This week on Jason Bryant’s podcast “Short Time”, part of the network, Bryant talked with Iowa’s head coach Tom Brands about the upcoming dual with Penn State, Mike Evans, and National duals. It’s a pretty good listen.

Bryant and Brands kick off the podcast recapping the Minnesota dual to which Brands said, “Number one there’s always room for improvement. Number two you always give guys credit in tough matches..we did some good things in that dual and we got to keep sharpening up areas we need to sharpen up there.” Typical Brands quotes that get you fired up about the never satisfied mentality.

Bryant asks if the Iowa wrestlers will be peaking to win the dual meet. Brands addresses that and adds, “The unique thing about wrestling is the individual matchups. There is always going to be an individual matchup somewhere, where as a coaching staff you are communicating with that guy that this is a big match. Really there are ten matches, but there are matches that you point to, that are what we call ranking matches or seeding implication matches.”

Bryant does a good job asking some good questions, even tries to get Brands to talk about Sanderseon redshirting guys like Megaludis, Retherford, and Nolf. Brands even gave Sanderson some credit in the interview. I know. You really have to listen to believe it. You also get to hear the motivation behind bringing the National Duals to Iowa City it’s a great podcast, and gets a strong recommendation as a must listen.

You can listen by going to or clicking on the graphic below will take you to the same page. If you like to listen on your phone search for the Sticher app and you listen on the go.

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By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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