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Dual Preview

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart

125: #4 Thomas Gilman vs. Trayton Libolt
1st: Lots of circling around filling each other out. Gilman gets TD to go up 2-0. Release and another single leg to go up 4-1. Another release to TD to make it 6-2 with 1:00 left. Excape Libolt and another TD by Gilman to make it 8-3. Libolt dinged for staling :30. Gilman rides him out and gets a cheap tilt for NF4. 12-3 Gilman

2nd: Libolt differ. Gilman goes down and escapes in :20 and in on a quick shot for TD2. Baits him up and throws a headlock for the fall in 3:51.

FYI that was Gilman’s 50th career victory.

Final score: Gilman wbf 3:51
Team Score: 6-0

133: #3 Cory Clark vs. Juaquin Olivas
1st: Clark gets TD2. Heavy ride here by Clark. Has 1:55 riding time after 1st. Not much in 1st period.

2nd: Clark chooses down and gets out in :11 secs. TD2 by Clark on outside single. 1:25. Clark releases to make it 5-1. Olives warned for stalling. Clark in on a left outside single, elevates it to a tree topper and gets the TD2. 7-1 at the end of 2nd.

3rd: Olivas chooses down. Clark puts in the legs and brings out an arm bar. Having trouble getting him turned. Olivas hit for stalling to make it 8-1. Stalling again on Olivas 9-1. Clark wins 10-1

Final score: Clark wbd 10-1
Team Score: Hawks 10-0

141: Jake Kadel vs Uzo Owuama
1st: Owuama in on a nice shot off the whistle and gets TD2. Kadel head on the mat but escapes right after Owuama establishes riding time of 1:05. 2-1 with :25 left.

2nd: Owuama chooses down. Kadel digs left leg in but slips out and Owuama goes up 3-1 with 1:15 left. Kadel with reversal with :35 left. Works cheap tilts for NF2. UP 5-3 after 2nd period.

3rd: Kadel chooses down and escapes. Riding time not a factor. 6-3 Kadel. 1:00 in match. Kadel trying to pass the hands of Owuama but can’t. Owuama in on a reshot. Kadel able to hang on to ankle to hold off the shot.

Final score: Kadel 6-3
Team Score: Hawkeyes 13-0

149: #3 Brandon Sorensen vs Blake Monty
1st: Sorensen in early on a right outside single. Brings it up in between the legs. Trying to peak out the backdoor. Readjusts and comes out the side for TD2 at 1:10 mark. Escape Monty. Sorensen hits a slow double but gets it done TD2. 4-1 with 1:38 riding time.

2nd: Monty with quick escape. Sorensen with TD2 and release and gets another TD2 to make it 8-3 with :22. Sorensen working cheap tilts but can’t get the count at end of 2nd he leads 8-3.

3rd: Sorensen chooses down and gets out in :08. He has 2:16 riding time. 9-3 is the score. Needs another TD for major. Monty dinged for stalling as Sorensen in on a outside single and gets the TD2. 11-3 with 1:10 left. 11-4 is the score. :30 left and Sorensen gets a duck under for TD2. 13-4 and with riding time wins 14-4.

Final score: Sorensen maj dec 14-4
Team Score: Hawks 17-0

157: Edwin Cooper vs Chayse Jackson
1st: Cooper dives in for shot. Jackson sprawl back to feet. Cooper working front head lock from their feet. Releases and hits nice low double TD2. 2:15. Out of bounds for a restart. 1:40 left in 1st. Cooper releases Jackson and gets TD2 on edge of mat. 4-1 with 1:15 left. Back to the center. Cooper with a couple lift and returns for the ride out. He has 2:17 RT.

2nd: Jackson chooses down and gets escape in :20. 4-2 now. Cooper in on a single and gets TD2 with :40 left. 6-2. Another series of lift and returns for Cooper. Caution Cooper for false start. Cooper gets the ride out to push riding time to 3:28 to secure the extra point.

3rd: Cooper chooses down. Escape in :16. 7-2 score now. Cooper gets little lazy from feet and Jackson gets in on single but Cooper has heavy hips to fend it off. Cooper with a cow catcher at the end to win the match 10-2 with riding time.

Final score: Cooper 10-2
Team Score: Hawks 21-0

165: Patrick Rhoads vs Casey Larson

1st: Rhoads in on single TD2 and release for 2-1 with 2:00 left in 1st. Rhoads with TD2 and release for 4-2 score with 1:00 left. Larson warned for stalling. Roads keeping Larson’s butt on the edge. Pushes the action again and Larson gets dinged for stalling 5-2. Rhoads gets TD2 and end of period. 7-2.

2nd: Rhoads chooses down and escapes. 8-2 with 1:45 left. Gets two TD2’s to push it 12-3.

3rd: Rhoads just putting on takedown clinic now up 17-5. Two more TD2’s to get the tech fall!

Final score: Rhoads 21-5
Team Score: Hawks 26-0

174: #6 Alex Meyer vs  Kenny Moore

1st: Lots of hand fighting going on. No attempts by either wrestler in 1st period. Scoreless

2nd: Meyer chooses down. Finally some action with a reversal from Meyer. Crowd was falling asleep. Meyer working claw ride from right side and now has a deep arm bar. Meyer finishes second with 1:05 in riding time. 2-0 Meyer

3rd: Moore chooses neutral.  Meyer with a great pass by single to the left for a TD2. 4-0 with 1:10 left. Meyer releases 4-1 with :55 left. Meyer still on attacks and gets another TD2 with :20. Release and Moore gets in on a shot to hold on. 7-2 Meyer with riding time.

Final score: Meyer 7-2
Team Score: Hawks 29-0

184: #11 Sammy Brooks vs Austin Trujuillo

1st: Brooks with TD2 and cheap tilt for NF4. with 1:30 left in 1st. Escape Trujillo. 6-1 and Brooks with intense pressure on head and goes behind for another TD2 and releases. 8-2 with :50 left. Brooks TD2 10-2 and with an arm bar over the back gets another NF4. Almost pinned. 14-2 after 1st.

2nd: Brooks choose down. Quick escape and Brooks gets a TD2 for the tech fall.

Final score: Brooks 18-2
Team Score: Hawks 34-0

197: #4 Nathan Burak vs Austin Gaun

1st: :45 gone in 1st. Burak having trouble clearing Gaun’s hands. Burke in on pass by single on edge of mat but can’t finish. First time to the legs. :45 left and Burak gets the TD2. Working inside wrists but can’t dig them out and Gaun gets an escape with :03 left. 2-1. Burak has :46 riding time.

2nd: Gaun chooses down. Gaun escapes and Burak in on shot and gets the TD2 with 1:20 left in 2nd. Serious of TD2’s and releases and the score is 9-5 now. Burak relaxes on edge and almost gives up a TD but they go off the mat.

3rd: Burak chooses down. Escape Burak. 10-5 with 1:30 left. Two TD2’s and releases to make it 15-7 with riding time.

Final score: Burak maj dec 15-7
Team Score: Hawks 38-0

HWT: Sam Stoll vs Sean Medley
1st: Sam Stoll with nice two on on to the mat for TD2 in :10. Still trying to dig out the arm bar and gets it for the fall in 1:36!


Final score: Stoll fall in 1:36
Team Score: Hawks 44-0

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