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We’re starting tonight at 125 pounds!

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Dual Preview

UNI vs North Dakota State
125: Leighton Gaul (UNI) vs #17 Josh Rodriguez (NDSU)
1st: Handfighting to start, Rodriguez in on an outside single and gets the T2 on the edge, 2-0 he leads. Blood time now. Rodriguez riding tough, lots of forward pressure, but Gaul sits back into him and Rodriguez nearly gets NF points, but he just ends up back on top. Rodriguez cuts Gaul after RT is secured, 2-1. Gaul takes a shot but Rodriguez stuffs the head and gets around for another T2, 4-1. Restart, and Rodriguez with a NF2 with one second left to go ahead 6-1 going to the second.

2nd: Handfighting again to start, but Rodriguez hits a go-by for a T2. 8-1, now he’s working a tilt as Gaul is warned for stalling. NF4 for Rodriguez, 12-1 and they go OOB. Restart, Rodriguez with another tilt for another NF4, 16-1 and that’s the tech fall.

Match score: Rodriguez 16-1
Team score: NDSU leads 5-0

133: #15 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Nico Colunga (NDSU)
1st:Alber with a double leg soon after the whistle for the T2, 2-0. He works a tilt nearly for NF points but no count. Lots of forward pressure from Alber, he tilts again but nothing and Colunga with the E1. 2-1 as they go OOB. Restart, they tie up, and Alber with a snap down and double leg for the T2, 4-1 he leads. He’s got an arm and a half in and he works him over for the pinfall!

Match Score: Alber wins by pinfall in 2:05
Team Score UNI leads 6-5

141: Tyler Willers (UNI) vs Mitch Bengtson (NDSU)
1st: Wow missed the first move hitting the update button but Willers is on his back and nearly gets pinned, they scramble out of it and stalemate though. Restart, not a lot of action, one minute to go and it’s mostly been tie-ups and failed outside trip by Bengtson. Bengtson is trying to work underhooks in, but Willers is doing a good job of not letting him, he just can’t get anything else off. To the 2nd.

2nd: Bengtson is down to start, Bengtson’s up but Willers brings him back down to the mat and nearly has NF counts but the ref only gives him one. Bengtson is up and out, 1-0 he leads. 30 seconds left and still not a lot of action, they just tie up, and we’er going to the third

3rd: Willers goes down to start the 3rd, RT not a factor, Willers gets up and out, that seems like a call that came too early as Bengtson still has a leg, now they scramble around to a leg pass, and Bengtson gets the T2…somehow…even though Willers was in on a leg…that doesn’t make any sense. It’s 3-1 and now they stalemate, with Willers on his feet facing Bengtson bu they say no change. Restart, Willers is up and out, 3-2 he trails with 30 seconds left. Willers gets Bengtson stood up and nearly gets a T2 but they go OOB and that’s the match. That was some really questionable scoring

Match Score: Bengtson wins 3-2
Team score: NDSU leads 8-6

149: Adam Perrin (UNI) vs Clay Ream (NDSU)
1st:Ream with a double leg right off the whistle, he leads 2-0, cuts Perrin, 2-1. They tie up and Ream with another double leg for a T2, 4-1 he leads. Ream riding tough, has both legs in and has Perrin flat on his belly. Ream cuts Perrin and they go back to the center, and Perrin in on a shot and gets around Ream and gets the T2 as they go OOB. Now the ref is reviewing his call…the T2 is awarded to Perrin but he loses control so there’s an E1, I guess I saw that differently, it’s 5-4 Ream on the restart. 45 seconds left. Ream shoots in but Perrin does a good job of scrambling and comes out on top for his own T2! And that’s the period, Perrin leads 6-5.

2nd: So Schwab wanted riding time reviewed they started to but then didn’t, so he was warned. Perrin goes neutral to start the 2nd. Ream with a shot, Perrin stuffs it, then gets in on a single leg and switches to a double for the T2. 8-5 he leads. Ream gets the E1, 45 seconds left in the second. Ream in on a single leg and gets the T2. OOB restart tied 8-8. Perrin up but Ream takes him back down, to the 3rd we go

3rd: Ream goes down to start the period. he’s up and out pretty quick, so he leads 9-8. Ream is pretty tired it looks to me, Perrin with an outside single leg try but they stalemate out. Now Ream with a single leg, elevates and gets the T2, he leads 11-8 with RT. Ream has both legs in and is looking to turn Perrin, but can’t get it done before time runs out.

Match Score: Ream wins 12-8
Team score: NDSU leads 11-6

Casey’s question of the night (for a free Large pizza!): What’s your most memorable UNI dual win at home? Tell us in the comments section for your chance to win a free pizza from Casey’s!

157: Witte (UNI) vs Kyle Gliva (NDSU)
1st: Alright so Steiert not going tonight, Witte is in for UNI. Tie-ups to start, not a lot there for either guy, and neither guy taking a shot really. Witte with an inside trip attempt but nothing as Gliva backpedals OOB. They center again, but just tie up and break as we go to the second.

2nd: Someone is missing their keys in the arena. Glive is down to start, and he gets up and out in 10 seconds, so Witte trails 1-0 but Witte in on a single leg and he finishes it for the T2! He leads 2-1 and Gliva was warned for stalling as well. OOB restart, Witte riding tough with both legs in and nearly gets him turned, but he gets too high and Glive gets the E1. 2-2 tied under a minute left. Glive with a half shot, nothing and we go to the third.

3rd: Witte down to start, he’s up and out right away, 3-2. They tie up and break a couple times, some shots by both but nothing hits. 1 minute left and Glive is in on a single leg and gets the T2 and leads 4-3. And now he gets the NF 4 with a half, it’s 8-3 with Witte still in control. PD called with 10 seconds, restart Witte is up but back down and that’s it.

Match Score: Glive wins 8-3
Team score: NDSU leads 14-6

165: Taylor Berger (UNI) vs Grant Nehring (NDSU)
1st:Berger with a low pick and gets it and gets the T2 early on, that was a really nice ankle pick for Berger. Berger riding well with a claw, but cuts Nehring. 2-1. Nehring with a snap down and nearly gets behind Berger as they go OOB. Restart, Berger with another ankle pick from a mile away and somehow gets it and the T2. 4-1 with under a minute left. Nehring up and out, 4-2 with 30 seconds left, not much as we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Berger down to start, he’s up and out quickly, 5-2 he leads. Berger in on a sweep single but Nehring sits down and they stalemate out. 30 seconds left, Nehring with a nice arm drag but can’t get anything out of it and that’s it. Not a lot of action (obviously) in the 2nd.

3rd:Nehring starts down, Berger has RT so he cuts him early on, it’s 5-3 Berger leads. Nearing in on single leg but Berger does a good job of passing through and snagging a leg of his own, stalemate. Restart, warning for stalling on Berger, that’s a weird stall call as they didn’t go OOB or anything, but we continue. Nearing working for…something…he’s working some snap downs but not really taking any shots, and now he goes for a single leg but Berger passes through again for a leg and holds on for the 6-3 win

Match score: Berger wins 6-3
Team score: 14-9 NDSU leads

174: Kyle Lux (UNI) vs Tyler McNutt (NDSU)
1st: Lux with a single leg and snags it, he gets McNutt on his butt eventually but they stalemate out. Restart, and Lux comes out with a single leg and gets behind for the T2. 2-0 he leads, McNutt stands up, rolls and gets the R2, 2-2 as they go OOB. Lux on bottom, he tries to roll, nothing, McNutt riding tough, working for back points but Lux rolls through again, they’re nearly OOB and there’s a stalemate. 15 seconds left but Lux can’t get out, 2-2 to the second

2nd: McNutt down to start, Lux looking to tilt but can’t quite get there. Lux now gets way too high and McNutt simple pops his head out for the R2. 4-2 Lux trails. Restart, Lux flatten out on his belly, Lux warned for stalling and McNutt rides him out. 4-2 to the 3rd.

3rd: McNutt with a shot, nothing, now Lux with a shot, nothing. McNutt with a deep underhook and nearly puts Lux on his back but Lux fights out, stalemate. Luz with a shot off the restart, under a minute left, another single leg try but he can’t get there, stalemate again. 15 seconds left but Lux can’t get another shot to go.

Match score: McNutt wins 5-2
Team score: 17-9 NDSU

184: Drew Foster (UNI) vs #4 Hayden Zillmer (NDSU)
1st:Foster with a deep single leg for 2 off the whistle, he leads 2-0 as they go OOB. Zillmer with a little limp as they go back to center, caution on Zillmer, just kidding no call there. E1 for Zillmer. 2-1. Zillmer with a go by to the single leg and trips him down for the T2, 3-2 he leads. Foster gets the E1 and goes right back in on a sgbnle leg but Zillmer does a great job of passing through and gets the T2, it’s 5-3 Zillmer leads. 1:25 left on a restart, man it looked like Zillmer moved early again. Foster gets the E1, 5-4. Under a minute left now and Zillmer with an outside single again and trips Foster down for the T2 on the edge. 7-4 Zillmer leads, restart, Zillmer has a cradle locked up and gets the NF4 but no fall. 11-5 as Foster gets up and out, Foster in on a ginned leg again but Zillmer has another cradle locked up but can’t get anything with it except the T2. End of the first 13-5 Zillmer leads.

2nd: Zillmer down, he’s up and out in 6 seconds. 14-5 he leads. Zillmer with a blast double leg for the T2, 16-5, he has RT now too. He cuts Foster, 16-6. Foster warned for stalling, so he shoots Zillmer off the edge and Zillmer warned for stalling. Restart, blast double again for Zillmer, T2 for him, E1 for Foster, single leg for Zillmer and it’s 20-7 going to the 3rd.

3rd: Foster goes neutral to start, he dives in for an ankle, Zillmer works around him to stand up, natural again. Zillmer with a single leg try and he gets the T2, so he’ll win 23-7 with RT

Match score: Zilmer wins, 23-7
Team score: 22-9 NDSU leads

197: Cody Krumwiede (UNI) vs Logan Paxton (NDSU)
1st: Not a lot of action, just hand fighting and tie-ups. Krum looks quite a bit taller than Paxton, just an observation. Tie ups again, not a lot going on, Paxton with a single leg, he elevates it but can’t finish and Krum gets out, good job by the Panther there. 45 seconds left, no other action and we go to the second.

2nd: Bloodtime before we start. We get that taken care of and Paxton starts down, caution on Krum. Paxton with a roll, but Krum with a claw ride and gets a one count, and they go OOB. Restart, Krum still riding tough, he has RT as Paxton gets out, 1-0 Paxton leads. Again not much else happens and we go to the third.

3rd: Krum is down to start, he can’t get out before RT is erased, 1-1 RT not a factor. They tie up with 1:20 left, I don’t think Krum has taken a shot this match. Paxton with a double leg try from too far away, and then Krum scrambles out and nearly gets a T2 on the edge but the official says they’re OOB, Schwab is challenging. The call on the mat stands, 15 seconds left. No shots and we go to sudden victory

Sudden Victory: Paxton with a shot, Krum tries for a front headlock but nothing, they stand up. Now Krum with underhooks in, but can’t get anything. Paxton with a single leg try, nothing. Paxton with a shot try, Krum warned for stalling!?!? I don’t understand that and now Krum with a cow catcher and gets the T2!! He’ll win 3-1! Wait NDSU is challenging now… but the call stands!

Match score: Krumwiede wins 3-1
Team score: NDSU leads 22-12

285: #16 Blaize Cabell (UNI) vs Ben Tynan (NDSU)
1st: Alright Tynan has bleach blonde hair, that’s not something you see every day. Cabell with a T2 on the edge, 2-0 restart. 2-1 as Cabell cuts him. Tie up, Cabell got a haircut it looks like, and he hits a sweep single for the T2. 4-1. Tynan E1, 4-2. 1 minute left, just tie ups, 30 seconds left, Tynan with a shot, missed everything, and neither man can do anything else.

2nd: Cabell down to start the 2nd, he’s up and out in one second. Cabell pushing the action a little now, snap, double leg try on the edge, OOB, still 5-2. Tynan warned for stalling. Cabell with a single leg try, but can’t finish. And that’s it.

3rd: Tynan is down to start, he’s up and out, 5-3. Cabell is pushing the action, but not really hitting a lot, as I say that he hits a single leg for the T2, and Tynan is up right away so it’s 7-4. Tynan trying to get to some offense going, but Cabell is too strong and too quick. Cabell with another single leg, nothing. Tynan with a shot try, nothing and that’s it.

Match score: Cabell wins 7-4
Final Team score: NDSU wins, 22-15.

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