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Dual Preview

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart

125: #4 Thomas Gilman vs. Scott Smith

1st: Gillman scored two takedowns in first :15 and then gets three more right away to go up 10-4. Working for the fall and gets it in 1:32

Final score: Gilman fall 1:32
Team Score: Hawks 6-0

133: #3 Cory Clark vs. Phil Opelt

1st: Clark TD2 with 2:00 left. Release and TD2 and puts Opeit in trouble.

2nd: Clarks with fall in 3:47

Final score: Clark fall 3:47
Team Score: Hawks 12-0

141: Logan Ryan vs Josh Martin

1st: Ryan in on quick TD2. Release and another TD2 and release from Ryan. 5-2 after stall call. TD2 Ryan and release and its 7-3

2nd: Ryan starts down. Escape Ryan and TD2 and release makes it 11-4. TD2 13-5 and another release and TD2 for 15-5. All these points with only :45 riding time.

3rd: Martin chooses down. Escape. TD2 by Ryan. Release and another TD2. With riding time Ryan wins 20-7

Final score: Ryan maj dec 20-7
Team Score: Hawks 16-0

149: #3 Brandon Sorensen vs Nathan Shank

1st: TD2 Sorensen. Escape Shank. TD2 Sorenesen with a suck back for NF4. 8-1. Close to the fall. Escape Shank 8-2 with 1:25 left in 1st. TD2 Sorensen and another release making it 10-3.

2nd: Series of TD2’s and NF4’s for Sorensen. He just gets the fall in 4:14

Final score: Sorensen fall 414
Team Score: 22-0

157: Edwin Cooper Jr. vs Aaron Engle

1st: Quick TD2 by Cooper. Release from Cooper and TD2 now with NF4 to make it 8-1 with 1:30 left in 1st. Cooper with the whip over for the fall in 2:40.
Final score: Cooper fall 2:40
Team Score: 28-0

165: Patrick Rhoads vs Michael Maksimovic

1st: TD2 Rhoads with 1:34 left in 1st. Escape from Maksimovic. High crotch from Rhoads and working double legs and power half on top. 4-2 with :25 left. 6-2 on late TD2.

2nd: Maksimovic chooses down. Caution on Rhoads. Maksimovic escapes. 6-3. TD2 Rhoads 8-3 and then another release from Rhoads and TD2 to make it 10-4. Have blood time Maksimovic. Escape Maksimovic and TD2 from Rhoads. 13-5 now and Rhoads in on low double to make it 15-5. Half nelson for the fall in 4:55.

Final score: Rhoads fall 4:55
Team Score: 34-0

174: #6 Alex Meyer vs Brian Cristion

1st: TD2 Meyer. Escape Cristion and TD2 for Meyer. Release and TD2 Meyer and series of NF2. 10-3 after 1st.

2nd: Meyer chooses down. Reversal Meyer 12-3 and establishes riding time and counting. Working the arm bar and now to a cradle. Releases cradle and goes to half for the fall in 4:02.

Final score: Meyer fall 4:02
Team Score: 40-0

184: #11 Sammy Brooks vs James Garrett

1st: Brooks wastes no time with TD2 and release. Back to the center. Ankle pic TD2 and release. 6-3. Another TD2 by Brooks and getting back points now. Slides in the half nelson and gets the fall in 2:31

Final score: Brooks fall 2:31
Team Score: Hawks 46-0

197: #4 Nathan Burak vs Ben Bergen

1st: Burak throws a headlock and gets the fall in :57 secs.

Final score: Burak fall :57
Team Score: 52-0

HWT: Sam Stoll vs Eric Tucker
1st: Another wrist control to the mat for a TD2 for Stoll. Tucker warned for stalling on bottom. Stoll running him over and get the fall.



Final score: Stoll fall 2:27
Team Score: 58-0

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