125: #2 Thomas Gilman (IA) vs #18 Sean McCabe

1st: Gilman comes out and he’s pulling the head, working snaps now, lots of good pressure taking McCabe out, ref calls stalling on McCabe off the restart Gilman hits a single and gets the TD and cuts him right away, another Gilman TD and escape for McCabe. Gillman in again right away on a single and just about puts McCabe on his back until he bailed out 6-2. McCabe to his feet, Gilman can’t return as they go out of bounds, off the whistle Gilman cuts him, 1:12 to go, Gilman lots of pressure, backs him out and gets another stall call on McCabe, 7-3, Gilman in on another single, trying to come out the back door and it gets stalemated. Gilman in on another single off the whistle gets the takedown with :13 to go and gets the rideout. His RT is at :54, 9-3 Gilman

2nd: McCabe takes down, Gilman baits him into a stand up and tries a headlock but didn’t have it tight enough, this time Gilman just gives the escape, 9-4, Gilman coming hard after McCabe backs him out of bounds for another stall call, 10-4 Gilman. Under one minute Gilman working his snaps, now in on a single, has McCabe on his seat trying to come around to get behind to finish the TD and gets it 12-4 with :25 to go. Gilman finishes the ride out, McCabe never gets off his knees.

3rd: Gilman takes down, gets to his feet, McCabe pulls Gilman down for a return, Gilman back to his feet and they run out of bounds. Gilman still underneath has 1:20 RT, gets to his feet, Stall call on McCabe for not being able to return, McCabe hanging on the leg, but its called potentially dangerous with Gilman’s knee being at an awkward angle. Restart Gilman to his feet and out, he doesn’t have RT now with 1 to go. McCabe in on a single, but Gilman muscles out, Gilman with a takedown and cuts McCabe, another takedown Gilman, another escape McCabe, another takedown Gilman, happening so fast. Gilman finishes it

Match score: Gilman tech 21-6

Team score: 5-0 Iowa