laporte City Soph
5 Tate Battani Ballard Freshman
6 Devin Phaley Sergeant Bluff-Lutton Senior
7 Travis Pulse Davenport Assumption Senior
8 Nick Meling East Marshall Soph
9 Duncan McCain Mid Prairie Soph
10 Carter Cox Atlantic Soph
1 Brock Rathbun Center Point-Urbana Junior
2 Ryan Schmalen Clear Lake Senior
3 Brayden Curry Sergeant Bluff-Lutton Soph
4 Brandon Mayer Crestwood, Cresco Senior
5 Jared Hensley Bedford/Lenox Soph
6 Jacob Fenske Davenport Assumption Junior
7 Kyle Anderson Washington Soph
8 Dalton Husmann Monticello Junior
9 Jeremy Sorem Camanche Junior
10 Mitch Evens Independence Senior
1 Ryan Leisure Clear Lake Soph
2 Johnny Etherington Charles City Senior
3 Shea Swafford Mediapolis Junior
4 Brice Everson Camanche Junior
5 Tristan Clark PCM Monroe Senior
6 Parker Witthuhn Roland Story Senior
7 Louis Gnida Solon Senior
8 Gisaveri Niyibizi Perry Junior
9 Kirk Mommsen Davenport Assumption Junior
10 Connor Ascherl MOC Floyd Valley Soph
1 Brock Jennings Osage Soph
2 Dusten Reed Bedford/Lenox Senior
3 Austin Staudt Charles City Junior
4 Chase Lienhard Crestwood, Cresco Junior
5 Stuart Schafer Davenport Assumption Junior
6 Cody McNeil Mediapolis Junior
7 Abe Yoder Greene County Senior
8 Nathan Macki Ballard Senior
9 Dylan Beaver Benton Community Senior
10 Andrew Edens Camanche Freshman
1 Brady Jennings Osage Senior
2 Mason Buster Mediapolis Junior
3 Trevor Harsh ADM Adel Senior
4 Jordan Challen Greene County Senior
5 Bradley Irwin Centerville Senior
6 Austin Moen Saydel Senior
7 Wyatt Thompson Creston Junior
8 Preston Dunn Sergeant Bluff-Lutton Freshman
9 Colton Dietrick Union Laporte City Senior
10 Nick Hyland Vinton-Shellsburg Junior
1 Max Thomsen Union, LaPorte City Senior
2 Grant Sherman Saydel Senior
3 Caleb Coleman Bondurant-Farrar Senior
4 Ryan Faught Clear Lake Junior
5 Tommy Bradshaw Greene County Junior
6 Kale Baird Davis County, Bloomfield Junior
7 Thatcher Goodale Osage Senior
8 Joey Huntington Creston Junior
9 Zach Konz Boyden Hull/Rock Valley Soph
10 Kade Steuhm Solon Senior
1 Chase Straw Independence Senior
2 Cole Erickson Mediapolis Senior
3 Bryce Leshen Albia Junior
4 Tristen Finch Davenport Assumption Senior
5 Tyler Thomas Crestwood, Cresco Senior
6 Hunter Morrow Cherokee Senior
7 Tristan Johnson Osage Junior
8 Luke Strong Clarinda Senior
9 Garret Jay Grinnell Senior
10 Luke Bahr Iowa Falls Senior
1 Zach Johnston ADM Adel Junior
2 Brad Conley Mediapolis Senior
3 Trevor McLaughlin Union, LaPorte City Senior
4 Blake Pruisner Aplington-Parkersburg Senior
5 Andrew Turner Dubuque Wahlert Senior
6 Jake Juhl Independence Junior
7 Bailey Chyma South Tama County Junior
8 Michael Neal Vinton-Shellsburg Senior
9 Trevor Nelson Solon Soph
10 Zach Bruns North Fayette Senior
1 Jacob Holschlag Union, LaPorte City Senior
2 Nick Baumler North Fayette Junior
3 Beau Sorenson Forest City Senior
4 JJ Clark Clarinda Junior
5 Cade Baker Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Junior
6 Tucker Morrison Columbus Junction Soph
7 Nick Holt Independence Junior
8 Tyler Strong Sergeant Bluff-Lutton Senior
9 Vic Malloy Williamsburg Junior
10 Taylor Pettit Creston Senior
1 Joe Teague Algona Senior
2 Brent Lammers West Delaware Senior
3 Riley Hasken Dubuque Wahlert Senior
4 Julio Sanchez Grinnell Senior
5 Zach DeJager Western Christian/Unity Christian Senior
6 Trenton Wells Central Decatur Senior
7 Mitchell Sandbulte Sioux Center Senior
8 Adam Mickelson Humboldt Senior
9 Cole Bennett ADM Adel Soph
10 Dylan Meister Denver Tripoli Senior
1 Steven Holloway Mediapolis Senior
2 Brad Skubal Washington Senior
3 Zach Lamphere Oelwein Senior
4 Matt McMillan Independence Junior
5 Darin Greenfield Sheldon/South O’Brien Senior
6 Christian Lauritsen Clarinda Senior
7 Izaak Shedenhelm Denver Tripoli Junior
8 Seth Maitlen Creston Junior
9 Tanner Shirk Union, Laporte City Senior
10 Cameron Tolander Mid-Prairie Junior
1 Carter Isley Albia Junior
2 Travis Vander Streek Central Lyon GLR Senior
3 Kendrick Suntken Hampton Dumont Senior
4 Anthony Clayton Grinnell Senior
5 Noah Broderson Davenport Assumption Soph
6 Travis McMillan Oelwein Junior
7 Caleb Ring Osage Soph
8 Levi Duwa Mid Prairie Soph
9 AJ Maloy Charles City Soph
10 Jace Hadachek Union, LaPorte City Senior
1 Mario Pena Hampton Dumont Senior
2 Gabriel Rangel Davenport Assumption Senior
3 Logan Linderbaum Solon Senior
4 Brady Heusinkvelt Denver Tripoli Senior
5 Gavin Dinsdale Webster City Junior
6 Alex Silberstein Ballard Senior
7 Kyle Davis Colombus Junction Senior
8 Nathan Heath ADM Adel Junior
9 Austin Larkin Independence Soph
10 Ben Kincart Davis County, Bloomfield Junior
4 thoughts on “Class 2A Rankings – 12-23-14”
  1. Not positive on Sherman but we do rank based on what weights guys have been wrestling at this year.

    Zidlicky has quite a few losses this year. That is a nice win, however, it is the complete body of work and I feel that Hadachek has had a better overall season so far. He is at 10th and not extremely high and Zidlicky is on the “watch list.”

  2. I heard grant Sherman was going 52 the rest of the year does anyone know anything on that

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