Projected Lineups

  Manson NW Webster   #6 Lake Mills   North Butler   #3 Don Bosco
106 Koby Hansen Fr Alex Martinson Fr Levi Gallmeyer Fr (#5) Gable Fox Fr
113 Kyler Duis Fr Javi Gallardo Fr Alan Peters Sr Jeremy Schmitz So
120 Forfeit Braedon Edwards So Tyler Merfeld So Austin Hellman Fr
126 Chase Bulten Jr Zach Johnson Fr Brett Marshall Fr (#3) Nick Mangrich Jr
132 Eric Wedemeyer Jr Michael Olsen So (#8) Dalton Nelson So Owen Mangrich Fr
138 Chance Rice Fr Clay Hagen Fr Tyler Brinkman Jr (#8) Cole Fox Sr
145 (#9) Kaleb Simacek So Scott Wogen Sr Brandon Trees Fr Skyler Woods Sr
152 Skyler Michalski Jr (#8) Brady Schmidt Sr Austin Janssen Jr (#7) Chris Paulsen Jr
160 Dylan Samuelson Jr Spencer Jensen Jr (#4) Caleb Wedeking Sr Austin Svoboda Fr
170 Thomas McColley Sr Grant Boehmer Jr Trae Ulrich So TJ Even Sr
182 (#10) Nathan Krueger Jr (#6) Slade Sifuentes So Ethan Weitzenkamp Jr Walker Even So
195 Forfeit (#6) Andrew Olsen Sr Dalton Aukes Sr (#3) Zach Hickson Sr
220 Phil Dorage Sr Cole Bergo Fr James Seehusen Jr Brandon French Sr
285 (#5) Tim Butcher Jr Cory Mathahs So Owen Landers So Dylan Even Sr
District Qualifiers (7)   District Qualifiers (3)   District Qualifiers (4)   District Qualifiers (8)
106 Hanson 152 Schmidt 113 Peters 106 Fox
132 Wedemeyer 182 Sifuentes 132 Nelson 113 Schmitz
138 Rice 195 Olsen 152 Janssen 126 Mangrich
145 Simacek 160 Wedeking 132 Mangrich
152 Michalski 138 Fox
182 Krueger 152 Paulsen
285 Butcher 170 Even
195 Hickson

**********First round we will give score updates and for the final meet we will give play by play**********

****Let us know who you are and where you’re following from*****

National anthem has been sang and we are ready to get started


182: Slade Sifuentes LM vs. Joel Sweeney DB
Period 1: Throw by for LM. Getting a count. and theres the fall.
Period 2:
Period 3:

Final score LM over DB Fall (6-0 LM)

195 Cole Dergo LM vs. Walker Even DB
Period 1: Single leg by DB has LM on his butt. Theres the takedown. LM attempts a roll. Doesnt get it. 30 seconds. Restart 11 seconds. DB will ride him out up 2-0
Period 2: LM takes neutral. A lot of ear to ear tie. Double leg by DB to LM’s back and got a 2 count. LM gets the reversal (6-2) DB. 45 seconds Oklahoma cradle by LM doesnt get a count. DB comes out the back for the reversal (8-2 DB). DB working a butcher. 2 count as time runs out. (10-2 DB)
Period 3: Even takes top and has LM flat. Attempts another butcher now working a cradle. LM still flat 1 minute left. DB running a butcher and theres the fall

Final score DB over LM Fall (6-6 Tied)

220 Andrew Olsen LM vs. Zach Hickson DB
Period 1: 2 ranked wrestlers going at it here. DB in on a single but we stalemate. 1:20 left not many shots. LM working the front headlock and they got OB 57 seconds left. Both wrestlers working the head and ties. Half shot by DB. LM in another front head lock. Time will run out (0-0)
Period 2: LM will take down. DB working the wrists. LM keeping a strong base. DB almost gets a 2 count but no points. LM gets a stall warming. DB still has LM flat. OB with 36 seconds left. LM up to his feet DB with a good lift and no points. DB has LM flat again. OB with 9 seconds. DB gets a 2 count and now leads (2-0 DB)
Period 3: DB takes down trys a roll LM catches him for a 5 count. DB hits a granby gets reversal and a 5 count. (7-3 DB) 1:02 left. DB on top. DB working the wrists again. LM keeping a strong base but not attempting much more. DB get him broke down. DB gets LM’s arm on his back but potentially dangerous. 14 seconds left LM tries a roll doesnt get it. time runs out

Final score DB over LM 7-3 (9-6 DB)

285 Cory Mathahs LM vs. Brandon French DB
Period 1: Lots of big guy hand fighting going on. No shots yet 1:00 in. Both guys working underhooks. Headlock attempt by LM but slips it (2-0 DB). LM working the rolls pretty hard but DB riding tough. OB 15 seconds left. Caution DB. LM to his feet and gets away (2-1 DB)
Period 2: LM takes down. LM to his feet then hits a standing roll but they go OB no change. LM to his feet again and gets away. (2-2) 1:30 left. Both guys trying to pass elbows. 50 seconds left still neutral. Both guys working under hooks again. 20 seconds. Period ends (2-2)
Period 3: DB takes neutral. LM working the under hooks again trying to jack them up. Both guys on there knees. DB almost get a TD but the go OB. 1:30 left still tied at 2. DB almost snaps LM down. 50 seconds still neutral. LM tries another headlock DB slips it for the TD (4-2 DB) LM gets a quick escape (4-3 DB) 10 seconds. Stalling DB. Thats how it will end (4-3 DB)

Final Score DB over LM 4-3 (12-6 DB)

106 Alex Martinson LM vs. Gable Fox DB
Period 1: TD DB. Trying to run a bar but potentially dangerous (2-0 DB). DB riding tough. Has LM Flat. 1:00 left. DB working a tilt but cant quite get the count. Theres a 1 count but nothing more. Period ends (2-0 DB)
Period 2: DB will take down. LM stops DBs first move. Switch by DB for the reversal (4-0 DB). Has LM flat again with an arm on his back. LM looking like hes double jointed. 1:00 left DB working a butcher cant get it. DB cant get anything going period ends (4-0 DB)
Period 3: LM takes neutral. Shot by LM but DB scoots around the back and has an inside cradle locked. Almost has him over and a PD call. DB cuts LM (6-1 DB) Single by DB and gets TD (8-1 DB). Cuts LM (8-2 DB) DB in on another single trying to work behind and gets the 2 (10-2 DB) 20 seconds left. Thats how it will end.

Final score DB over LM 10-2 (16-6 DB)

113 Javi Gallardo LM vs. Jeremy Schmitz DB
Period 1: Here we go at 113. Double leg attempt by LM stopped by DB and works his way around behind for the TD (2-0 DB) DB taking LM over to his back. Its tight and theres the fall.
Period 2:
Period 3:

Final score DB over LM Fall (22-6 DB)

120 Braedon Edwards LM vs. Austin Hellman DB
Period 1: DB with the TD to LM’s back and gets a 5 count (5-0 DB) 1:10 left. DB taking him over again and gets another 5 count (8-0 DB) DB has him on his back again. this is tight and theres the fall.
Period 2:
Period 3:

Final score DB over LM Fall (28-6 DB)

126 Zach Johnson LM vs. Nick Mangrich DB
Period 1: Double leg by DB for the TD. 1:30 left. LM gets the escape and DB right back with a TD (4-1 DB) 50 seconds left. DB has LM flat. Working the wrists. Stalling on the bottom man 30 seconds. DB trying to get LMs wrist on his back. DB running the bar and gets a 4 count as time runs out. (6-1 DB)
Period 2: LM goes neutral. DB with some head fakes to a double and gets the TD (8-1 DB) 1:30 left. DB gets a turn and a 2 count (10-1 DB) DB working another turn and getting a count 30 seconds left and there the fall
Period 3:

Final score DB over LM Fall (34-6) DB

132 Michael Olsen LM vs. Owen Mangrich DB
Period 1: LM trying for a headlock right away but cant get it. LM hits a sweep single for the TD. LM has DB’s legs elevated trying to flip him. We have blood time DB (2-0 LM) with 1:33 left. Here we got again. LM has the legs in looking for a power half. He turns DB but they are out of bounds. Now working a bar but cant get it. 45 seconds left LM still riding tough. DB to his feet but is returned. LM gets both legs in again and is working a power half. No count yet. Theres the count. DB bleeding while hes on his back ref stops and awards 4 back points. (6-0 LM) with 3 seconds left DB still on bottom.
Period 2: DB takes neutral. LM working the head with some fakes. Shot attempt by LM but DB stops it but LM right back in for the TD (8-0 LM). LM has both legs in again working the power half. DB flat on his stomach. LM working the straight half now and getting a count. Has it pretty tight with 45 seconds left. DB fighting tough. DB will get off his back (11-0 LM)
Period 3: LM takes neutral. LM works a throw by to a single DB whizzers out. DB fight off another LM shot. LM has the leg but DB has his stopped LM keeps driving and working for the TD. LM called for a full nelson (13-1 LM) with 1:00 left in the match. LM gets DB flat again and now hes working the power half. DB fighting it off. 30 seconds left. Stall warning DB. LM has DB flat on his stomach and thats how it will end. (13-1 LM)

Final score LM over DB 13-1 (34-10 DB)

138 Clay Hagen LM vs. Cole Fox DB
Period 1: DB snaps LM and hits him with a cowcatcher theres the TD and hes getting a count. DB tightening his grip and theres the fall
Period 2:
Period 3:

Final score DB over LM Fall (40-10 DB)

145 Scott Wogen LM vs. Skyler Woods DB
Period 1: Single leg attempt by DB LM stops him but they go OB. LM hits DB with an ankle pick off the whistle for the TD (2-0 LM). LM comes out from but DB catches him now in a scramble position. LM holding tight looking for a stallmate. PD is the call no chance DB still down. LM gets a leg in and has DB on his belly. Time runs out (2-0 LM)
Period 2: DB will take neutral. OB with 1:30 left. DB in on a single Tries to dump LM but loses leg and LM sneaks around behind for TD (4-0 LM) OB 54 seconds left. DB hits a standing granby and gets the escape (4-1 LM) DB in on a single legs again and dumps LM for the TD. (4-3 LM)
Period 3: LM takes down but DB wants him neutral right away (5-3 LM) 1:33 left shot attempt by DB but he is stopped OB with 1:22 left. Another single leg by DB almost has it but LM hits a high flyer for the takedown (7-3 LM). LM trying to get that arm on DB’s back. Has DB flat on belly. 20 seconds. LM will ride him out for the (7-3 LM) win.

Final score LM over DB 7-3 (40-13 DB)

152 Brady Schmidt LM vs. Chris Paulsen DB
Period 1: Battle between 2 ranked wrestlers here. Half shot by LM. DB stops him and gets him in the front head but they go OB. DB working that front headlock again. OB 50 seconds left. DB in on front head again but LM is staying too tight. LM tries a carry but DB stops it on the edge they go OB 12 seconds left.
Period 2: DB goes down still scoreless. DB to his feet LM drops to a leg and has it elevated. LM gets a stall warning and DB kicks out for the escape (1-0 DB) 1:20 left. LM in on a shot but DB has him stopped LM trying to elevated on the edge. They go OB 1:03 left. Lots of hand fighting but nobody has committed. OB with :18 seconds left. And thats how period 2 will end (1-0) DB.
Period 3: LM takes down. DB attempts a cradle but slips it and LM gets DB into and oklahoma cradle for the reversal. DB gets the quick escape (2-2). OB with 1:07 left. DB has a front headlock again but isnt getting any seperation. OB with 35 seconds left. Stall mate 16 seconds left. LM takes a shot DB stops him got closer to finishing but didnt. OVertime
Overtime: OB with 46 left. LM gets to DBs leg and has it elevated. DB with a tough whizzer. LM down to his knees now. Stall mate 14 seconds left. DB again with the front head but thats how the period will end.
Tiebreaker: DB takes down. DB to a sit LM gets a leg in DB trying to sneak out hte back door DB to his feet and gets the escape. (2-1 DB)
Tiebreaker: LM down. DB gets the legs in and has LM flat on his belly. 7 seconds left we get a stall mate. Caution LM. DB locks up a cradle and holds on for the win (2-1 DB)

Final score DB over LM 2-1 TB (43-13 DB)

160 Spencer Jensen LM vs. Austin Svoboda DB
Period 1: LM almost gets the TD but DB sneaks out now LM with a double up in the air gets the TD and puts DB on his back for a 5 count. DB gets out and LM does a full nelson (5-1 LM). 1:00 left. DB grabs a leg and rolls but LM catches him for a 2 count (7-1 DB) LM with a cradle now and its tight but DB is able to break it (10-1 LM)
Period 2: LM takes top. LM gets the cradle locked again and gets a 2 count before DB kicks out. LM has another cradle and there is the pin.
Period 3:

Final score LM over DB Fall (43-19 DB)

170 Grant Boehmer LM vs. TJ Even DB
Period 1: Here is our last match of the night. LM hits a nice ankle pick but DB is able to get his leg back. Still neutral 1:20 left. LM shoots again DB stops him in his tracks for the TD. (2-0 DB). LM to his feet and gets the escape (2-1 DB). LM has a leg again but DB stops his and throws in a cowcatcher and that will do it.
Period 2:
Period 3:

Final score DB over LM Fall (49-19)



170 Grant Boehmer (Lake Mills) over Dylan Samuelson (Manson Northwest Webster) (Fall 2:35) 6-0 Lake Mills

182 Slade Sifuentes (Lake Mills) over Nathan Krueger (Manson Northwest Webster) (6-4 OT) 9-0 Lake Mills
+Two ranked wrestlers going at it here. Tied 4-4 starting the 3rd with Krueger starting down. Sifuentes still riding tough. Has an inside cradle locked up. Doesnt get the turn. We will have overtime. Krueger in on the leg but Sifuentes scoots around behind and gets the takedown.

195 Cole Bergo (Lake Mills) over Unknown (For.) 15-0 Lake Mills

220 Andrew Olsen (Lake Mills) over Phil Dorage (Manson Northwest Webster) (Fall 3:13) 21-0 Lake Mills

285 Tim Butcher (Manson Northwest Webster) over Cory Mathahs (Lake Mills) (Fall 0:29) 21-6 Lake Mills

106 Alex Martinson (Lake Mills) over Unknown (For.) 27-6 Lake Mills

113 Javi Gallardo (Lake Mills) over Koby Hanson (Manson Northwest Webster) (Dec 9-4) 30-6 Lake Mills

120 Kyler Duis (Manson Northwest Webster) over Braedon Edwards (Lake Mills) (Dec 14-10) 30-9 Lake Mills

126 Chase Bulten (Manson Northwest Webster) over Zach Johnson (Lake Mills) (Fall 1:43) 30-15 Lake Mills

132 Michael Olsen (Lake Mills) over Eric Wedemeyer (Manson Northwest Webster) (Fall 0:16) 36-15 Lake Mills

138 Chance Rice (Manson Northwest Webster) over Clay Hagen (Lake Mills) (Fall 1:03) 36-21 Lake Mills

145 Scott Wogen (Lake Mills) over Austin Burger (Manson Northwest Webster) (Fall 4:00) 42-21 Lake Mills

152 Brady Schmidt (Lake Mills) over Skyler Michalski (Manson Northwest Webster) (MD 9-1) 48-21 Lake Mills

160 Spencer Jensen (Lake Mills) over Dylan Samuelson (Manson Northwest Webster) (Fall 5:00) 54-21 Lake Mills


170 Caleb Wedeking (North Butler) will receive a forfeit 6-0 NB

182 TJ Even (Don Bosco) winner by fall over Ethan Weitzenkamp (North Butler) 6-6

195 Walker Even (Don Bosco)  winner by fall over Dalton Aukes (North Butler) 12-6 DB

220 Zach Hickson (Don Bosco) over James Seehusen (North Butler) (Fall 1:10) 18-6 DB

285 Brandon French (Don Bosco) winner by fall Owen Landers (North Butler) 24-8 DB

106 Gable Fox (Don Bosco) over Levi Gallmeyer (North Butler) (Fall 0:13) 30-6 DB

113 Alan Peters (North Butler) over Logan Lutgen (Don Bosco) (Dec 7-0) 30-9 DB

120 Austin Hellman (Don Bosco) over Tyler Merfeld (North Butler) (Fall 3:06) 36-9 DB

126 Nick Mangrich (Don Bosco) over Brett Marshall (North Butler) (Fall 0:54) 42-9 DB

132 Dalton Nelson (North Butler) over Owen Mangrich (Don Bosco) (Fall 0:50) 42-15 DB

138 Cole Fox (Don Bosco) over Tyler Brinkman (North Butler) (Dec 4-1) 45-15 DB

145 Brandon Trees (North Butler) over Skyler Woods (Don Bosco) (Fall 1:42) 45-21 DB

152 Austin Janssen (North Butler) over Wyatt Sawvel (Don Bosco) (Fall 1:38) 45-27 DB

160 Austin Svoboda (Don Bosco) over Trae Ulrich (North Butler) (Fall 4:21) 51-27 DB