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Pre-meet notes: Peters is still a go at 125 pounds. 141 pounds is a little up in the air after injuries, we’ll let you know who’s going as soon as we do
And we’re starting today at 125 pounds!

#23 Ohio University Bobcats vs Northern Iowa Panthers
125: #7 Dylan Peters (UNI) vs Shakur Laney (Ohio)

1st:Peters with a shot to start, but Laney counters into a single leg and gets behind for the T2, 2-0. OOB restart, and there are a lot of vocal Ohio fans behind me, that’s going to get annoying. Restart, Peters with a switch, nothing, Laney with a seatbelt but now Peters stands up hits the sitch and gets out. Peters with a single leg from a mile away and somehow holds onto Laney’s ankle, they stand up though, Now Peters with a duck under and takes Laney to his back for the NF2! It’s 5-2 Peters 1:40 left in the period. Peters riding tough, trying to work an arm over and he gets it, but Laney stands up but Peters forces him back down to the mat and gets the PINFALL!!!!!

Match score: Peters wins by pinfall in 1:55
Team score: UNI leads 6-0

133: #17 Josh Alber (UNI) vs #15 Cameron Kelly (Ohio)
1st: Wow that was exciting, now Alber and Kelly come out, Kelly with a quick double leg on the edge for the T2, OOB. Restart, Kelly works a tilt and gets the NF2, so he leads 4-0 now. Kelly riding tough, flattening Alber out, Alber not doing a whole lot on bottom, and a stalemate is called. Restart, Kelly with a tight seatbelt around Alber’s waste, kelly with a ton of pressure on Alber’s head, keeping him flat on his belly. That’s pretty much how they end it, it’s 4-0 Kelly going to the second.
2nd: Kelly down to start, Ohio coaches want an illegal start called, but nothing, caution Alber. Alber rides tough, little high but is working for NF points but nothing, they sit down Alber works a power half and nothing, Alber gets way too high though and Kelly is in on a single leg and nearly gets the R2 but nothing yet, Alber does a good job of fighting out of it and they go OOB. Kelly still down, Ohio unhappy, it’s weird to hear so much noise from a visiting team here. Caution on Kelly on the restart, Alber with a seatbelt, he’s erased riding time, Kelly to his base, hits a switch and stands but can’t get out, it’s a weird spot here, now Kelly back down to a tripod and that’s the period, 4-0 Kelly still leads.
3rd:Alber goes neutral to start, tie up, Kelly with a single leg but can’t finish, he shoots again he has it, Alber kicks once, nothing, again and he’s out. 4-0 still. 1 minute left. Alber with a duck under, nothing, Kelly pulling Alber nearly OOB, Alber with an udnerhoook, nothing Kelly with a single leg, can’t finish, 40 seconds left. Stalemate with 26 seconds left. Restart, Alber looking for something big, but Kelly with another single leg and gets the T2, Kelly wins it 6-0.
Match Score: Kelly wins 6-0
Team Score: UNI leads 6-3

141: Tyler Willers (UNI) vs Noah Forrider (Ohio)
1st: Willers comes out and tries to hit a single leg right off the bat but they go OOB. Restart, collar tie, Forrider shoots, but Willers does a good job of fighting it off, they go OOB scrambling. Restart, Willers with an underhook, nothing. Forbidder with a single leg, now they scramble again and stalemate. Restart, Forrider with a shot, nothing, Willers with and underhook but Forrider kind of shrugs him off and gets the T2 with a double. Forbidder leads 2-0 1 minute left in the period. Willers ends up rolling and nearly gets a R2 but they go OOB, as it is he has the E1, 2-1 restart. Forbidder hits a go-by and gets another T2. Willers tries rolling again but they go OOB. 21 seconds left. Restart, Willers sits but can’t quite get out, it’s 4-1 going to the second.
2nd: Forrider goes down to start, see rolls but Willers goes right with him, they go OOB. Restart, Forrider moved but no call. Forrider stands up but Willers pushes him OOB, stalling on Willers. Restart, Forrider up and out, 5-1 now but RT is back to under 30 seconds. Forrider with an underhook in but Willers clears it, collar tie, under one minute left. Collar ties still, Willers with a half shot, nothing, Forrider with a half shot, nothing. Ohio wants stalling on Willers, no call though. Willers goes across the body for a single leg as time expires but can’t get there, it’s 5-1 going to the 2nd.
3rd: Wilers tries rolling right off the bat, doesn’t work but tries again and gets out, 5-2 now. Forbidder with a whip over right away though, but Willers fights out, it’s 7-2 now and Forrider has RT. Willers sits out, 7-3. Willers with a shot, nothing, another and Forrider powers him over for the T2. 9-3, 9-4 after cutting him. Stalemate on the outside, 13 seconds left. Forbidder with a shot, nothing, they tie up, and that’s it.
Match Score: Forrider wins 10-4
Team score: Tied, 6-6

149: Adam Perrin (UNI) vs Cullen Cummings (Ohio)
1st: Cummings with a shot to start, nothing, Perrin in on a double leg and gets around for the T2! 2-0 Perrin leads, and now 2-1 as Cummings gets out. They tie up, not a whole lot here and they stalemate. Wilson with a single leg, but Perrin does a real nice job of kicking/spinning out twice to get away. Perrin with a sweep single try, but can’t get close enough and they stalemate. Restart, Perrin with a snap and go but Wilson stuffs him. Now Wilson nearly has a cradle locked up and the ref calls for the T2, but Perrin scoots out of it really fast, the crowd doesn’t want the T2 called, but as it stands now Perrin gets the E1, so it’s 3-3 with five seconds left and there’s the period. Schwab goes over the challenge the call after the period is over, which seems…odd. The call stands though, and Schwab was warned.
2nd: Wilson is down to start, Perrin returns him, but Wilson stands back up and is out anyway. Cummings leads 8-5 at end of the second. Sorry I missed some action there.
3rd: Cummings starts out on top, Perrin goes up but gets returned. Cummings working an arm, now PD is called. Restart, caution on Perrin, caution on Cummings. Everybody is unhappy right now. Start, Perrin up but back down, now scoots around for the E1. It’s 8-6 but Cummings has RT. Stalemate with 44 seconds left. Restart, Perrin with a shot but too far away, Cummings stuffs the head, front headlock and stalemate. Perrin snaps, tries a shot but Cummings stuffs the head and gets the T2 to end the match.
Match Score: Cummings 11-6
Team score: Ohio leads 9-6

157: #20 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Spartak Chino (Ohio)

1st:Alrighty so I missed the first big flurry of action, Steiert took a shot but Chino scrambled well out of it. Restart, Steiert working on the head but Chino does a good job getting under him and nearly gets a T2 but Steiert fights out of it somehow. They break, tie up again, break. Steiert ties to pummel in but Steiert won’t let him. Steiert with three or four snap downs in a row, but nothing. Chino looks to be quite a bit taller than Steiert if that matters, it probably doesn’t. Now now Steiert with a deep double leg but Chino with a cartwheel or something to fight out of it, end of the period.
2nd: Chino goes down, Steiert puts on a ride with a lot of forward pressure, Chino to a tripod, but Steiert forces him back down. Now Steiert with an armbar, trying to work him over… but can’t. Stalling on bottom. Now Steiert trying to tilt him over, but can’t get that there either. Steiert rides him out, 0-0 to the third.
3rd: Steiert goes down to start, he’s up and out in three seconds. He leads 1-0 and has RT. Steiert still working heavy on Chino’s head. Steiert with a blast double and puts Chino down for the T2 but no it’s waved off, that’s a bad call. Stalemate and that’s a bad call too as Steiert was still working. Restart, 30 seconds left, Chino hasn’t taken a shot this period, there’s a half shot, they tie up, Chino with a single but too far away and that’s the period.
Match Score: Steiert wins 2-0
Team score: Tied at 9

165: #13 Cooper Moore (UNI) vs Austin Reese (Ohio)
1st: Alrighty Moore up now, they tie up, Moore forces him down to the mat, stalemate…for some reason. Reese doing a good job keeping Moore away, as I say that they tie up, Moore with a snap, nothing. Moore heavy on the head again, break. Moore with a half shot, nothing, another, nothing. 1:40 left. Pretty much more of the same, they tie up and break. Now Moore with a single leg and gets around for the T2, 2-0. 30 seconds left, Reese up to his base, Moore with a claw ride and they go OOB. Restart, caution on Moore, that’s not a good call. Moore flattens him out again, but now Reese is up but Moore snags a leg to make sure he doesn’t get away, 2-0 Moore leads to the 2nd.
2nd: Moore is down, caution Reese. Start again, Moore up and out quick. They tie up, break, Moore with a head fake, nothing, whistle for interlocking fingers. Restart, Reese with a duck under try, nothing. Moore with a shot, nothing. 1 minute left. Moore with an ankle pick try, stall on Reese. Moore working the head, break. 30 seconds left. Reese with a shot, too far away, Moore content to leave it there, to the third.
3rd: Reese goes down to start, Moore with a nice seatbelt ride to get RT, then releasees him. Moore with a nice double leg off of a reshot, he gets the T2 to take a 5-1 lead. Moore riding tough again, but eventually cuts Reese, Moore works in on the head again, but can’t get another shot in. He wins it 6-2
Match score: Moore 6-2
Team score: UNI Leads 12-9

174: Kyle Lux (UNI) vs #11 Cody Walters (Ohio)
1st: Wow some FAST action to start, Walters with a blast double to start but Lux rolls though, a T2 was called for Walters but they scramble. On the break they review it, and wave off the initial T2, and put 2:47 on the clock. They’ll start neutral after Greenlee gets an explanation. Lux with a shot, nothing and they tie up to a stalemate. Restart, battling in, each guy wants control of the tie but can’t get there. Walters with a double leg try but Lux does a good job stuffing him, stalemate. Lux with a shot, but they stalemate out. Restart, they tie up again, 1 minute left. Lux with a shot try, now with a deep underhook, stalemate. Really fast stalemates in this match after the review. Lux with an outside single that nearly connects but doesn’t, and that’s the period. 0-0 to the second
2nd:Walters on bottom to start, two cautions to start the period, Schwab says it’s on the official. Walters is rolling like crazy, Lux nearly gets NF points, but Walters is up and out. Lux takes a shot, nothing. Stall warning on Walters, and now we have blood time for Lux. After blood time, Lux with a shot, can’t finish, now Walters in deep on a single, he gets around and nearly gets two but Lux does a great job to stay on top and turn in, he’s working to turn around all the way but can’t get there and THERE he gets it but NO CALL!! People are unhappy about that one. There’s 12 seconds left in the period as we get more blood time for Lux. Restart, and that’s the period.
3rd: Lux goes neutral to start, ties up, tries a trip but is too far away, Now he’s in on an outside single, he’s in deep but they stalemate out. That was a good shot fro Lux, Walters looks tired, and he has a stall warning against him. Walters with a shot, too far away, 45 seconds left. They battle on the edge, but Lux doesn’t shoot to draw the stall, Walters with a shot, nothing, Lux pushing the pace now, but not shooting. They back OOB stall on Lux, and that’s the period. Lux lost that by not taking a shot
Match score: Walters won 1-0
Team score: Tied 12-12

184: Drew Foster (UNI) vs Andrew Romanchik (Ohio)
1st: Mostly ties to start, then Romanchik ties a go-by but can’t get around and they go OOB. Restart, still not much action until Romanchik goes in for a single leg, but they eventually run OOB before he can score. Greenlee calls the officials, “homers,” for what that’s worth. Restart, Foster with a shot, now Romanchik is heavy on Foster’s head, but that’s the period.
2nd: Romanchik is down to start, and he’s up, but Foster follows him and they go OOB. Restart, caution on Romanchik. Romanchik tries to roll, nothing, again but this time he nearly gets caught on his back but they go OOB. Restart, Romanchik to a tripod, Foster brings him back down, Foster has RT but Romanchik got out and then backs OOB but no stall call. 1-0 Romanchik leads with under a minute to go, no other action as we go to the third.
3rd: Foster goes neutral to start, he has RT and Romanchik leads 1-0 so it’s essentially tied. Romanchik with a shot but Foster with a reshot and nearly gets the T2 but Romanchik gets it somehow even though I think they’re still neutral. Stalemate, restart, caution on Romanchik I think that’s his second. Romanchik riding tough, but Foster fights up and out to put it 3-1 and Foster is in on shot RIGHT away but they stalemate out that was close. Restart Foster with a shot nothing, Stalling on Romanchik, and again so it’s 3-2 but Romanchik wins 3-2.
Match score: Romanchik wins 3-2
Team score: Ohio leads 15-12

197: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs #19 Phil Wellington (Ohio)
1st: They’re staying away from each other to start, lots of fakes by both guys, some hands to the face about halfway through the period, Wellington takes a shot, but Bartel stuffs him. Bartel with half a shot, they’re really getting heavy shots with the hands in. They tie up, 1 minute left. Bartel with an outside single, nothing. Not a lot of action as they mostly snap down, but no shots, to the 2nd.
2nd: Bartel is down to start the period, he’s up and out in 15 seconds, he leads 1-0, but Wellington with a single leg in deep and gets around of the T2, 2-1 he leads. Bartel gets the E1 though before they go OOB, 2-2, restart. Bartel with a heavy left hand, they tie up, he tries a shot, nothing, again, nothing. Again and he nearly gets a leg but Wellington gets around for his own T2, 4-2 he leads to the third.
3rd: They trade cautions to start, Wellington is down to start, Bartel goes heavy on Wellington’s head, but he tripods upend gets out. 5-2, RT not a factor. Bartel with some head fakes and a half shot but they tie up. Wellington with a shot, nothing, again but Bartel fights him off well. They tie up, under a minute to go. Bartel gets around him lifts and dumps him for the T2, Wellington is back up but isn’t in a hurry to get the escape, but there Bartel cuts him, he can’t get another takedown though with short time left, so he drops the match.
Match score: Wellington 6-4
Team score: Ohio leads 18-12

285: #15 Blaize Cabell (UNI) vs Jesse Webb (Ohio)
1st: I join you about halfway though the first period, but it’s a typical dominate Cabell match, he’s got three T2’s already and it’s 6-3. Webb has been warned for staling too. Cabell with an ankle pick and another T2. 8-3. Fans want a half nelson form Cabell but he’s not listening or can’t hear them. He rides Webb out, it’s 8-3 to the 2nd.
2nd: Webb is down to start, Blaize pretty much cuts him, another ankle pick for T2 makes it 10-4, E1 makes it 10-5. 40 seconds left in the period, Cabell with a blast double of rT2, 12-5, now he’s working an arm, but can’t get it, Webb literally hasn’t done anything on bottom, stall on him. 13-5 now. Ohio coach is warned for questioning the referee, not sure what that was about. To the 3rd.
3rd: Cabell down to start, he’s up and out, now a T2, cut, and T2 and cut, makes and T2 and cut makes it 20-7 and we’ve broken the scoreboard. E1 for Webb makes it 20-8. Cabell with a T2, E1, 22-9, T2 again makes it 24-9 for the tech fall.
Match score: Cabell wins 25-9
Final Team score: Ohio wins, 18-17

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  1. I’m reading everywhere that the final score was 18-17, but wasn’t it 18-16? Cabell’s tech fall didn’t have back points, right?

    1. They got rid of criteria for tech falls during the off season, so there’s only the five point tech fall now

      1. Thanks. Goes to show how little I’ve followed the season, outside of JUST following UNI all year.

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