The Mid-American Conference announced their tournament pre-seeds for this weekend. The Missouri Tigers lead the way with six 1 seeds and three 2 seeds. Their lowest seeded man is Mike England at 165 pounds, he got the 5th seed. UNI comes in with only one 1 seed: Blaize Cabell at 285 pounds. The Panthers have two 2 seeded wrestlers, Dylan Peters at 125 and Cooper Moore at 165 pounds. There are three other squads with number one ranked wrestler each: Central Michigan at 141 with Zach Horan, Kent State at 157 with Ian Miller, and Old Dominion at 165 with Tristan Warner.

Obvousley the Tigers are going to be heavy favorites in the tournament, but don’t expect the Panthers, or any other team, to back down from the challenge. The complete pre-seeds can be found below, and we’ll have a weight by weight preview up later today or tomorrow.

1- Alan Waters, Missouri
2- Dylan Peters, Northern Iowa
3- Brandon Jeske, Old Dominion
4- Derek Elmore, Northern Illinois
5- Brent Fleetwood, Central Michigan
6- Del Vinas, Kent State
7- Zak Hassan, Ohio
8- Shayne Wireman, Eastern Michigan

1- Zach Synon, Missouri
2- Tyler Keselring, Central Michigan
3- Vincent Pizzuto, Eastern Michigan
4- Mack McGuire, Kent State
5- Kagan Squire, Ohio
6- Leighton Gaul, Northern Iowa
7- Michael Hayes, Old Dominion
8- Jordan Northrup, Northern Illinois

1- Zach Horan, Central Michigan
2- Lavion Mayes, Missouri
3- Chris Mecate, Old Dominion
4- Tyler Small, Kent State
5- Jake Hodges, Northern Iowa
6- Tyler Argue, Northern Illinois
7- Mike Shaw, Eastern Michigan
8- Joel Shump, Ohio

1- Drake Houdashelt, Missouri
2- Alexander Richardson, Old Dominion
3- Colin Heffernan, Central Michigan
4- Tywan Claxton, Ohio
5- Nick Barber, Eastern Michigan
6- Mike Depalma, Kent State
7- Gunnar Wolfensperger, Northern Iowa
8- Austin Culton, Northern Illinois

1- Ian Miller, Kent State
2- Joey Lavallee, Missouri
3- Jarrett Jensen, Northern Iowa
4- Cody LeCount, Central Michigan
5- Brandon Zeerip, Eastern Michigan
6- Andrew Morse, Northern Illinois
7- Sparty Chino, Ohio
8- TC Warner, Old Dominion

1- Tristan Warner, Old Dominion
2- Cooper Moore, Northern Iowa
3- Harrison Hightower, Ohio
4- Jordan Wohlfert, Central Michigan
5- Mikey England, Missouri
6- Tyler Buckwalter, Kent State
7- Shaun’Qae McMurtry, Northern Illinois
8- Devan Marry, Eastern Michigan

1- Johnny Eblen, Missouri
2- Cody Walters, Ohio
3- Jordan Ellingwood, Central Michigan
4- Caleb Marsh, Kent State
5- Trace Engelkes, Northern Illinois
6- Austin Coburn, Old Dominion
7- Curt Maas, Northern Iowa
8- Kayne MacCallum, Eastern Michigan

1- Willie Miklus, Missouri
2- Jack Dechow, Old Dominion
3- Jerald Spohn, Kent State
4- Andrew Romanchik, Ohio
5- Austin Severn, Central Michigan
6- Cody Caldwell, Northern Iowa
7- Quinton Rosser, Northern Illinois
8- Mike Curby, Eastern Michigan

1- J’Den Cox, Missouri
2- Phil Wellington, Ohio
3- Anthony Abro, Eastern Michigan
4- Basil Minto, Northern Iowa
5- Shawn Scott, Northern Illinois
6- Kevin Beazley, Old Dominion
7- Cole Baxter, Kent State
8- Jackson Lewis, Central Michigan

1- Blaize Cabell, Northern Iowa
2- Devin Mellon, Missouri
3- Mimmo Lytle, Kent State
4- Jake Henderson, Old Dominion
5- Gage Hutchison, Eastern Michigan
6- Adam Robinson, Central Michigan
7- Jesse Webb, Ohio
8- Arthur Bunce, Northern Illinois

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