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Dual Preview

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart


125: #4 Thomas Gilman vs. Jhared Simmons
1st: Gilman with 4 1st period takedowns. Cut him loose 3 times. Leads 8-3 after the 1st with 1:17 riding time.

2nd: Gilman chooses bottom and gets a quick escape. He adds 2 more takedowns. Gilman leads 13-4 after the 2nd with over 2 minutes of riding time.

3rd: Simmons chooses down and Gilman cuts him and goes back to takedowns Gilman adds 4 nearfall and gets the technical fall!

Final score: 24-7 Gilman
Team Score: 5-0

133: #3 Cory Clark vs. Tyler Goodwin
1st: Clark gets a takedown and looks to run an arm bar but can’t get him over. Leads 2-0 after the 1st period with 1:05 of riding time.

2nd: Clark chooses down and gets caught on his back for 2 nearfall before getting the reversal. Clark locks up the arm bar this time and gets the fall in 4:06!


Final score: Clark Fall 4:06
Team Score: 11-0

141: Logan Ryan vs Alfred Bannister
1st: Ryan stalks Bannister out of bounds a couple times and gets a stall call. Bannister then gets the takedown before a quick escape for Ryan. Bannister will lead 2-1 after the 1st.

2nd: Ryan chooses bottom and gets a quick escape. Bannister in on another shot and gets the takedown. Ryan with another quick escape to make it 4-3 after the 2nd.

3rd: Bannister chooses down and gets a quick reversal and now leads Ryan 6-3. Ryan gets another escape to close it to 6-4 but Bannister gets another takedown to extend lead to 8-4. Escape by Ryan but can’t get his offense going and Bannister will win 8-5.

Final score: Bannister 8-5
Team Score: 11-3

149: #3 Brandon Sorensen vs Wade Hodges
1st: Sorenson with a single and cuts across and finishes the takedown. Cuts Hodges loose and is right back in on another single. Leads 4-1 with 1:07 left in the 1st. Hodges warned for stalling on bottom. Sorenson leads 4-1 with 1:33 riding time after the 1st.

2nd: Sorenso7-1n goes down in the 2nd. Hodges gets rid of a lot of riding time but Sorenson gets the escape to go up 5-1 with 1 minute left in the 2nd. Sorenson back in on a single and finishes. Sorenson will lead 7-1 with 1:01 riding time after 2.

3rd: Hodges chooses top but Sorenson gets a quick escape this time and then gets a quick takedown. Just missed out on back points. Hodges now called for stalling again and Sorenson leads 11-1 with 1:10 left. Sorenson cuts him loose. With riding time Sorenson will win 12-2.

Final score: Sorenson 12-2
Team Score: 15-3

157: Edwin Cooper vs Lou Mascola
1st: Cooper in on a shot but Mascola comes out on top of a wild scramble for 2. Cooper gets a quick escape and then a stall call on Mascola. Cooper now looking for a cow catcher. He gets the 2 takedown but can’t get him to his back. Escape by Mascola makes it 3-3 with over 1 minute left in the 1st. Lots of hand fighting but no more scoring and we are tied 3-3 after the 1st.

2nd: Mascola takes down and gets the escape and then a quick takedown. Cooper with the escape now but trails 6-4 with 1:20 left in the period. Cooper gets to Mascola’s legs a couple times but can’t finish and trails 6-4 after the 2nd.

3rd: Cooper takes bottom and gets a quick escape to close it to 6-5. Mascola in on a single now and cuts across to lead 8-5 with 1:17 left in the match. Cooper with the escape now and trails by 2 with 1 minute left. 1 shot from too far out by Cooper and he will fall 8-6.

Final score: Mascola 8-6
Team Score: 15-6

165: Burke Paddock vs Brendan Burnham

1st: Burnham in on a double right off the whistle and gets the takedown and 2-0 lead. Burnham riding tough with the legs here and has 1:30 of riding time as they get a stale mate and fresh start. Paddock warned for stalling on bottom but Paddock gets to his feet and Burnham gets warned now. Paddock escape makes it 2-1 Burnham after the 1st with 2:29 of riding time.

2nd: Burnham chooses down and Paddock rides him for about 45 seconds before he gets the escape. Burnham now leads 3-1. Paddock in on a nice single leg and gets takedown but Burnham gets a late reversal and leads Paddock 5-3 after the 2nd.

3rd: Paddock takes down and is getting ridden hard again here. Under a minute left as they get a fresh start. Paddock trails 5-3 and Burnham has 2:39 of riding time. Paddock gets the reversal late  to tie it 5-5 but since Burnham has riding time he cuts him and tries a throw and gives up the takedown.

Final score: Burnham 9-5
Team Score: 15-9

174: #6 Alex Meyer vs  Derrick Evanovich

1st: Meyer with a nice low attack and takedown with about 1 minute left in the 1st. Leads 2-0. Stall warning on Evanovich on the bottom and Meyer rides him out. Meyer leads 2-0 with 1:03 riding time after 1.

2nd: Meyer chooses down and gets his escape and now leads 3-0. Meyer with a single leg and finishes for a 5-0 lead with 20 seconds left in the 2nd. He will take a 5 point lead and 1:19 of riding time into the 3rd.

3rd: Evanovich chooses down in the 3rd. Meyer cuts him loose and is instantly back on the leg for another takedown. Evanovich with another stall call and Meyer now leads 8-2. Evanovich in on a shot but Meyer comes around for the takedown and 10-2 lead with 40 seconds left. Meyer rides him out and with 2:37 of riding time he will win 11-2.

Final score: Meyer 11-2
Team Score: 19-9 Iowa

184: #11 Sammy Brooks vs Mark Colabucci

1st: Brooks with a single and comes across for a takedown. Brooks cuts him loose and gets another quick takedown. He leads 4-1 with 1:30 left in the 1st. Brooks cuts him loose and Colabucci called for stalling as they go out of bounds. Brooks now with the big throw!!! Brooks will get the fall in 2:16!!



Final score: Brooks fall 2:16
Team Score: 25-9

197: #4 Nathan Burak vs Garrett Wesneski

1st: Burak works the Russian tie and drops down on the legs and gets the takedown. Burak riding tough here and working on a bar arm. He lets him up with just over a minute left in the period. 2-1 Burak leads. Burak with another takedown on the edge of the mat. Burak cuts him loose again and looking for more offense. He hits a high crotch this time and after a scramble switches to a double and gets the takedown. Burak leads 6-2 with 1:19 of riding time.

2nd: Burak chooses bottom and gets a quick escape to push it 7-2. Burak looking really good on his feet today! Now Burak climbs the back and gets 2 nearfall. He will take a 13-3 lead plus 1:42 of riding time into the 3rd.

3rd: Burak starts on the bottom again and Wesneski warned for stalling for not moving up off of the leg. Burak right to his feet for the escape and then a low attack and takedown! He leads 16-3 with 1:21 left. Burak cuts him 2 more times and gets a couple takedowns. He will get the technical fall 21-5!

Final score: Burak 21-5
Team Score: 30-9

HWT: Sam Stoll vs Dawson Peck
1st: Sam Stoll will win by forfeit at HWT



Final score:
Team Score: Iowa 36 – Maryland 9

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