2018 1A State Preview and Predictions



This 106 bracket is very balanced with 5 ranked wrestlers on the top half and 5 on the bottom half. All of the district champs are favored to win first round on the top half with the tightest match potentially being between two freshmen #2 Beau Klingensmith of Woodbury and #9 Brooks Meyer of Denver. Another tough freshman in this bracket is #6 Bryce Shaha of Mount Ayr. Shaha has had a few ranked wins on the season, but has yet to have an elite win. He will be tested early with #3 Daniel Kimball of Don Bosco in the quarters. #10 Mason Dye of Sigourney, a state qualifier last year, is the other ranked wrestler in this half. Kimball and Klingensmith are the favorites to reach the semis here in a rematch from last month that Klingensmith won 6-5.

The bottom half of the bracket has both the toughest quarter and the easiest quarter. The toughest quarter is made up of #7 Connor Attkisson of Tri-Center who is favored to win first round and face the winner of #4 Donavon Hanson of Manson and #1 Jaymus Wilson of Alburnett. Hanson is another freshman who doesn’t have a whole lot of experience against top ranked wrestlers this season, but he will get his chance in the first round. Your bottom quarter has a fairly even match up between #5 Brock Dietz of Nashua-Plainfield and #8 Jose Flores of Sibley-Ocheyedan. This will be the senior from Nashuas first appearance at state after being in tough sectionals and districts his whole career. Flores is making his second trip. The dark horse in this bracket is Cael Cassady of Martensdale. He is unranked, but just outside the top 10. A favorable draw gives him a shot at the semis.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Beau Klingensmith (Woodbury) over Jaymus Wilson (Alburnett)
Kirk: Jaymus Wilson (Alburnett) over Daniel Kimball (Don Bosco)
Lars: Daniel Kimball (Don Bosco) over Jaymus Wilson (Alburnett)


The race to make the podium at 113 is a lot more wide open with the #5, #6, and #7 all being eliminated at districts. The opposite can be said for the top spot at 113 as #1 ranked and returning state champ Adam Allard of West Sioux comes in as the heavy favorite. He should give #9 Jacob Moore of Denver his first real test in 1A this year. Moore has walked through 1A competition, but has yet to face any of the top guys so it will be fun to see where he stacks up in the top quarter where these two should meet up. #2 Cole Cassady of Martensdale is the favorite to make the semis in his quarter. The sophomore Cassady received a tough draw last year at state and failed to place. He will need to get past unranked Wyatt Dale of Central Decatur. Dale has been in and out of the rankings this year, but he has reached the podium once two years ago where he placed 8th.

Two match ups between ranked wrestlers should decide the semifinalist from the bottom half of the bracket. The first being between #3 Heath Moyer of North Linn and #10 Jakob Whitinger of Nashua-Plainfield. This will be a rematch from the first weekend of the season that Moyer won 7-4. The other ranked first round match up will be #8 Caiden Jones of Lake Mills against #4 Briar Reisz of Logan-Magnolia. The freshman from Logan-Magnolia is relatively untested this year, but he will get his chance to pass his biggest test yet when he meets up with the 5th place finisher from last year in Jones.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Adam Allard (West Sioux) over Heath Moyer (North Linn)
Kirk: Adam Allard (West Sioux) over Heath Moyer (North Linn)
Lars: Adam Allard (West Sioux) over Heath Moyer (North Linn)


The top quarter of 120 is by far the easiest with only one ranked wrestler #9 Cael Frost of Don Bosco and also returning state qualifier Dillon Lynott of West Sioux. These two should give you a good quarterfinal with the winner moving on to face either Happel or Baker. Speaking of #1 ranked Cael Happel of Lisbon and #2 Casey Baker of I-35, these two are heavy favorites to meet up in the quarterfinals and likely determine the finalist from the top side. Baker has made some big steps this year to move himself into the #2 slot after going 0-2 at state last year. Happel has yet to lose to a 1A wrestler in his career, and I wouldn’t bet on that to happen this weekend either.

A first round match up of two returning state place winners could potentially determine the semifinalist in the 3rd quarter of this bracket. #8 Tyler Helgeson of Lake Mills was 8th at 113 last year and #5 Bryce Kafton of Maple Valley was 7th at 106. The winner will face either Seth Thompson of English Valleys or Parker Sternhagen of Maq Valley, both first time qualifiers. #3 Blake Thomsen of Underwood is the favorite to reach the semis and even finals from the very last quarter of this bracket, but it is far from handed to him. He must first get through Cauy Fitch of Colfax-Mingo who was once ranked and then the winner of #4 Daniel Meeker of Wapello and Isaac Schimmels of Denver. Schimmels was also once ranked and has some solid wins on the season. Denver will look for a huge boost in the team race if Schimmels can string together a few wins here.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Cael Happel (Lisbon) over Blake Thomsen (Underwood)
Kirk: Cael Happel (Lisbon) over Blake Thomsen (Underwood)
Lars: Cael Happel (Lisbon) over Blake Thomsen (Underwood)


Two ranked wrestlers meet first round on the very top of the bracket in #9 Wyatt Crocker of Logan-Magnolia and #5 Dakota Henry of Belle Plaine. Both wrestlers failed to make it out of tough districts last year so they will be looking to finish out their senior seasons on the podium. Henry was 7th two years ago. The winner will face #3 Easton Larson of Don Bosco a 7th place finisher from last year. Larson will be looking to make it one more step farther on the front side than he did last year when he was beaten by Happel in the quarters. Who will he have waiting for him in the semis? 3 time state champ and #1 Alex Thomsen of Underwood. Thomsen will have an easy path to the semis (as if he needed it) being the only ranked wrestler in his quarter.

#2 Cobe Siebrecht of Lisbon in the highest ranked wrestler on the bottom of the bracket. The junior from Lisbon will be looking to make his second straight trip to the finals, but he will likely need to get through ranked wrestlers in two straight matches to do so. He will have the winner of #8 Trey Schuck of Sibley-Ocheyedan and #7 Nolan Noonan of Cascade in the quarters. Siebrecht already has a 12-2 win over Noonan this season making him the heavy favorite to make the semis and even finals. In the last quarter of the bracket #4 Jacob McBride will look to improve on his 0-2 finish at last years state tournament. Right out of the gate he will hat #10 Mitchell Hayes from Starmont. Winner will take on #6 Teagan Lundquist of Southwest Valley. McBride has the higher ranking but Lundquist had the higher finish last year placing 7th.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Alex Thomsen (Underwood) over Cobe Siebrecht (Lisbon)
Kirk: Alex Thomsen (Underwood) over Cobe Siebrecht (Lisbon)
Lars: Alex Thomsen (Underwood) over Cobe Siebrecht (Lisbon)


No easy rides to the semis in this bracket, although the top half only has 4 ranked wrestlers while the bottom has 6. Lisbon will have a big match right away at the top of the bracket for their title hopes here. #8 Brady Henderson of North Linn and #5 Ryne Mohrfeld of Lisbon will duke it out in round 1. Even though these two teams see each other a lot during the year, they only wrestled once with Mohrfeld coming out on top 5-2. The reason that match is so important is the loser will likely have to wrestle either #1 or #2 just to make the podium on the backside. That match isn’t even the biggest on the top side where in the second quarter you have #3 Joshua Tibbit of Martensdale taking on #4 Gabe Lewis of Denver in another top first round match up. Again another important match for team race because the loser has to beat a ranked wrestler to make the podium.

Three ranked wrestlers make out the 3rd quarter of this bracket and it will be #6 Sam Loyd of New London against #7 Max Wettengel of Don Bosco first round. Wettengel is a 3 time qualifier now, but hasnt been able to reach the top 8 yet. Loyd was in a very tough sectional and district last year so he missed out on the state tournament. He did however reach the finals the year before placing 2nd. The winner will have #9 Nate Monahan of Woodbury in the quarters. Now we move to the toughest quarter in the bracket where we have #1 Donny Schmit of Wapsie Valley against #10 Wyatt Appleseth of Panorama first round. Winner gets #2 Logan James of Underwood in the quarters. Schmit has back to back trips to the finals under his belt, even coming out on top two years ago. James finished 4th a year ago.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Donny Schmit (Wapsie Valley) over Joshua Tibbits (Martensdale)
Kirk: Joshua Tibbits (Martensdale) over Donny Schmit (Wapsie Valley)
Lars: Joshua Tibbits (Martensdale) over Donny Schmit (Wapsie Valley)


The top half has 6 ranked wrestlers, but the bottom has 4 of the top 6 at this weight. #3 Kolton Roth of Graettinger should be in the quarters against the winner of #4 Austin Gutknecht of Clarinda and #9 Michael Egan of MFL. Gutknecht is making is 4th straight appearance to the state tournament. Clarinda is down from 2A this year so this will be his first go around in 1A. Gutknecht has yet to make the podium. Winner of this quarter should be the favorite to make the finals from the top. The other quarter on the top side has a lot of potential dark horses. #7 Marvin Hildreth of West Monona meets up with #10 Cory Anderson of Wilton in the first round. The winner will have #8 Zac Willey of Interstate 35. Willey knocked of #5 Connor Lange of Missouri Valley at districts so he looks to be peaking at the right time.

#6 Spencer Griffin of Emmetsburg and #2 Riley Wright of Denver should have little trouble getting through the first round to meet up in the quarters. Both wrestlers qualified for state last year, but Griffin went 1-2 while Wright placed 3rd in 2A. Winner is in the semis. Javis Krieger of New London would be a good dark horse pick on the bottom of the bracket. He has been in and out of the rankings, but seems to be getting hot at the right time. He should face the winner of #1 Gable Fox of Don Bosco and #5 Connor Lange of Missouri Valley. Fox is a 3 time state tournament medalist finishing 7th/3rd/3rd, but hasn’t been able to reach that top step yet. He opens his quest with a state placewinner from two years ago in Lange.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Gable Fox (Don Bosco) over Kolton Roth (Graettinger)
Kirk: Gable Fox (Don Bosco) over Kolton Roth (Graettinger)
Lars: Gable Fox (Don Bosco) over Kolton Roth (Graettinger)


Its not very often you see the returning state champ as a district runner up, but that is the case at 145. #1 Chance Throndson of Riceville will take on #10 Ben Smith of Iowa Valley right away on Thursday. Smith was a qualifier last year but didn’t make the medal rounds. Winner of that goes right into a quarter with #3 Cooper Siebrecht of Lisbon. Throndson beat Siebrecht 6-0 last year at state where Siebrecht went on to finish 3rd. We will see if Throndson just got on a roll at the right time last year or if Siebrecht can return the favor. The 2nd quarter at this weight could be very fun, and I have no clue who is going to come out on top. You’d probably have to favor the winner of #4 Garret Thompson from Logan-Magnolia and #2 Kory Van Oort of West Sioux to make the semis, but then the winner of that gets a very tough #7 Chance Downs of Maquoketa Valley in the quarters. All three placed last year Thompson 7th, Van Oort 2nd, and Downs 7th.

No ranked wrestlers are in the 3rd quarter at 145, but we still have two wrestlers who have placed at one point in their careers. Schrader was 5th as a Freshman, he did not place as a sophomore, then failed to qualify last year. He also knocked off defending state champ Throndson at districts, so he is peaking at the right time. Nick Martin went DNP as a freshman, 5th as a sophomore, and DNP as a Junior, so it really is interesting that these two meet up first round as they have had similar careers. Winner should make the semis. #6 Wade Mitchell of Woodbury will have #8 Ethan Elliot of I35 in the first round. Winner will likely have #5 Braydon Nunemaker of East Buchanan. Elliot went 1-2, while the other two placed last year Mitchell 5th and Nunemaker 4th. Nunemaker also pinned Elliot at state last year.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Cooper Siebrecht (Lisbon) over Wade Mitchell (Woodbury Central)
Kirk: Chance Throndson (Riceville) over Wade Mitchell (Woodbury Central)
Lars: Chance Throndson (Riceville) over Wade Mitchell (Woodbury Central)


#4 Kaden Kilburg of Lisbon is the only ranked wrestler in this top quarter, but he still will have some solid competition to make the semis. Drew Venteicher of Bedford/Lenox will be a test in the opening round, and then likely Killian Welsh of Ed-Co. Kilburg is still the favorite to make the semis being a returning 4th place finisher. Keaton Baayen of Pekin and #9 Bo Geise of Logan-Magnolia could make some noise in this quarter, but the winner of #7 Austin Eilers of Lawton-Bronson and #6 Kaleb Krall of Wapsie Valley will be the semifinalist in this quarter. Eilers finished 5th last year while Krall was a state champ at 138lbs.

#1 Trey Brisker of Wilton is the lone ranked wrestler in his quarter, but Mason Griffen is a tough sophomore that was a qualifier a year ago from Emmetsburg and Logan Lutgen is a two time state place winner. The last quarter looks to be the toughest at this weight. #3 Skeeter Bostwick of Missouri Valley will face the winner of #3 Caleb Wilson of Denver and #5 Garrett Arment of Woodbury. All three of these wrestlers went 1-2 at last years state championships so they will be looking to make the stand. This could be Missouri Valleys chance to sneak into the team race too.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Trey Brisker (Wilton) over Austin Eilers (Lawton-Bronson)
Kirk: Trey Brisker (Wilton) over Kaleb Krall (Wapsie Valley)
Lars: Trey Brisker (Wilton) over Kaleb Krall (Wapsie Valley)


No more than 2 ranked wrestlers in a quarter at this weight with 3 ranked kids getting eliminated at districts. #7 Cameron Rasing of Rockford and Ethan Fulcher of Hudson should be a competitive first match with the winner facing #1 John Henrich of Akron-Westfield. Henrich won a loaded 160lbs bracket last year as a sophomore after coming over from South Dakota as a freshman. If you havent seen him wrestle yet you might want to keep an eye on the 160lber from Akron this weekend. #6 Ryan Schott of Regina is the lone ranked wrestler in this quarter, but he should be pushed by Chance Rice of Manson. Both Schott and Rice have made the state tournament before but failed to place.

We should see a decent match between #3 Austin Hellman of Don Bosco and John Ebaugh of Denver in the first round. Hellman owns two wins over Ebaugh, but the last one was closer than the first. Winner of this match will likely get #10 Marcus Daughton of Mount Ayr. Someone in this quarter is guaranteed to pick up their first state medal. #2 Brennan Swafford of Mediapolis and #4 Jacob Steinlage of I-35 highlight the last quarter. Swafford hasn’t been touched by anyone in 1A yet this year and will look to make a return trip to the state finals like he did a year ago.

Finals Prediction
Eric: John Henrich (Akron-Westfield) over Brennan Swafford (Mediapolis)
Kirk: John Henrich (Akron-Westfield) over Brennan Swafford (Mediapolis)
Lars: John Henrich (Akron-Westfield) over Brennan Swafford (Mediapolis)


#9 Thomas Even of Don Bosco is the only ranked wrestler in this quarter. This could be key points in the team race for Don Bosco. The other quarter up top has #2 Nathan Haynes of Missouri Valley likely facing the winner of #4 Bryce Werderman of Lisbon and #7 Brandon Trees of North Butler-Clarksville. Haynes was the highest finisher last year taking home 4th, Werderman was 6th, and Trees went 1-2.

#10 Chase McCleish of Newman will face once ranked Neddy Montes of West Sioux in the 1st round. Winner should get TJ Dierking of SE Warren in the quarters. Montes qualified last year and Dierking finished 8th a year ago. This is a great chance for Dierking to break through and reach the semis to wrap up his highest finish yet. The bottom quarter might be the most loaded quarter in clas 1A. You have #1 Gabe Pauley of AHSTW vs #3 Gunnar Grunsted of Panaroma first round. The winner is reward by facing either #5 Cael Krueger of Denver or #8 Nick Milder of Regina. Pauley beat Grunsted 7-4 this year already so he is the favorite to reach the semis, but he will still have to get through a 5th place finisher last year in Krueger or a returning qualifier in Milder and thats after he has to deal with Grunsted who was 5th last season.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Gabe Pauley (AHSTW) over Nathan Haynes (Missouri Valley)
Kirk: Gabe Pauley (AHSTW) over Nathan Haynes (Missouri Valley)
Lars: Gabe Pauley (AHSTW) over Nathan Haynes (Missouri Valley)


#1 Logan Schumacher from Martensdale is the only ranked wrestler in the top quarter. Schumacher has placed high all 3 of his previous times at state finishing 3rd as a freshman and sophomore then 2nd as a junior. Will this be the year he reaches the top? #6 Zach Ryg of Central Springs will face #10 Carter Murray of Graettinger in a first round match up between ranked opponents. The winner will face #4 Derek Venteicher of Bedford/Lenox. Venteicher is the higher ranked wrestler he failed to qualify last year while Ryg took 6th.

#3 Hunter Connor of Louisa-Muscatine and #9 Christian Woltzhuizen of Akron-Westfield should meet up in the quarters on the bottom side. Connor hasn’t placed yet but this is his 4th trip to the state tournament. Connor also comes into the tournament undefeated. Three ranked wrestlers round out the last quarter at 182. #5 Tucker Kroeze of Belmond-Klemme will face #6 at 195 Manning Kuboushek of South Winnishiek. Kuboushek dropped weight classes just before sectionals to make a run at a high finish. This will be Kroezes first trip to Des Moines. Kuboushek went 1-2 last year but lost only lost to the wrestlers that finished 1st and 3rd. Winner of that toss up match gets #2 Garet Sims of Iowa Valley. Sims dropped a 7-1 decision to Schumacher in last years semifinals then came back to get 5th beating Ryg 5-3 in the 5th/6th place match. Sims only loss this year is up a weight to Tanner Sloan.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Logan Schumacher (Martensdale) over Garet Sims (Iowa Valley)
Kirk: Logan Schumacher (Martensdale) over Hunter Connor (Louisa-Muscatine)
Lars: Logan Schumacher (Martensdale) over Garet Sims (Iowa Valley)


Just 7 ranked wrestlers of the 10 are in this field leaving the top 8 wide open. #1 Tanner Sloan of Alburnett sits at the top of the bracket where he will be a heavy favorite over #10 Cameron Reddick of Wilton in their first round match up. Sloan was a state champ two years ago and finished 3rd last year. #7 Joey Wolf of Woodbine will be tested against unranked Nathan Dettmer of Nashua-Plainfield first round. Winner will move on to face #3 Gabe Irons of Lake Mills who has been on a tear as of late knocking off #4 Hunter Hagen of West Hancock the last 3 times theyve met. He also has a 9-4 win over Dettmer in the middle of the year. Irons was an 8th place finisher from last year.

#5 Wes Geisler of Hudson will have an unranked opponent in his first match but that doesnt mean it will be easy. He draws Jake Jennett of Lisbon. Jennett was a state qualifier last year going 1-2 but only losing to two guys that very well could be state champs this year Dejong and Reeves. Winner of this match gets #2 Hunter Dejong of Sibley-Ocheyedan who has parlayed and excellent off season into an undefeated regular season. Dejong was a 4th place finisher last year. A good first round match between Brock Meyer of Sumner-Fredericksburg and a once ranked Dalton Holmes of Panorama will decide who gets #4 Hunter Hagen of West Hancock in the quarters. Hagen came out of nowhere to finish 2nd last year, but defaulted his final match at districts so his health will play a major factor into how far he goes.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Tanner Sloan (Alburnett) over Hunter Dejong (Sibley-Ocheyedan)
Kirk: Hunter Dejong (Sibley-Ocheyedan) over Tanner Sloan (Alburnett)
Lars: Tanner Sloan (Alburnett) over Hunter Dejong (Sibley-Ocheyedan)


If the bottom quarter of 170 is the toughest quarter in class 1A then the top quarter of 220 isnt far behind. You have #3 Chaz Clark of Pleasantville up against #4 Nick Gaes of Alta/Aurelia in the first match and then #5 Marquise Paino of Tripoli vs #6 Chance Strough of Bedford/Lenox in the second match. At least 1 of these 4 will not place and only 1 can make the semis. Clark and Paino are both returning placewinners while Strough and Gaes failed to place but they did qualify last year. Clark made a nice run to the finals last year before he lost to Slade Sifuentes of Lake Mills and Paino was 6th at the Illinois class 1A state tournament. #1 Tom Rief of Missouri Valley will have #8 Brett Shoenherr of Midland first round. Rief was a 3rd place finisher in a bracket that Shoenherr failed to place in last year so Rief is the heavy favorite to make the semis.

#2 Kaleb Reeves of Sigourney and #9 Zack Santee of Central Springs should meet up in the 3rd quarter of this bracket. Reeves might be the most dangerous wrestler in class 1A with his throws and how he is comfortable rolling around in scrambles. Santee will be a huge test for Reeves who has placed 7th the last two years. This will be Santees first trip to the state tournament as he has had some tough luck at districts the last few years. #7 Logan O’Connor of Lisbon will face the winner of #10 Dalton Arnold of Coon Rapids Bayard and and unranked but very talented Cam Fulcher of Hudson. O’Connor is the favorite to come out of this quarter but he is still looking for his first state tournament win after an 0-2 showing last year. Arnold and Fulcher are making their state tournament debut.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Kaleb Reeves (Sigourney-Keota) over Tom Rief (Missouri Valley)
Kirk: Kaleb Reeves (Sigourney-Keota) over Tom Rief (Missouri Valley)
Lars: Kaleb Reeves (Sigourney-Keota) over Tom Rief (Missouri Valley)


The first round match to watch here is #4 Cody Crawford of WACO up against #2 Enrique Maravilla of Manson. Crawford was 8th a year ago and Maravilla was 3rd in class 3A of 7 classes at the Georgia State Tournament. Maravilla hadnt been tested by 1A competition until districts where he dropped a 4-2 decision in the tiebreakers to Beminio. Crawfords only two losses were to 3A competition. The winner will likely have #7 Brock Farley of Denver in the quarters. Farley failed to qualify for state last year being in a tough district, but he is more than capable of going with just about anyone in this bracket. #8 Arron Olson of Missouri Valley and #3 Chase Ahrends of Dike-New Hartford are the two ranked wrestlers in this quarter although they both could be tested first round against Spencer Cox of Western Christian and Josh Cox of Mount Ayr (no relation, actually I have no clue if they are related or not). Ahrends was a 7th place finisher last year while Olson went 0-2.

#5 Cameron Beminio of Belmond-Klemme is the lone ranked wrestler in this quarter, but Jackson Lukes of South Winnishiek will have upset on his mind in the quarters after knocking off #7 Farley at districts. Beminio won his first match at state last year but had to default his next two. #1 Brian Sadler of Jesup and #9 Darlyn Marquez of West Sioux should meet up in the last quarter of the session. Sadler was a 3rd place finisher last year and has hardly been tested by anyone in the field this year. He has two decisions over Farley, but at the same time Farley has failed to score a point on him in either meeting.

Finals Prediction
Eric: Brian Sadler (Jesup) over Enrique Maravilla (Manson)
Kirk: Brian Sadler (Jesup) over Cody Crawford (WACO)
Lars: Brian Sadler (Jesup) over Chase Ahrends (Dike-New Hartford)


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