IAwrestle: How does it feel to be an Iowa high school state champion?

Esmoil: It feels great. I fall asleep every night knowing I accomplished what I’ve been working towards for as long as I can remember. Winning another one next year will just add to the feeling.

What was the biggest difference between last year when you placed third to now with your wrestling?

Losing in overtime in the semifinals last year really sucked. It helped me focus on what was important to me and helped me focus on my training for this year.

What food/drink were you looking forward to eating with the season finally over?

Texas Road House rolls were on my mind all season.

West Liberty returns the most team points in 2A next season. What would it mean to be able to bring home a team trophy?

It would be pretty awesome. Our coaches work so hard with us and our community is really getting behind us. Going out with a team trophy my senior year along side my brother sounds pretty good to me.

What are your wrestling plans for the summer?

During football this past fall I had my knee lock up. My parents and I decided to try to make it through wrestling season to get it fixed. I’m going to have my meniscus repaired next week so I’m looking at up to six months of rehab. I’m hoping it isn’t as bad as they think. My plans were to wrestle in the Disney Duals and possibly Fargo. We will know more after Tuesday.

Heading into your senior year, have you received any interest from colleges, or do you have a list of colleges that you are interested in at this time?

I have received some interest but I’ve only visited South Dakota State so far. I really liked what I saw. I hope to be able to visit a few more so I know what to compare it to.