Potentially DangerousIowa’s premier site for youth, high school, college and international wrestling. Join Tony Hager, Lars Underbakke, Ross Bartachek  on the Potentially Dangerous podcast this week breaking down the most recent news in the state of Iowa. This week the guys talk about a beach wrestling tournament, coaching hires, Iowa wrestling, and two big match ups at Night of Conflict.

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2 thoughts on “Potentially Dangerous: Episode #13 Beach Wrestling, Worlds, Iowa Wrestling and Night of Conflict”
  1. Thanks for giving an update on how the beach wrestling event went. Would love to see a link to the vine with the questionable no-call for back exposure. Hard to comment without seeing it, but was the questionable call include a takedown…I’m only asking because back exposure without the takedown is no points in beach wrestling. First time I’ve ever heard of allowing a 3 point move, with a takedown to the back out-of-bounds, usually (since around 2009) the push-out point will trump the takedown w/back for just one point.

    Definately still a developing style, and sure there will be more changes at the international level as UWW contemplates making a push to include beach wrestling in the Olympic Games. In Michigan, where we just had a 5-week season, we adjusted the rules to expand the points needed to be 5 points; we did this because there were concerns from parents about driving to the tournaments and many matches lasting less than a minute. After this adaptation, several matches went the duration of the whole 3 minutes.

    Good stuff, keep up the good work.
    Rob from SandWrestling.com

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