Austin Bernard –

Two-time Iowa State All-American, Michael Moreno has accepted a coaching position at the University of Northern Colorado. After joining the Cyclone Wrestling Club in 2015, Moreno has also spent the past two seasons serving as a grad assistant for Iowa State, until he was promoted to the interim assistant role for the 2017 postseason.

“I knew that wrestling was going to keep breaking my heart if I kept getting these major injuries so this last shoulder surgery was kind of the last straw in regards to competing. But my hearts always been in wrestling and I know that I have a lot to offer in the coaching side of things and I’m grateful Troy sees that too.” – Moreno said

The move reunites Moreno with Troy Nickerson, who has been the head coach of the Bears since the 2014-15 season. Prior to that Nickerson was an assistant coach for the Cyclones for two seasons with his time there overlapping with Moreno’s competitive career. This also means that Moreno will be pitted against his alma mater, with Northern Colorado an Iowa State both competing in the Big 12.

“I’ve worked with Troy at Iowa state. I trust him and respect what he can accomplish as a coach so I was pumped when he called me.”