Brent Metcalf Interview from OTC

Hawkeye Wrestling Club’s Brent Metcalf gives his thoughts at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs talking about his training, the Pan American Games, and how he feels about USA’s chances at the 2015 World Championships. Metcalf made his fourth (and third straight) World team this month when he defeated Jordan Oliver in two straight matches at the World Team Trials earlier this month. Metcalf is currently ranked #5 in the world in the latest UWW’s rankings.

On what Brent is working on: “Basic things like getting your legs back, finishing scores, scrambling, turns on top, tough on bottom. Pretty basic stuff, but putting a lot of time in those areas. It’s good and as always when you come here you have the opportunity to train with some pretty high level guys.”

On the Pan-American Games: “It is a huge event and it was one I was expecting to wrestle back in 2011 and I missed my opportunity there so I am very eager to get back and have that opportunity. Talk about my weight, you have the Canadian I don’t know if Garcia will be around or not, he seems to just show up to big events though, so you have to expect him to be there. You have Franklin Gomez and the Cuban (Franklin Maren Castillo) who I have wrestled twice this year. All very high level opponents. It’s another opportunity to make the weight, get yourself prepared, and to wrestle high level competition.”

To watch the full interview and get all of Brent’s thoughts yourself, watch the interview from USA Wrestling below.

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