Iowa’s premier site for youth, high school, college, and international wrestling. Potentially Dangerous Podcast this week features hosts Tony Hager and Ross Bartachek. This show begins with the guys recapping the fall out from last week’s podcast discussing high school transfers before giving their thoughts on the 2017 World Championships. Show schedule as follows:

3:00 – Transfer Backlash

16:30 – Thomas Gilman”s big week in Paris

24:00 Alli Ragan wins some hardware too

28:00 – Sherry, and ISU recruiting thoughts

31:00 – The Class of 2019’s top 5

38:00 – Quick NOC3 update

39:00 – Housekeeping items

40:00 – David Taylor calls out J’den Cox, what side do you fall on?

One thought on “Potentially Dangerous 97: Transfer backlash + thoughts on Senior Worlds”
  1. Had to go back to listen to last episode. You guys shouldn’t apologize for anything on transfers. Hit it on the money.

    Communities put alot into their kids, and when kids jump ship it is damaging to the programs they leave behind. Those that choice to transfer should expect backlash, and be able to mentally handle their decision.

    You guys also shouldn’t let coaches ofd the hook about recruiting. They encourage alot of the contact from assistants, parents,…..

    Love what you think your dad’s response would have been.

    Won’t say my kid wouldn’t wrestle some where else, but it would have to be a dang good reason. In which case we would have to be ready to defend.

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