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Dual Preview

Pre-meet notes: Carton/Ryan and Paddock/Rhoads at 165 the only weights with more than one starter listed for the Hawks.

Starting the dual at 125

125: #2 Thomas Gilman (IA) vs #18 Sean McCabe

1st: Gilman comes out and he’s pulling the head, working snaps now, lots of good pressure taking McCabe out, ref calls stalling on McCabe off the restart Gilman hits a single and gets the TD and cuts him right away, another Gilman TD and escape for McCabe. Gillman in again right away on a single and just about puts McCabe on his back until he bailed out 6-2. McCabe to his feet, Gilman can’t return as they go out of bounds, off the whistle Gilman cuts him, 1:12 to go, Gilman lots of pressure, backs him out and gets another stall call on McCabe, 7-3, Gilman in on another single, trying to come out the back door and it gets stalemated. Gilman in on another single off the whistle gets the takedown with :13 to go and gets the rideout. His RT is at :54, 9-3 Gilman

2nd: McCabe takes down, Gilman baits him into a stand up and tries a headlock but didn’t have it tight enough, this time Gilman just gives the escape, 9-4, Gilman coming hard after McCabe backs him out of bounds for another stall call, 10-4 Gilman. Under one minute Gilman working his snaps, now in on a single, has McCabe on his seat trying to come around to get behind to finish the TD and gets it 12-4 with :25 to go. Gilman finishes the ride out, McCabe never gets off his knees.

3rd: Gilman takes down, gets to his feet, McCabe pulls Gilman down for a return, Gilman back to his feet and they run out of bounds. Gilman still underneath has 1:20 RT, gets to his feet, Stall call on McCabe for not being able to return, McCabe hanging on the leg, but its called potentially dangerous with Gilman’s knee being at an awkward angle. Restart Gilman to his feet and out, he doesn’t have RT now with 1 to go. McCabe in on a single, but Gilman muscles out, Gilman with a takedown and cuts McCabe, another takedown Gilman, another escape McCabe, another takedown Gilman, happening so fast. Gilman finishes it

Match score: Gilman tech 21-6

Team score: 5-0 Iowa

133: #3 Cory Clark (IA) vs #17 Anthony Giraldo

1st: Cory trying the two on one, but it’s not there so he is wisely not forcing them tonight. Giraldo now working a two on one of his own, but Clark breaks out of it. Giraldo in on a single, but it gets stalemated.1:30 to go, Cory trying to snap the head of Giraldo, and Giraldo gets a two on one, they both go to their knees before Clark works out. Clark in on a shot and Giraldo able to reshot and brings a single to his feet, trying to get Clark off balance, but Clark doing a good job, Giraldo tries a trip and reaches for the far ankle and misses. Giraldo pulls the leg back up and able to finish a TD with under :15 left.

2nd:2-0 for Giraldo, Clark starts down. Giraldo with a lot of forward pressure, but Clark able  to get out pretty quick, 2-1. Clark in a front headlock with Giraldo on the edge, they go out and Giraldo warned for stalling. Clark able to get around for his takedown with 1:00 to go in second. Clark bellies him out. Giraldo not doing much underneath and is hit for stalling, now Clark leads 4-2 at the end of the period.

3rd: Giraldo takes neutral and gets in on a shot on Clark, they get into a scramble and Clark is able to come out on top after some rolling around. Clark riding on top and now he picks up 4 NF on a tile. He leads 10-2, Clark looking for more near fall.

Match Score: Clark major 11-2

Team score: 9-0 Iowa

141: Topher Carton (IA) vs #3 Anthony Ashnault

1st: It’s Carton. Ashnault working a two on one, but lets it go. Carton tries to get some offense going with a shot, but Ashnault moves out of it. Carton takes a shot, but Ashnault reshot and he gets the takedown, Carton to his feet, Ashnault returns him and he has the wrist and gets a turn to Carton’s back for four. 6-0 Ashnault. Carton to his feet and starts working for hand control, Ashnault able to return, Carton gets out and Ashnault working a shot, but Carton has an underhook and period ends with no more score. 6-1 Ashnault.

2nd: Ashnault  starts down and Carton riding tough, Ashnault currently with :25 RT. Ashnault stringing together some moves underneath, but Carton doing a good job of following. Carton throws a leg in and is trying to flatten Ashnault out. Working a powerhalf now with Ashnault flattened out, Ashnault warned for stalling for not working on bottom. Now Ashnault gets to his base, Carton working to flatten on the edge where they go out. :16 left, Carton with :56 RT. Caution on Ashnault. Second caution on Ashnault. Carton throws the leg off the whistle, Ashnault to his feet whistled potentially dangerous. Ashnault trying to work to his feet, Carton gets a little high, and ref awards Ashnault with an escape. Head offical Mike Allen behind us says Carton did lose control.

3rd: Starts neutral, Ashnault leads 7-1. Carton in on a shot and Ashnault working to create a scramble, Carton able to keep his positioning and come all the way around for a takedown. Cuts Ashnault 8-3 with :22 to go, Ashnault with a shot and Carton tries stuffing the head for a go behind but its stalemated. Period ends

Match Score:Ashnault 8-4 (Carton had RT)

Team score: 9-3 Iowa

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen (IA) vs Tyson Dippery

1st: Sorensen in a front headlock :15 in, Dippery blocks Sorensen off and they are back to their feet. Sorensen reeeeally pulling on the head of Dippery. Drops down grabs the ankle and it’s a Sorensen takedown and cuts him, another single to takedown for Sorensen. Sorensen spins around out front to cut Dippery, 4-2, Sorensen in on the single again for a takedown with 1:00 to go. Dippery warned for stalling on bottom, Sorensen digging an arm out, but it slips out. He bellies Dippery out and looking for a ball and chain, but Dippery gets back to his base. Period ends 6-2 Sorensen.

2nd: Sorensen starts down and gets up to his feet, but Dippery able to return him. They go out. Sorensen started period with 1:30 RT, Sorensen tries a sitout, Dippery has to hold on to a side headlock and gets counted for five, stalling on Dippery, that’s a point Sorensen. Sorensen tries a sit out this time hes out on his feet and leads 8-2 with over 1:00 to go. Sorensen takes a shot and finishes on the edge, TD and a 10-2 lead, :35 to go, but he doesn’t have RT anymore. Sorensen bellies out Dippery, finishes the rideout, just about gets a tilt at the end of the period. 10-2 lead with 1:29 RT.

3rd: They start on their feet, Sorensen in on a single off the whistle, trying to work a fall just about plants Dippery’s shoulders before Dippery bails and gives up the TD. Sorensen cuts him and it’s 12-3 Sorensen with some quick takedowns, he leads 19-6 with :25 to go. Another takedown on the edge finishes the TF

Match Score: 22-6 Tech fall for Sorensen

Team score: 14-3 Iowa

157: Edwin Cooper Jr. (IA) vs #17 Richie Lewis

1st: Cooper comes out strong and has a takedown in :12 seconds and they go out of bounds. Off the restart Cooper is riding tough, Lewis getting to his feet, but Cooper is returning, they start back in the center after they go out. More stand ups for Lewis, but Cooper now over 1:00 RT. Cooper warned for stalling with :46 to go. Not much action other than Cooper holding Lewis down. Lewis gets to his feet and Cooper has to cut him.  Cooper with 2:11 RT and a 2-1 lead.

2nd: Lewis starts down. Cooper rides for a bit, but Lewis gets to his feet and Cooper has to cut, now tied 2-2.  1:00 left in the period. Good action by Cooper going for a shot, Lewis tries a reshot, but Cooper able to get his footing back. Cooper backs Lewis out, no stall call – Mike Allen agrees with the call. Cooper tries another shot with short time that Lewis fights off, still tied 2-2.

3rd: Cooper starts down. Caution Cooper. Cooper tries working up, gets to his feet, trying to break the hands, Cooper tries to spin out, Lewis hit for lock hands and they go out. 3-2 Cooper lead. Cooper up and out with 1:30 to go. He has a 4-2 lead with 2:07 RT. Lewis in on a single on the edge of the mat he reaches and grabs the far ankle to tie the match 4-4. 1:12 to go. Caution Cooper. Cooper trying to work to his feet, but Lewis returns. Cooper back to his feet, Lewis switches to a single, stalling on Lewis for not returning but they go out. :38 to go, Cooper needs to get out to win, RT can be erased. Cooper to his feet and Lewis cuts him, 5-4 with :20 to go. Lewis tries to come with an underhook, Cooper backs away for the win.

Match Score: 6-4 decision Cooper

Team score: 17-3 Iowa

165: Patrick Rhoads (IA) vs #12 Anthony Perrotti

1st: Perrotti in on a shot :30 in, Rhoads tries to grab an ankle to create a scramble, but Perrotti finishes for 2 and then cuts Rhoads. 2-1 Perrotti with 1:58 to go. Blood time for Rhoads. High crotch attempt for Perrotti, Rhoads steps out, Perrotti reshot double and Rhoads walks right into it Takedown. Perrotti trying to get a tilt, gets a one count, but nothing else. 1:11 left, more blood time for Rhoads. Rhoads gets out, trails 2-4. Snap by Rhoads, Perrotti tries to come in for a shot, Rhoads had an underhook and was close to getting Perrotti in a throw. Period ends 4-2 Perrotti

2nd: Perrotti starts down, and works out for an escape, Rhoads in on a shot and switches into a double, lifts Perrotti for a takedown. He bellies Perrotti out. Rhoads trying to work a half but gets a stalemate. Perrotti gets an escape off the restart, Perrotti gets in on Rhoads’s ankle, Rhoads hoists Perrotti over and gets out of trouble. Period ends 6-4 Perrotti RT :07 for Rhoads.

3rd: Rhoads starts down, comes to his feet and spins out it’s 5-6, Rhoads in on a single, trying to come out the back door, now Perrotti has a leg and they are in a scramble going back and forth, Perrotti comes out on top for takedown 8-5 lead for Perrotti with :30 to go. Rhoads trying to come up and out, but Perrotti stays behind and gets warned for stalling for not returning but they go out. Perrotti warned for stalling, Rhoads with an escape, but Perrotti wins

Match score: 8-7 decision Perrotti

Team score: 17-6 Iowa

174: #3 Alex Meyer (IA) vs Phillip Bakuckas

1st: Half shot by Bakuckas the only real action through the first minute. Now a shot by Bakuckas and he has the leg, but Meyer circles around out of it and they are back on their feet. 1:22 to go. Ref stalemates with 1:03 to go, not much action other than collar ties thus far. Meyer in on an ankle Bakuckas tries to kick away, but Meyer hangs on, trying to catch the far ankle, Meyer finally finishes for  the takedown and it’s 2-0 with :23 for Meyer.

2nd: Bakuckas starts down, Meyer riding tough, just about  got some near fall points when Bakuckas got sloppy. Meyer gives up an escape and leads 2-1 with 1:12 RT with :50 to go. Meyer working some underhooks, and pulling on the head, but nothing for score after the escape.

3rd: Meyer starts down. He is up and out in :05, he has 1:07 RT and a 3-1 lead. Meyer in a single and Bakuckas tries kicking away again, but this time Meyer able to get on top of him right away for the TD. Meyer cuts, 5-2 lead 1:07 to go. Bakuckas with a shot, Meyer stuffs to a front headlock, gets around for the leg and finishes another takedown, cuts Bakuckas. Bakuckas warned for stalling. Match ends.

Match score: 8-3 decision Meyer

Team score: 20-6 Iowa

184: #8 Sammy Brooks (IA) vs Nicholas Gravina

1st: Sammy comes out like a bull and Gravina able to slip off to a side headlock and hooks the inside ankle for an early takedown. Brooks trying to work a reversal, but they stalemate. Brooks hits a stand up off the whistle and finally gets out. 2-1 Gravina, he has :51 RT with 1:40 to go. Two on one for Brooks and he drops down tries to grab an ankle, but Gravina sprawls out. Brooks looking for big points with a throw, but gets a slide by for a takedown with just over :30 left in the period. Gravina to his feet and Brooks hits a big return to the mat. Brooks finishes the period up 3-2, RT is :06 for Gravina

2nd: Brooks starts down, Brooks hit with a caution. Restart Gravina throws both legs in and now has Brooks bellied out. Brooks working back up and it gets stalemated. Brooks up to his feet, Gravina able to bring him back down quickly before he could get all the way up. Brooks bellied out again, Brooks warned for stalling. Gravina putting a ton of pressure on to the top of Brooks and has both legs in, Brooks hit for stalling again and Gravina gets a point. There was :03 left when the call came.

3rd: Gravina starts down and has 2:00 RT, Brooks lets him up and is into a shot right away. He trails 4-3. Brooks finishes the takedown for two, Brooks going suicide tilt and gets a four huge near fall points. Goes up 9-4 with :40 left and then left Gravina up for an escape. Now 9-5 Brooks. Gravina on a single. Brooks slips out and gets a takedown with short time to finish.

Match score: 11-5 Brooks decision

Team score: 23-6 Iowa

197:  #4 Nathan Burak (IA) vs Hayden Hrymack

1st: Burak immediately into a two on one hold, Hrymack slips out. now a high crotch attempt for Hrymack, but Burak blocks it off, 2:00 to go. Burak in on a single, brings it to his feet, Hrymack trying to put his foot down, Burak trying to shelf the leg to bring it up for the trip. They are close to the edge so Burak trying to circle Hrymack around too. Gets Hrymack back into the center of the mat and drops the leg. 1:00 to go. Period ends no score.

2nd: Hrymack starts down, he gets up to his feet and is out. Burak rode for :09. 1-0 Hrymack. Burak in on a inside single and finishes for 2, now 2-1 Burak. Burak bellies Hrymack out on a restart, trying to roll Hrymack’s wrists under. Burak finishes the rideout. 2-1 lead, 1:44 RT for Burak

3rd: Burak starts down. Burak out on his feet and out in :11, front headlock for Burak and he reaches for a leg, Hrymack grabs a leg to create a scramble and it’s whistled a potentially dangerous. Back on their feet with 1:00 to go. Burak with a 3-1 lead. Burak high crotch for the takedown and leads 5-1. Finishes the rideout.

Match score: 6-1 decision Burak

Team score: 26-6 Iowa

285: Sam Stoll (IA) vs #6 Billy Smith

1st: Stoll comes out to Darth Vader’s theme song again. Smith drops for a shot and Stoll backs out into a bear hug, but Smith able to back out otf that. Both guys moving well early. Stoll trying to work some snaps on Smith’s head, now with a lot of pressure trying to back Smith out, Smith circles in and tries to do the same. Ref calls action, no stall call. Stoll trying to work a two on one, Smith trying to back out of it. Stoll tries another bear hug, Smith backing away. Period ends scoreless.

2nd: Smith starts down, he is out early (:04), Stoll coming with another bear hug and Smith backing away. Crowd wants stalling for Smith backing away. Back to the center. Both guys trying to hammer the head working snaps. Stoll has had some real solid positioning so far. Another bear hug for Stoll, Smith backs out and Stoll warned for stalling for pushing Smith out.

3rd: Curt Frost (the ref) getting booed pretty good. Stoll starts on bottom, Stoll gets to his feet and is out. Smith has :09 RT, but it’s tied 1-1. Not much action, lots of moving each other’s heads. Period ends match tied.

SV1: Stoll trying to work inside position, Smith warned for stallaing, he takes a shot, Stoll stuffs he head for 2!

Match score: 3-1 SV for Stoll

Team score: 29-6 Iowa

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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