Fareway Stores, Inc. and Body Armor are proud to present the Inaugural Dan Gable Ms. Wrestler of the Year Awards in coordination with IAwrestle and IWCOA.

“This award has become a tradition in the state of Iowa and with the growth of girls wrestling it will be an honor to award them for their hard work.” said Jeff Stearns – VP Marketing & Advertising at Fareway Stores Inc

IAwrestle has nominated seven girls regardless of their year in school, weight and class to be in consideration for Ms. Wrestler of the Year.

Fans NOW have the ability to vote once per day for their top Mr. and Ms. wrestler until February 5th. (Top voted wrestler receives a nomination vote)

Another round of voting will take place to determine the three finalists. The fan votes will count as ONE vote towards the IAwrestle/IWCOA committee votes in EACH round. (The committee consists of four individuals with the fan nomination vote breaking any ties to determine winner)

All finalists will be invited to the season end luncheon gala in late February, where a winner will be announced for both Mr. and Ms. Wrestler of the Year.

The two runner-up student athletes will each receive finalist award plaques. A duplicate Wrestler of the Year trophy and duplicate Wrestler of the Year runner-up plaques will be provided to each high school where finalists attend, for permanent placement in the high school trophy case.

“The addition of this award couldn’t of came at a better time. Girls wrestling is thriving in Iowa and it’s time to start recognizing them on their achievements.” – Tony Hager – Co-Founder of IAwrestle.com

(Top 15 finalist candidates results for Mr. Wrestler. That vote brought in almost 80,000 votes and awarded Drake Ayala (Fort Dodge 3A), Andrew Flora (ADM, Adel 2A) and Gabe Pauley (AHSTW 1A) each an extra vote towards the committee vote to reach our top 7.)



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  1. […] Her opponent will be 120 pound IWCOA state champion Chloe Clemons of Cedar Rapids Jefferson. Clemons, a junior, has only been competing since seventh grade and has been a place winner at Flo Tulsa girls Nationals, Iowa/USA Girls State. This season she won every girls division tournament entered. Clemons is also up for the inaugural Ms. Dan Gable Wrestler of the Year Award. […]

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  2. Tony Hager, thank you for finally fixing the problem. Note you stopped receiving complaints.

    1. Happening daily for myself and several members of my family and friends. It hasn’t let me vote for 6 days.

  3. Wow 5:30 in the morning and it says all already voted for the day. Really starting to get irritated with this polling. I guess it’s nice that some people get to put their vote in and this day 6 that I haven’t.

  4. Why can’t I find the place to vote for Dan Gable for Wrestling Coach of the Year?

  5. Looks like nothing is being done! Very sad for the athletes – both the winners and losers. Whether you win or lose, it’s because the votes aren’t counting correctly.

    1. We’re receiving lots of votes on all wrestlers. We have checked it every day from multiple devices and I’m being able to vote….after a FULL 24 hours of course. It’s not each day its every 24 hours.

      1. On my 5th day with out being able to vote keep getting that I have already voted. And have waited the 24hrs between trying.

      2. It is understood that some people are able to vote. However, others are not. It is also understood that you must wait 24 hours. People are telling you that they have not been able to vote for days. Have you checked with whoever developed the voting tool for you?

  6. Another day and the same old crap! Still can’t vote! So unfair to these boys!!

  7. Have tried to vote all day and all evening
    and very time it has said I had already voted
    From the first time this morning until now 9:15pm. Have totally given up. The sad part is it isnt fair to the 7 wrestlers that aren’t getting their votes.

  8. Just tried using a family member’s phone to vote. Received the same message, “Thank you, we’ve already counted your vote.” The only thing is, hadn’t ever voted before from their phone.

    How can you possibly continue with this poll if votes aren’t counted because people are unable to vote?

  9. So tired of trying to vote and it keeps saying I’ve already voted when I haven’t. I’ve tried
    Everything that has been mentioned and still cant vote. I hope others can vote for their wrestler cause I sure cant. This has been going on for the last 3 days.

    1. There are a lot of people having the same problem. Sad that it isn’t being corrected.

  10. Tony Hager, it is still not working. There are a group of us trying to vote and getting the same message that our vote was already counted. The problem is also not isolated to one wrestler because I voted for another one from my community in a different class. It allowed me to vote one day and the next time, gave me the message that I had already voted. It was well beyond 24 hours. Are you working on this or just ignoring the feedback you are receiving?

      1. It has nothing to do with who it is since some of the votes are being counted. Also, as I stated before, same thing happened when I voted for another athlete in a different class. It is a friend’s son so I wouldn’t want to be the one to post names on this site. It may embarrassing for the wrestler. If you want to post your email, I’d be happy to send you the names of both athletes.

  11. Another day 24 hours later and still wont take my vote. This the 3rd day in a row! And yes I have waited the 24 hours in between and yes using the same device as I’ve always used. Irritated!!

  12. Voted yesterday at 3:30 and its 24 hrs later and it says I’ve already voted. Something is not right.

  13. Says I have already voted and I haven’t. Please fix so that this is fair for the athletes!

  14. Still not counting my vote! I wonder how the winners will feel if they find out this poll is totally bogus!!!

  15. What a scam !! Peoples vote do not mean any thing! In the 1st round the East Des Moines wrestler for 3A was neck in neck with the Fort Dodge kid. The two of them had over six thousand votes each. Next highest votes were around 2-3 thousand. Yet in the end the seven kids that were voted to move on were from the ELITE schools in 3A!! Those kids could have had no votes and still advanced. Why did you have people vote if the votes didn’t matter in the end.

  16. Well here we go again. Have tried the past two days to vote and once again it has said I’ve already voted and I even waited twenty four hours in between.

    1. Same here. Had problems the first round and then all of a sudden it was working again. This round started off working and today it is saying I’ve already voted. It has been more than 24 hours. So unfair to these athletes.

        1. I am voting from home. Even tried using my spouse’s login on their phone and got the message that the vote had already been counted.

            1. Accessed the website using my spouse’s phone. Just tried again and it still says my vote was already counted. So many others are having the same problem where it works and then it doesn’t.

  17. […] A senior member of the Adel-Desoto-Minburn Tigers varsity wrestling team is still in the running for a statewide award. Andrew Flora advanced as one of the seven members left in 2019 Class 2A Dan Gable Mr. Wrestler of the Year contest. The Iowa Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association (IWCOA) and IAWrestle.com finalized the three classes of candidates starting with 15 wrestlers . Flora advanced to the final seven via a public vote on IAWrestle.com, receiving the most votes in Class 2A at 4,885. Another round of polling will pare the list to three finalists. The finalists from each class receive an invitation to IAWrestle’s end of season gala, where the winners will be announced. Click here to vote for Flora in the 2019 Dan Gable Mr. Wrestler of the Year contest. […]

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