President Trump Rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Fast forward to 27:11 for the quote below.

“It is great to be back in the incredible great state of Iowa. Home of the greatest wrestlers in the world including our friend Dan Gable. Some of the great wrestlers of the world. We love those wrestlers.” – President Donald Trump

Back in November, The President had this to say about wrestling getting kicked out of the Olympics.

Here are a few other occasions when the President has been around Dan Gable.


5 thoughts on ““Iowa. Home of the greatest wrestlers in the world” – President Donald Trump”
  1. How is having the President of the United States giving wrestling a shot out dividing anything? That’s ridiculous. And BTW, Trump did wrestle in high school.

  2. If your intent is to divide the fans of wrestling and splinter the sport, by all means inject DJT into the discussion. Clearly he doesn’t know the sport and could care less. He’s a NYC elite carpet bagger looking to further his agenda. This “declaration” is a crass ploy to win support. I urge you not to lend your credibility to ANY politician in such a manner.

    1. You mean “couldn’t care less”. Could care less means he does care to some degree.

    2. You’re wrong about everything – socialism included. The only way you can be a “carpet bagger” president is by being born in Keyna, btw. DJT is a national treasure.

      1. Interesting you chose Harding as your avatar as he became synonymous with corruption. Anyway, I’m no fan of President Obummer, the commander in illegal mass surveillance and who refused to prosecute one Wall Street bankster for the 2008 meltdown. Frankly, the Ds and the Rs are both wholly-owned subsidiaries of corporations. All I’m saying is don’t use wrestling to give any politician a platform.

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