BOONE, Iowa – The Iowa High School Athletic Association’s wrestling postseason will feature additional qualifiers, a new schedule and updated qualifying after several sport advisory recommendations were approved at Wednesday’s meeting of the Board of Control.​


Wrestling: Additional Qualifiers in Each Weight Class Added for Traditional Tournament

In a major shakeup to start in 2022-23, wrestling will drop Sectional tournaments in Class 2A and Class 1A and move the annual State Dual Team Tournament to that previously occupied date. As a result of those changes, all three classes will now compete solely in District tournaments to determine individual qualifiers for the State Traditional Tournament.

An additional recommendation for 24 qualifiers per weight class at the State Traditional Tournament also received approval Wednesday.

“Dropping the Class 1A and 2A Sectional tournaments addresses the extremely low numbers in some weight classes leading to incomplete Sectional brackets.  It also frees up a Saturday to schedule the State Dual Team Tournament, something our coaches have been interested in for several years.

The increase to 24 qualifiers at the State Traditional Tournament will allow more of our wrestlers to experience the excitement of competing at the state level,” IHSAA executive director Tom Keating said.

The advisory committee had three other recommendations out of its March 23 meeting approved by the board on Wednesday:

  • Regional Duals qualifiers (24 per class) will be determined by IWCOA Dual Team Rankings.
  • Seeding criteria for State Traditional Tournament qualifiers will remove the additional point previously received for head-to-head wins over fellow qualifiers.
  • IHSAA will continue to use 14 weight classes after NFHS provided states an option to adopt 12, 13, or 14 weight classes for state competition in 2023-24.

The State Dual Team Tournament was moved to Wells Fargo Arena and the day before the start of the State Traditional Tournament in 2012. The tournament’s first year as an IHSAA championship was 1987 and it was held in Cedar Falls, Marshalltown, and then Cedar Rapids until its move to Des Moines.

A new facility for the State Dual Team Tournament has not yet been determined. The State Traditional Tournament will continue to run over four days on its previously scheduled week.


2023 Wrestling Postseason

Jan. 31-Feb. 1 – Regional Duals, Host Schools

Feb. 4 – State Dual Team Tournament, TBD

Feb. 11 – District Tournaments, Host Schools

Feb. 16-18 – State Traditional Tournament, Wells Fargo Arena

4 thoughts on “Major changes approved for postseason”
  1. Why not really shake things up and make the state wrestling tournament truly identify the best wrestler in the state at each weight. Eliminate the class format and go to one large bracket that combines 1,2&3A. 1A & 2A each have 12 districts with 2 advancing from each and 3A maintains the 8 district format with 2 advancing, giving 64 kids in each weight class. Now that is a tournament that creates excitement for the sport (and still increases the number of kids competing to generate more revenue for the IHSAA).

  2. Sooo, the association is going to continue to make a ton of money off of kids. Congratulations on your money grubbing. This isn’t good for kids, it isn’t good for the sport of wrestling. The association gets rid of sectional which is long overdue, but justify it with a four day state tournament. The only ones that benefit from this change is the state association and the city of Des Moines. I guess it’s true. Money IS the root of all EVIL!

    1. I see your side of that, but it would be nice to allow for another day. The Friday night session doesn’t start until 8:45 PM – that’s late

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