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Dual Preview

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart

125: #4 Thomas Gilman vs. Mitch Brinkman
1st: Gilman literally has scored 16 points in 1:30. Sorry not lying I can’t keep up. Gilman up 18-5 and gets the fall in 1:25.

Final score: Gilman wbf 1:25

Team Score: Hawks 6-0

133: #3 Cory Clark vs. Terrell Pampkin
1st: Clark in on quick single up TD2. Clark traps the far arm for a quick tilt to get NF4. Clark releases and score is now 6-1. Clark gets the fall in 2:32

Final score: Clark wbf 2:32
Team Score: Hawks 12-0

141: Logan Ryan vs Kohl Wheeler 
1st: Logan Ryan hits a low single for TD2. Release from Ryan and gets another TD2. 4-2 after release. Ryan in on double and sneaks out the back door for another TD2. 6-2 after the 1st period with 1:32 riding time.

2nd: Ryan chooses down and gets escape and TD2. Couple more releases and TD2’s to make it 13-5. Ryan in control. Ryan gets the fall in 4:52

Final score: Ryan wbf 4:52
Team Score: Hawks 18-0

149: #3 Brandon Sorensen vs Ryne Cokeley
1st: Sorensen in early TD2 and release 2-1 now. Cockily gets in on outside single but Sorensen defends with sprawl. TD2 Sorensen and release now 4-2 with :45 left in 1st. Sorensen in on low single and cuts across for TD2. 6-2 as they go out of bounds with :21 left. Sorensen has :50 riding time after 1st and leads 6-2.

2nd: Cokeley chooses down. Release from Sorensen and Sorensen gets a series of takedowns do push the score to 12-5 after 2nd. Racks ups 2:08 riding time.

3rd: Sorensen chooses down and gets escape and series of TD2’s. Another series of TD2’s to get the tech fall.

Final score: Sorensen tech fall 25-9
Team Score: Hawks 23-0

157: Skylar St. John vs Stephon Gray
1st: TD2 by SSJ and the crowd goes nuts for him. Release from SSJ and SSJ gets a TD2 and releases Gray to go up 4-2 with 1:30 left. 6-2 SSJ with 1:00 left. Working chicken wing but gets too far out front and gives up the reversal. Score is now 6-4. SSJ escapes 7-4 and in on another outside single to get the TD2. Score 9-4 after 1st.

2nd: Gray differs and SSJ goes down. Escape SSJ and gets quick TD2. 12-4 with 1:35 left. Going back to that arm bar chicken wing. Gray escape. SSJ establishes 1:13 of riding time. Gray hits a nice double leg at the end of 2nd to bring the match to 12-7 but SSJ escapes but erases the riding time point.

3rd: Gray chooses down. Escape Gray 13-8 and SSJ gets TD2 on an outside single and go behind. :45 left. Escape Gray and SSJ on a sweep single to the right for a TD2. 17-9 with :25 left. Stalling on Gray. SSJ wins the match 20-10. Wrestled tough imo

Final score: Skylar St. John 20-10
Team Score: Hawks 27-0

165: Burke Paddock vs Grant Sherman

1st: Paddock gets TD2 on reshot with 2:20 left in 1st. Escape Sherman but Paddock gets right in on another TD2. 4-1 and locks up the cradle. Paddock can’t get his chest low enough to get the fall. 8-1 after NF4. :30 left. Stalling warning on Sherman. Paddock leads 8-1 with 2:20 riding time after 1st.

2nd: Sherman chooses down. Paddock with trap arm tilt for multiple NF points to get the tech fall 18-1

Final score: Paddock tech fall 18-1
Team Score: Hawks 32-0

174: #6 Alex Meyer vs Armani Robinson

1st: Both wrestlers having trouble passing the hands. Meyer in on a outside single and gets the TD2 less than one minute left. Meyer working the claw ride from the right side. Robinson can’t get hand control. Period ends with Meyer :55 riding time.

2nd: Meyer chooses down. Sit out by Meyer in :13. 3-0 Meyer. Meyer touch and go outside single for TD2. Releases Robinson. 5-1 with :45 left in 2nd. Meyer in on another outside single and finishes it on the edge of the mat with :10 left in 2nd. 7-1 Meyer. Meyer establishes riding time 1:07

3rd: Robinson chooses down. Robinson escapes and in on shot right away. Meyer breaks the grip though and goes behind for TD2. 9-2 with 1:15 left. Meyer has arm bar up on Robinson’s back and will ride him out for the major with riding time 10-2.

Final score: Meyer major dec 10-2
Team Score: Hawks 36-0

184: #11 Sammy Brooks vs FORFEIT

Final score: FORFEIT
Team Score: Hawks 42-0

197: #4 Nathan Burak vs Kendrick Jones

1st: Slide by from Burak and almost puts Jones on his back. 2-0. Burak puts Jones on his back but can’t get the fall. NF4. Goes right back to it and gets the fall 2:14.

Final score: Burak fall 2:14
Team Score: Hawks 48-0

HWT: Sam Stoll vs Quelton Toliver
1st: Stoll goes upper body with Toliver on edge of mat. Both wrestlers pushing each other around. Tolliver warned for stalling. Stoll working double unders but can’t get them popped up for a shot. Toliver dinged for stalling. Stoll 1-0 with 1:55 left in first. Stoll drops down on edge of the mat for a double leg and gets TD2. 3-0 with 1:40 left. Stoll gets the fall in 1:50.


Final score: Stoll fall 1:50
Team Score: Hawks 54-0

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