Team Race: Iowa Central (2)-91 pts., Ellsworth (5)-54.4 pts., NIACC (6)-52.5 pts., Iowa Western (8)-48 pts., Iowa Lakes (9)-46 pts.

125: Justin Folley (Ellsworth) will face David Campbell (Clackamas) on the top half of the bracket. Todd Small (Iowa Central) will face Cole Verner (Western Wyoming). Brennen Doebel (NIACC) remains on the back side of the bracket.

133: Zak Hensley (Iowa Central) will face Nathan Johnson (Clackamas) on the top half of the bracket. George Farmah (Iowa Lakes) will face Sean DeShazer (Northeast Oklahoma) on the bottom half of the bracket. Jamarius Jackson (NIACC) will wrestle D’Andre Brumfield (Iowa Western) on the back half of the bracket.

141: Austin Anderly (NIACC) will wrestle Andrew Ramirez (Highline) on the top half of the bracket. DeAndre Reed (Iowa Central) will face Nick Casella (Nassau).

149: Two athletes will represent Iowa programs within the consolation portion of the 149 lb. bracket. Brandon Murray (Iowa Central) will wrestle Dominique Evans (Northwest Kansas). Anthony Maia (Iowa Lakes) will face Anthony Hinkle (Otero).

157: Dayton Racer (Iowa Central) is the lone Iowa representative on the front half of the bracket. Racer will wrestle Danny Conley (Labette). Steven Lawrence (Ellsworth) will wrestle Alex Nelson (Northeast Oklahoma) on the consolation side of the bracket.

165: Tucker Black (NIACC) is the lone representative for Iowa programs in the 165 lb. bracket. Black will wrestle Troy Keller (Niagara County) on the consolation portion of the bracket.

174: Jordan Gundrum (Ellsworth) will face Adrian Lyons-Lopez (Southwestern Oregon) in the semi-finals. Antrez Clagon (Iowa Central) will wrestle Saul Ortiz (Northeast Oklahoma) in the consolation round.

184: Preston Lauterbach (Iowa Western) will wrestle Logan Hagerbaumer (Lincoln) in the semi-finals. Danny Bush (Iowa Central) will face Isaiah Cox (Iowa Lakes) in the consolation side of the bracket.

197: Timothy Young (Ellsworth) will face Wyatt Westfall (Southwestern Oregon) on the top half of the bracket. Christian Dulaney (Iowa Lakes) will wrestle Dymere Rappa (Camden County) in the opposite semi-final match.

HWT: Mario Pena (NIACC) will wrestle Odgerel Batkhishig (Northwest Kansas) in the top-half semi-final bout. Thomas Petersen (Iowa Central) will face Richard Anau (Northwest) in the bottom-half semi-final bout. Stephen Boone (Iowa Western) continues to battle back in consolations, facing Miguel Morales (Highline).