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Dual Preview

Where is everyone following along from?

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart

Pre-match thoughts/news:
Dual starting at 125

Massa who is ranked #10 at 165 bumping up to face Mike Evans

125: #5 Thomas Gilman vs #20 Conor Youtsey
1st:gilman wearing a leg sleeve on his left leg tonight. First time I have seen that I believe. Gilman comes out working the head, gets a left side underhook, Youtsey slips out. Both guys now working collar ties, 1:30 left. Gilman takes a shot to his left, but doesn’t break his tie with Youtsey so it doesn’t go anywhere. Gilman tries again and they go OOB.
RS Looks like Gilman starting to pick up his pace, there he gets on a single, Youtsey to his seat and Gilman gets the TD with short time (2-0 IA)

2nd: Blood time for Youtsey, Gilman takes down. Gilman gets to his feet and turns around (3-0 IA), Youtsey goes underhook and drops to a leg, Gilman has a whizzer and fighting it off pretty good, Gilman gets around for the TD. They break. (5-0 IA)
RS Gilman riding with :42 left, Youtsey gets to his feet, but Gilman gets him returned on the edge, OOB
RS :19 left Youtsey gets backk to his feet, but Gilman returns, period ends.

3rd: Youtsey takes down, Gilman gets 1:03 Rt and cuts Youtsey (5-1 IA), they go into a collar tie., Youtsey almost catches Gilman on a go behind, but no score. Back to a collar tie, Gilman with a left underhook works a shot to that side. Back to their feet, Gilman put into a front headlock situation, Youtsey trying to come around. He gets to Gilman’s leg but period ends.

Final score: Gilman decision Youtsey 6-1
Team Score:3-0 Iowa

133: #6 Cory Clark vs Zebulon Hilyard
1st: Clark coming out real aggressive, in on a shot and puts Bruno to his seat, but Bruno manages to fight off TD and get to his feet, Clark comes back in on a single, brings it to his feet working for a trip, gets the trip catches the ankle TD Clark (2-0 IA), sorry this is Hilyard, Clark cuts (2-1) and then gets another TD and release (4-2 IA), Clark on another TD (6-2 IA) a minute left. Clark in again got both legs, and we’re waiting, and waiting.. There’s the TD. (8-3 IA)

2nd:Michigan takes down, Clark still riding and throws a leg in. Clark has an arm and is trying to gets some back points, doesn’t get it. Michigan warned for stallin, :24 left Clark still trying to run it, but he ends period with over 3:00 RT.

3rd:Clark takes down gets to his feet, but gets put back to his base, tries a switch, Michigan gets too high and Clark flips him over for a reversal (10-3 IA), Clark back to work with a power half and a leg in. Lots of “laying around”, but Clark with NF3 with :15 to go.

Final score: Clark maj 14-3 over Hilyard
Team Score:7-0 Iowa

141: #6 Josh Dziewa vs George Fisher
1st:And it’s Fisher who hits the duck under, gets a single and picks it up, trying to trip, DZIEWA DOES A FLIP, spin move and gets back to neutral, that was exciting. Dziewa snaps to a front headlock and tries to go around, but Fisher fights it off. 1:00 “Hey Dziewa shoot why don’t ya” comes out of the crowd. Dziewa with :33 to do something. Michigan coaches don’t want Fisher in close. Dziewea gets Fisher in a snap, trying to come around but period ends.

2nd:Dziewa starts down and is out. Fisher on a shot, Dziewa with his hips back, neither improve stalemate.
RS Fisher in on a single again, Dzeiwa going to the side, knocks Fisher off his knees to his hip and gets around, TD Dziewa (3-0 IA). Riding with over :30 to go. Wow Dziewa gets a quick turn NF2 as the buzzer sounds, just got that second count in there (5-0 IA).

3rd:Dziewa on top he breaks Fisher to his belly, Fisher comes up to his base now trying to get to his feet, Dziewa sucks him back to try for more NF. Doesn’t work. 1:00 Dziewa still riding and they call stalemate.
RS Dziewa finishes the ride out, not much action bottom.

Final score: Dziewa decision Fisher 6-0
Team Score: 10-0 Iowa

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen vs #13 Alec Pantaleo
1st: Pantaleo trying to get to his offense early taking a shot, Sorensen tries a shot of his own, Pantaleo trying to go for a throw, but Sorensen stays in position and they go OOB.
RS Sorensen still with forward pressure backing Pantaleo, reaching for the knee, can’t quite grab it. Both guys doing a lot of circling. 1:00 Sorensen takes another attempt Pantaleo fighting it off. Pantaleo tries to snap Sorensen’s head doesn’t work, Sorensen still coming forward on his shots, Pantaleo backed out again.
RS :12 left and the period ends.

2nd:Sorensen starts down and is out :03. (1-0 IA), both guys on a collar tie. 1:00 left, neither guy committing to a shot yet. There Brandon gets a single with :35, but he can’t pick it up as they go OOB
RS Needs to take one more good attempt here, Sorensen still coming forward, Pantaleo almost caught Brandon a bad shot, but no score.

3rd:Sorensen starts on top, caution. Sucks Pantaleo back looking for some cheap NF, doesn’t get any. Sorensen has Pantaleo bellied out working his spiral ride. Sorensen riding tough able to break Pantaleo down, but not much more. Over 1:00 RT now. Sorensen goes for another suck back, Pantaleo gets an escape (1-1 score). Now Pantaleo is all out offense. :12 left. Sorensen wins

Final score:Sorensen decision Pantaleo 2-1 on RT
Team Score:13-0 Iowa

157: #16 Mike Kelly vs #10 Brian Murphy
1st:Murphy’s headgear comes off.
RS Murphy on a shot quick and TD Murphy, Kelly gets out in :09 (2-1 MI). Kelly with an underhook, but Murphy has a tight grip on him. Ref calls stalemate.
RS Murphy right in off the whistle, Kelly got his hips back, another stalemate.
RS Kelly got Murphy in front headlock, trying to go around, Murphy got him blocked off. Still working and they stalemate it.
RS Murphy takes aonther shot, Kelly good defense catches the ankle. Now Murphy gets Kelly’s leg trying to score. Potentially dangerous. Period ends.

2nd:Kelly starts down, Murphy puts the leg in Kelly trying to comes out, shakes the leg out, and gets to his feet and out. Murphy with :28 RT. (2-2). Murphy in a deep single, Kelly fights for a stalemate again.
RS Murphy on the whistle again. Stall warning on Kelly. Kelly trying to scramble and Murphy comes out on top (4-2 MI). Kelly trying to get a reversal, Murphy has his leg, time runs out.

3rd:Murphy takes down, Kelly erases riding time after a few seconds. Murphy catches one of Kelly’s leg s and his going for the reversal, he has Kelly’s head now.. gets the reversal Kelly in danger. Kelly able to fight off his back (6-2 MI) Murphy riding with Kelly on his base. Kelly gets around, Murphy drops to a leg gets warned for stalling for just hanging on.
RS Kelly tries a roll, doesn’t work. Murphy is going to win.

Final score:Murphy decision Kelly 7-2
Team Score:13-3 Iowa

165: #9 Nick Moore or Patrick Rhoads vs Garrett Sutton
1st:Sutton going for it in on Moore’s leg real early, but Moore fights it off and their back to their feet. Moore in deep on the elbow looking to work to the legs, but Sutton with good defense. Back to their feet, Sutton takes another single, Moore gets his hips back and goes to neutral. 1:00 left, Sutton takes another shot, Moore holding him with two overhooks, back to their feet. Moore not finding his openings apparently tonihgt.Tries a little high crotch. Period ends scoreless.

2nd:Moore needs blood time for his nose. Sutton starts down, Moore riding tough, Sutton tries a switch, Moore follows, but looses position, Sutton gets out. Moore has snap working for the go behind, but doesn’t get it. Back to their feet. 1:00 to go Sutton tries another shot, Moore fights out of it. They go OOB.
RS Moore with a shot out of nowhere, he gets the leg, gets behind with Sutton on his feet and is able to put him on all fours (2-0 IA)

3rd:Moore starts down, Sutton starts optional, but covers, Moore up and out (3-0 IA). Moore lets Sutton in again, but this time Moore breaks the hands and gets the go behind (5-1 IA), Moore riding tough, Eustice wanted the major, but we’ll settle for the win.

Final score:Moore decision Sutton 6-1
Team Score:16-3 Iowa

174: #3 Mike Evans vs Jake Salazar
1st:Michigan decides not to go with Massa so it’s an all senior battle. Salazar with a half shot, Mike not having it, their on their feet. Salazar gets Evans’ leg and gets the TD, Evans gets out :19 later (2-1 MI) Evans trying to work a shot, they go OOB
RS 1:30 left, Evans drops in on a single, doesn’t commit so Salazar gets his hips back, they stalemate.
RS Salazar changes levels, Evans able to fight off the half shot, Evans still circling. Evans on a shot with :07, but not enough time to finish.

2nd:They start on their feet, think it was MI choice. Evans backs Salazar OOB
RS Evans takes another shot, but can’t lock his hands around the leg nothing. Salazar takes a double, switches to single, Evans got whizzer. they finally stalemate.
RS :40 left, Evans takes a shot, then another catches the ankle brings it to his feet and trips TD Evans (3-2 IA) that was short time.

3rd:Evans takes down, gets to a tripod, working hand control, now to his feet and is out (4-2 IA), both working ties. Evans takes a shot, has both ankles and keeps his toes in bound for the TD!! (6-2 IA) 1:00 to go
RS Evans goes to put a leg in, MI catches it stalemate.
RS Evans now with a spiral ride this time, trying to break Salazar to his belly. Salazar gets to his feet (6-3 IA) Another TD at the buzzer! How do you like that

Final score: Evans decision Salazar 8-3
Team Score:19-3 Iowa

184: #8 Sammy Brooks vs #12 Dominic Abounder
1st:Both guys working here, both got a collar tie. Little attempt by Abounder, little attempt by Brooks, nothing big yet. OOB
RS 1:26 left Sammy really trying to work the head, gets in on a single, amazing defense by Abounder to fight out of that at it stalemates.
RS Short time here, both trying to work the head, but period ends.

2nd:Abounder starts down, gets to his feet, Sammy cuts him loose, (1-0 MI). Sammy back to working the head, Abounder takes a shot got a single leg on the edge, Sammy fights out they go OOB
RS Sammy backs Abounder out there
RS :52 left, Sammy drops to a single, Abounder gets his hips back, Sammy gets flattened out, tough to pull the leg in from there. Stalemate.
RS :23 left Brooks takes a final shot, but doesn’t get anything.

3rd:Brooks starts down, gets to his feet, and is out in :08. He’s backing Abounder out, OOB (1-1)
RS incredible action both guys with about three shots and reshots. Sammy then tries a trip near the OOB, they go out
RS 1:00 Abounder on a shot Sammy breaks it, gets in on the leg again, he’s got Abounder on the edge again. Terry is going to get warned for calling for stalling, it FIRES THE CROWD up.
RSBrooks tries a shot, Abounder catches the ankle, Abounder to his feet, Abouder catches the other ankle for a TD. NOW they warn Abounder.
RS Abounder drops to ankle, Sammy gets out (3-2)

Final score:Abounder decision Brooks 3-2
Team Score:19-6 Iowa

197: #6 Nathan Burak vs #8 Max Huntley
1st:Huntley in on a shot right away., Burak fights out of it. That was close there. Both guys spend a lot of the next minute working control, 1:30 left. Burak starts a shot, doesn’t commit, wasn’t there. Huntley to his knees, tries another half shot, nothing. :30 left now. Burak with a two on one, but can’t get to a scoring move. Period.

2nd:Burak starts down, Huntley riding, Burak out :13. (1-0 IA). Huntley taps the head and hits a shot, got Burak on the edge and Huntley can’t pull Burak back in to finish. OOB
RS 1:00, just lots of tie ups and breaking. No offensive attempt until about :05 when Burak hits a half shot. Nothing there.

3rd:Burak covers, Huntley to his feet, Burak switches to a single, hits a trip and they go OOB
RS Burak grabs the ankle, Huntley to his feet and is out (1-1) need a takedown here. 1:15 to go.
:30 left still looking for a real shot from Burak, Huntley comes with a double, but can’t get it. Crowd really wants Burak to go and he gets to the leg, but slips out. Dang it.

SV:Huntley really coming forward, he almost gets Burak’s leg, back to their feet now. Burak warned for stalling, takedown to HIS BACK for Burak crowd loves the effort, NF2

Final score:Burak decision 5-1
Team Score:22-6 Iowa

285: #2 Bobby Telford vs #7 Adam Coon
1st:Iowa clinched the Big Ten dual title.
Both guys working head. Bobby with an underhook and collar tie. Both jguys trying to move each other’s head, looking to create an opening. 1:00 to go, Bobby takes a shot, can’t lock his hands for a good shot. Coon tries a little snap there, but Telford keeps his balance. Ends scoreless

2nd:Coon choose down. He gets to his feet, Bobby switches to a single and gets the return. Coon gets out :15 RT accumulated. Both on their feet now (1-0 MI) Coon takes a shot with under a minute to go, Bobby tries a reshot and almost gets a single, but loses his grip. Telford is going to have to get it done in the third.

3rd:Telford down and out :03, (1-1). Back to the tie ups. Coon really trying to wear Telford’s head with snaps. Coon tries a shot, but doesn’t get to the legs. 1:00 left, crowd urging Telford now. Coon takes a shot, Telford almost caught Coon out of position, but he recovers. I’ll give Coon is freakishly athletic. We’ll need extra time here.

SV:Telford gets his hands around the leg again, can’t finish. Gets in again this time brings the leg to his feet, steps over the leg, Coon tries to put it down. Bobby can’t finish.

TB: Telford starts down, gets to his feet, Coon drops to a leg and forces Telford out, Coon warned for stalling.
RS:21 left, Telford comes up and out, 2-1 IA.

TB:Coon hits a roll for a reversal, 3-2 Coon bummer

Final score:Coon decision Telford 3-2 in TB
Team Score:22-9 Iowa

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle


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