Iowa’s premier site for youth, high school, college and international wrestling. Potentially Dangerous Podcast this week features hosts Tony Hager and Ross Bartachek. This show begins with Ross recapping his trip to Europe before moving on to wrestling centered topics. Show schedule as follows:

0:00 – Intro/Ross is back from Europe

5:00 – Pat Downey is officially in the Iowa room and more Hawkeye roster movement

13:00 – Iowa State recruiting talk + roster movement

23:00 – Transferring not just happening at the college level, it’s happening in high school too

37:00 – World Championships talk and why Greco just isn’t exciting to watch on the senior level

44:00 – Night of Conflict event info

3 thoughts on “Potentially Dangerous 96: Transfers, transfers, and transfers…oh and Pat Downey!”
  1. Let me guess GreatOutdoor.. you got a “new job” at the casino and your wife will have to drive back and forth to her job now

  2. Two sides to every story…rather than taking the time to speak with kids that transferred to understand why, you simply pick the side of the coach/community they are leaving. Classless.

    1. Point of a podcast is to have an opinion on something. You have yours and I have mine. Would be same opinion for every transfer at any school.

      Those that benefit feel they’re in the right and those that lost out are upset.

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