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PBP Legend;
Scoring Related: T2 – Takedown, E1 – Escape, R2 – Reversal, NF (#will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB – Out of bounds
RS – Restart
UNI – Northern Iowa
ISU – Iowa State

Pre-match thoughts/news:
The dual will start at 174

UNI vs Iowa State
174 – Curt Maas vs #12 Tanner Weatherman
1st: Here we go, hand fighting to start, and Maas gets a hand to the eye. Restart, Weatherman with a head fake, nothing, now he gets in on a single leg and nearly gets NF points, but just the T2, and Maas gets out, 2-1 now. You can hear Schwab clear as day on the broadcast, that’s always fun. Maas gets in on a low single leg but Weatherman drapes over the back and snags Maas’ leg for a stalemate. That’ll be the end of the 1st, 2-1 Weatherman leads

2nd: Weatherman down to start, he’s up and out right away 3-1. Handfighting again, Weatherman with a shot from a mile away Maas fights it off. ISU coaching staff wants stalling on Maas. Weatherman now with a shot Maas drapes over the top, now the classic ankle pass but Maas has the leg still…scramble now still and Maas nearly gets the T2 himself but Weatherman stands up and gets out, OOB restart. Weatherman with another double leg attempt off the restart, nearly gets the fall on Maas but Maas had a leg, no T2 and no fall, still 3-1 to the third.

3rd: Caution Weatherman, Maas down to start, he’s up and out with a sit out, 3-2 now. Maas with his second or third shot attempt on the match no matter what the commentators/ISU coaches say. Weatherman in on a shot but Maas fights it off and gets an underhook but OOB. Weatherman with a shot but nothing, Maas with a half re-shot and Weatherman gets around for the T2, 5-2 now. Maas up and out, no never mind he was on the ankle but Maas. That’ll be your final.

Match final: 7-2 with RT

Team Score:3-0 ISU

184 – Kyle Lux vs #12 Lelund Weatherspoon
1st: Tieup to start, and again we have a stoppage as Lux is poked in the eye….Restart now, Weatherspoon with a single leg but can’t finish, now working a double underhook and tries an inside trip but nothing. Weatherspoon with a blast double, T2 2-0 Weatherspoon leads, Lux up but Weatherspoon returns him. Lux up and out, 2-1. Lux with a shot but from too far away, nothing doing. Weatherspoon with another double leg attempt but Lux fights it off and we’re going to the second.

2nd: Lux down to start the second, he tripods up, Weatherspoon just holding on, they go OOB. Lux sits, now back to base and now gets flattened out. Weatherspoon with a leg in and the far wrist, and now they just kind of roll, no NF points, odd position/no call. Lux up to his feet but can’t get out, Weatherspoon returns him and rides Lux out the entire period, still 2-1

3rd: Weatherspoon down to start, he’s up but has leg held by Lux, Lux elevates the leg but can’t finish, theres the E1. 3-1 Lead for Weatherspoon. Lux with a shot but nothing, Lux with another shot but Weatherspoon gets around him and gets the T2 5-1 and now Lux has a leg in and should be getting NF points but isn’t…that’s a really close no-call there. Lux gets up and out, 5-2. Lux takes a shot again but from too far away and Weatherspoon gets around for the T2. E1 for Lux, 7-3 and Weatherspoon gets another T2 with one second left, with RT it was 10-3.

Match final: 10-3

Team Score: 6-0 ISU

197 – Basil Minto vs #2 Kyven Gadson
1st: Gadson with a single leg attempt but Minto keeps his other leg back and slides back for no points. Good job by Minto there. Minto with his own shot, Gadson fights back up out of that. Gadson with a half shot, nothing doing. Another double leg attempt by Gadson, Minto fights out of it. Double underhook now by Gadson, shrugs him down and gets both ankles for the T2 as they go OOB. 2-0. Restart Minto rolls out, he’s out for sure and then Gadson gets a close body to body hold and inside trip and they both roll through but Minto ends up on his back for a NF3, that’s a four point swing, Gadson leads 6-1 to the 2nd.

2nd: Gadson down to start the 2nd. Minto with a caution. Gadson up on his feet but Minto has both feet in, but he gets shrugged off and Gadson gets the E1. 7-1 now. Minto not afraid of Gadson but just can’t finish anything as they both go OOB. Restart, Gadson with a heavy left hand, Gadson with another double leg but Minto hops backward and they go OOB. Crowd is HOT on Minto, single leg now for Gadson, he’s also warned for stalling, theres the T2, 9-1, Gadson cuts him but not quite and gets another T2, 9-2 to the third.

3rd: Minto down to start. he’s up and out, Gadson with a T2, E2, and another T2. I missed something somewhere, it’s 13-4 now after a stall, there’s a T2 for Gadson, 15-5 after the E1. Gadson has slowed his pace, now with a double underhook, stall on Minto again, 16-5. Minto in on a single leg off the restart but time runs out, Gadson wins 17-5. Gadson has won 41 straight dual matches

Match final:17-5

Team Score: 10-0 ISU

285 – #11 Blaize Cabell vs Quean Smith
1st: First ranked wrestler for UNI so far today. Commentator says, “Cabell, rhymes with Scrabble” for this of you wondering how commentators figure out how to say his name. Smith in on a shot on the edge but Cabell too quick for him, they go OOB. Heavyweight stuff now, not a lot of action. Cabell with a shot but nothing, Smith nearly gets around him but nothing. That’s pretty much it for the first period.

2nd: Cabell down to start, Cabell goes straight up, Smith drops to the ankle, they go OOB. Restart, caution on Smith, he’s doing this goofy thing when he covers with his hand, that time he didn’t do it, no caution. Cabell up and out, 1-0 he leads. Tie-ups again, not a lot going on. Restart. Not much going on, Cabell with a single leg attempt on the outside and switches off to the double leg for the T2 with 5 seconds left. 2-0 and they call an E1 for Smith after the horn blows! That’s not a good call and they’re going to review. The call is reversed on the mat, no E1, 3-0 Cabell leads. As an aside, that’s the first time I’ve seen a call reversed all year.

3rd: Smith down to start, he’s up and out right away. 3-1. Smith is in on a single leg but Cabell fights out, big underhooks now in for Smith as Cabell goes for a shot, but Smith lets him out, Smith not really taking any shots, Cabell in on a single leg, Smith on his but now and gets the T2. 5-1, and Smith gets the E1, he wins it.

Match final: 5-2

Team Score: 10-3

125 – #6 Dylan Peters vs Kyle Larson
1st: Both guys on their knees, Peters with a couple half shots but nothing, now Larson with a shot and he powers through but Peters with a cow catcher but can’t hit it before they go OOB. Tie ups now again, commentators really hammering home now that ISU has finished ahead of UNI at the NCAA’s more times than UNI has beat ISU. Larson with a good shot on the edge but can’t get the T2 before they go OOB. Peters looking again for the cow catcher and there he gets it working now and the ref missed the fall at least twice but there’s enough time left for Peters to get the fall with 5 seconds left.

Match final: Peters wins by pinfall, 2:57

Team Score: 10-9 to intermission

133 – Leighton Gaul vs #3 Earl Hall
1st: Here we go after the break. Gaul down on one leg, hall going right to that leg, gets it up and gets around, but Gaul hits a standing switch but can’t finish, Hall gets in on a double leg and gets the T2. 2-0 he leads. Optional start and it’s 2-1. Gaul with a half shot, nothing. Tie up, Gaul again with a shot but nothing again. Hall with a duck under try but nothing. Hall with a half shot but nothing, drag attempt but nothing. End of the first Hall leads 2-1.

2nd: Hall starts down to start, Gaul with a claw ride and now to a cross body, but Hall stands up, stalemate. Restart, Gaul to his base tripods, and hits a reversal, really nice move there by Hall. 4-1 he leads. Restart, Gaul sits out and stands up but Hall returns him. They go OOB as Gaul is fighting for hand control. Restart, caution Gaul. Hall switches sides on the restart, now with a claw and nearly gets NF points but nothing counted. Gaul has hand control but can’t get up, tripods up now but can’t get it, Gaul with a sit out now but Hall brings him back down and again nearly gets NF points but nothing scored. 4-1 to the third.

3rd: Gaul down to start, he’s up and out. Commentators/fans want stalling on Gaul for being down on one knee, the commentator not Jim Gibbons is MAD about it. Hall not doing anything to get Gaul off his knee though. Sorry commentary is more interesting than the match right now. Theres a tie-up, and Hall hits a go by for a T2. 6-2, but theres the E1, 6-3 and there’s a body to body for Hall at the end. 9-3 the final

Match final: 9-3 Hall

Team Score: 13-9

141 – Jake Hodges vs Dante Rodriguez
1st: Hodges in deep on a single leg off the start but can’t quite turn around, there he gets it…and as Rodriguez gets his own single leg PD is called. Rodriguez with a double overhook and inside trip and has Hodges on his back on the edge. A full two minutes left for Rodriguez to get the fall here, but Hodges fights out and squares up as they go OOB. 5-0 lead for Rodriguez. Restart, Rodriguez is riding hard, working for another turn. Jackson is having a conversation with the official about something, he is warned. Restart, Hodges is up but back down, Rodriguez with an arm and is looking for a tilt but nothing doing, and then hits a tilt the other way and gets the NF2. 7-0 to the third.

2nd: Hodges down to start, hey I heard the ref count for the shot clock, he’s back down and Rodriguez is really high as they call a stalemate. Roll by Hodges, but Rodriguez a quarter nelson, Hodges can’t get out and Rodriguez now in a front headlock and finally Hodges gets out. 7-1. Shot by Hodges, nothing doing. Two on one for Hodges gets nothing, but now a single leg for Hodges, but time runs out, 7-1.

3rd: Rodriguez down to start, he looks tired now but that might just be me. Hodges riding tough now, Rodriguez has his head down on the mat, Hodges can’t really get anything going on the ride, and there he hits a switch for the R2 and now has Hodges on his back, ref counts the NF3, but Hodges fights out again, but that’s the match.

Match final: 14-1 with RT

Team Score: 17-9

149 – Gunnar Wolfensperger vs #14 Gabe Moreno
1st: Not much to start, front headlock from Wolfensperger gets a stalemate. Restart, tie-up, Wolfensperger gets a low ankle pick, he can’t elevate it, and Moreno works around to get the T2 himself. 2-0. Wolfensperger has the leg still and now fights up but they’re belly-to-back and Wolfensperger gets the high single leg and gets the R2. 2-2 as they go OOB. Wolfensperger elevates Moreno and tries to hold up but dumps him off the mat, unsportsmanlike against Wolfensperger, that’s a point for Moreno. Restart, Moreno can’t get out, Wolfensperger working hard to keep Moreno down and he nearly gets out but no call on the E1, it’s 3-2 Moreno to the 2nd. Wait now there’s a review on the E1. The call is overturned again, that’s two today so far, 4-2 Moreno to the 2nd.

2nd: Moreno down to start the 2nd. Moreno up to his feet, now to a tripod, Wolfensperger riding hard, brings him back to his butt, now Wolfensperger with a wrist but he hits a standing switch again to get the R2. Now Moreno is really high on Wolfensperger and gets shrugged off but can’t get any points, OBB. 6-2 on the restart, Moreno with a leg in and Wolfensperger trying to hit a switch of his own but can’t. Wolfensperger up to his hands and a knee now, kind of a cross body in but Moreno not really doing anything. Wow Wolfensperger nearly had a defensive fall there but Moreno rolls out, 6-2 to the third.

3rd: Wolfensperger down to start, he sits out but Moreno has an ankle and brings him back down to the mat, flattens him out now. Moreno has both legs in now but Wolfensperger is able to get up and get Moreno off of him for the E1. 6-3 now. Tie up and Moreno with an underhook and gets gets a T2 and gets another NF2. E1 for Wolfensperger and another T2 for Moreno. 12-4 now

Match final: 13-4 Moreno

Team Score: 21-9 ISU

157 – Jarrett Jensen vs Luke Goettl
1st: Alrighty here we go, tie up and they go OOB. Restart, both guys are pretty active on their feet which is nice to see. Now a tie up, Goettl really holding on Jensen’s hand. Restart now, not a lot of action, Jensen with a half shot, now Goettl with a half shot and now Jensen gets in on a high crotch and gets to the leg on the outside and gets the leg in and gets the T2 with 15 seconds left. Stalemate with 8 seconds left on the edge, if I were Ironside I wouldn’t be happy with that call, they weren’t OOB and Jensen was still working. Off the restart, Goettl gets up but Jensen Returns him with a spiral ride, 2-0 to the 2nd.

2nd: Jackson all over Goettl right now. Jensen down to start, he’s up to his feet, Goettl has a leg elevated now, trip, nothing, but gets Jensen back down to the mat and OOB. Restart, Jensen up but Goettl returns him, Jensen up again right away, Goettl brings him back down and has a leg in, Jesen can’t get up before giving up RT, neither guy doing anything, stalemate. Restart again Goettl puts his left leg in and gets Jensens arm to turn him but he’s not really improving on that at all. Goettl rides Jensen out, 2-0 though Jensen leads.

3rd: Goettl takes neutral to start. Tie-ups again to start the period, Jensen nearly gets to the leg, but nothing. Goettl not doing a whole lot, Jackson really upset with him. Goettl with a shot, nothing, Jensen with a reshot and hits a double leg for the T2. 4-0 Jensen, OOB restart. Jensen with a claw ride rolls with Goettl as he does but Goettl gets the E1. 4-1 but Goettl has RT still, and he has an inside leg lace but can’t finish. Jensen does a good job fighting him off, circles back in on the edge and backs to the center, warning on him now, Goettl can’t get another shot off and Jensen wins it.

Match final: 4-2

Team Score: 21-12 ISU

165 – #12 Cooper Moore vs #3 Mike Moreno
1st: Caution on Moreno before the first whistle. Moore with tape on his left arm still. Tie-ups to start, Moore really working hard for the double undercooks, but they go OOB. Moreno with a duck under try but Moore fights him off, off a head tap Moreno hits a single leg, scramble and ankle pass, now, no points yet and a PD called. Not much on the restart, to the 2nd 0-0.

2nd: Moreno down to start, Moore with the seatbelt, but Moreno spins out, Moore with a single leg and gets the T2 no he doesn’t, wow I don’t know how Moreno put the whizzer in, and a stalemate. 1-0 Moreno leads. Moore with a front headlock now, tap and go by Moore but nothing, again Moore with a front headlock, he breaks it. Moreno with a double leg but Moore blocks it but can’t do anything with the overlooks, to the 3rd, 1-0 Moreno

3rd: Moore is down to start, but Moreno sucks him back and gets the NF3 with an arm around Moores neck. Moore flips over though, it’s 4-0 Moreno now. Moreno has both legs in but Moore gets back to his base, and scoots around and gets the R2, 4-2 now. Moore cuts him, 5-2, but can’t get another good shot off before the end of the period. Moreno wins 5-2.

Match final: 5-2

Final Score: Iowa State wins 24-12

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