Today in Boone, IA members of the IHSAA Board of controls met to discuss topics on the State Dual and Individual Tournaments. Below are the notes from the board meeting.

17 thoughts on “Is Seeding at the State Tournament on its way?”
  1. Don’t mess with it. We have way to many stupid people in wrestling they will screw this up somehow. Please don’t screw this up.

  2. Track doesn’t account for head to head ( who one last time out) or common opponent. That’s why there still seeding meeting. So what track doesn’t do will have to be done by coaches. Who’s already dealing with a lot with such a short turn around form district to state. All track does is winning percentage. Coaches need to look up all the different information and put it into track There are to many variables. To seed the state tournament especially 2A and 1A. Kids moving up weight who have they wrestled and when would you know who you have first round to form game plan against

  3. Hate the idea. This is why we go to every session at the state tourney because there are great matches in every round. The old saying you have to beat them sometime in order to win. Please don’t screw up our state tourney anymore. Still miss Vets!

  4. I believe trackwrestling’s rating system is based upon career statistics. What about that kid that is not very successful in 7th/8th grade (not placing at AAU Districts) but by the time they are a senior they are 40-10 and one of the top 8 kids at their weight? Those losses early in their career will hurt their trackwrestling rating and now that kid who should be seeded isn’t. Track needs to find a way to create a season only rating.

    1. They will use that seasons stats to seed that years state tournament, what u did as an 7th or 8th grader will have nothing to do with it. They are going to use the seeding criteria portion of track. Rating system will have nothing to do with it. To my understanding.

  5. It is a great idea. Track does an amazing job at tournaments already. I hope it goes through.

    1. Trackwrestling does not sort head to head or common opp. Coaches can list that info, but it has to be done manually (unless TW changed since the season ended). That being said Trackwrestling could only do yes and no questions (i.e. “do you have head to head”), percentages (i.e. winning %), and numbers (i.e. total wins). There are many questions to be answered before jumping into the fire.

  6. People complain about seeding the duals how the he’ll they going to do the traditional

    1. I like that the 8 qualifying schools (in each class) will be the ones seeding the Duals. They have a vested interest and will do a better job. If they do it face to face or their seeds are shared, would be better. This would keep them honest and they would not seed based on how it would benefit their team. This is a good improvement.

      1. In further thinking, the problem will still be how the teams are seeded for regionals and where the state decides to place them. Both of these have been major issues in the past. This needs to improve. Also, do we really need 24 teams (or whatever it is) in regionals? It’s not much fun to have to take a team on a long road trip if you’re the 24th seeded team wrestling the 1st seed. #takeurwhoopinandenjoyit

  7. I can kind of see 3a but There is no way in he’ll anybody will be able too seed 1a 2a fare wrestling people are not that smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Who in the he’ll is going to seed it the coachs they already prove they can’t seed on the weekend tournament’s or a committee who doesn’t even see half the wrestlers.

    1. Dodging! I hadn’t thought about that. It happens in college. Will we see it in HS now?

        1. It certainly adds another dimension to the coach’s decision in regular season duals. Before, decisions to change wts to help win meets did not affect a wrestler’s potential seed at state.

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