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Dual Preview

Where is everyone following along from?

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart

Pre-match thoughts/news:
Dual starting at 141 – any initial thoughts/feelings?

141: #5 Josh Dziewa vs Shyheim Brown
1st:Missed the first they had the wrong stream up

2nd:Scoreless starting the second, Dziewa down to start. He works to his feet and gets released by Brown. Dziewa gets in on a two-on-one arm tie. Drops down to the leg, but doesn’t get it. Back to their feet, now Brown in on an ankle, Dziewa is on his seat, got hands locked around Brown’s leg. Stalemate.
RS (1-0 IA) Dziewa reaches for a leg, doesn’t get anything, end of the period.

3rd: Brown takes down, caution on Dziewa. Brown gets to his feet, Dziewa does a good job returning. Brown hits a roll and Dziewa can’t follow lets him go, all tied up at 1. Brown takes a shot, got his hands locked around the leg. 1:00 to go. They get stalemated.
RS Both guys circling, looking for an opening, and there goes Brown with :10 left, he’s in on a leg and the buzzer sounds. SV

SV: Both guys with a collar tie, Dziewa backs out, looks like he attempts a high crotch, but never commits, there is a shot by Brown, but Dziewa was in good position to get out of the way. Dziewa tries snapping Brown and he trying for the go behind. Dziewa gets behind for the score!

Final Score: Dziewa DEC 3-1 SV over Brown
Team Score: 3-0 IOWA

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Ben Dorsay
1st: Sorensen with an early attempt, no score, but he’s pushing the pace, trying to get catch the leg. Lots of forward pressure by Sorensen. They go OOB
RS Sorensen hits a shot and catches the leg, he is going to get the TD (2-0 IA) he still had an arm and was looking for a turk, not there. Puts a leg in, but he ends up riding out of bounds.
RS Sorensen cuts Dorsay (2-1 IA), Sorensen drops his level, gets a double leg TD, cuts his guy right away. In on another TD (6-2 IA), that’s how the period ends.

2nd:Sorensen defers, Dorsay takes down. Sorensen working a ride, but he ends up cutting (6-3 IA), Dorsay backing Sorensen, but he drops down and hits a TD, (8-3 IA) and they go OOB
RS Sorensen riding tough, trying to put Dorsay’s arm on his back, ends up giving the escape (8-4 IA), Sorensen drops in on another shot, finishes for a TD and cuts Dorsay, and there is another TD (12-5 IA). Sorensen is a takedown machine right now.

3rd:Sorensen takes down, gets out pretty quick on a standup (13-5 IA), then hits a TD and release (15-6 IA), Sorensen in on the edge and he hits the TD and they go OOB.
RS Sorensen just riding tough, he’s got an ankle hooked and he breaks Dorsay down to his belly. He pulls the arm out and comes up by Dorsay’s head trying to run it, but loses his grip. Sorensen wins by Major

Final Score: Sorensen MAJ Dorsay
Team Score: 7-0 IOWA

157: #14 Mike Kelly vs Lou Mascola
1st: Kelly comes out with a collar tie and a wrist really pushing the action, gets in on a shot, Mascola goes for the ankle to create a scramble, both guys working to keep their hips up to try and win the position. Kelly had a sort of cradle locked up, but Mascola was on top of him and slips his head for the TD (2-0 MD), Kelly gets out to cut the lead in half and that’s how the period ends.

2nd: Kelly takes down, Mascola working a spiral ride, Kelly gets to his feet, and it’s tied 2-2. Kelly working an underhood, Mascola takes a shot, and Kelly tries a go behind, but Mascola works back to his feet. They go OOB, Mascola getting an extra push on the edge and gets a penalty point against him (3-2 IA).

3rd:Mascola takes down, Kelly has to drop on a leg and the ref is counting, Mascola wound up with a reversal, takes the lead (4-3 MD), Kelly now working to get out, they stalemate.
RS, Kelly working to get up and out, Mascola drops to a leg and returns Kelly, Kelly gets his legs back in a sprawl, Maryland just handing on, gets called for a stall warning.
RS Mascola tries sticking a leg in, but Kelly gets out. (4-4 IA) Kelly goes right to his offense, looks like he just about tried to throw Mascola, but gets out of it. Kelly now working for a TD, but Mascola wins with RT

Final Score: Mascola DEC 5-4 w/ RT over Kelly
Team Score:7-3 IOWA

165: #7 Nick Moore vs Tyler Manion
1st:Maryland in on a shot, but he’s on his knees with a single trying to come out the back, drops to a hip and they stalemate. Neither guy really tying up Moore just comes in on a single, Manion catches Moore’s ankle and they stalemate.
RS Moore gets Manion in a front head lock, catches the ankle and gets around for the TD (2-0 IA) they go OOB
RS Moore trying to flatten him out, staying behind a little too parallel, Manion gets to his feet, trying to break Moore’s hands, but Moore pulls him OOB.
RS, Moore riding tough and Maryland takes an injury time.
Moore gets choice due to injury he takes down, Manion ends up limping off, Moore wins by Medical FFT

Final Score: Moore by MFF
Team Score: 13-3 IOWA

174: #2 Mike Evans or Alex Meyer vs Josh Snook
1st: Evans in on an ankle, Snook off ot the side trying pull Evans hips off to the side, Evans doing a real good job keeping action going to not get stalemated, he wins the scramble and goes up 2-0, and has Snook on his belly. Evans with his power half in, really working the life out of Snook, now off to the side trying to pull the arm out. Snook warned for stalling with :30 left. Evans has his leg in, continuing to switch pinning moves, period ends.

2nd:Evans takes down, Snook has a leg in. Evans comes to his feet and pulls the leg out and Snook falls almost to his rear, Evans works it into a reversal (4-0 IA) and Evans back to riding TOUGH on top. Doing a few gut wrenches here, if this was freestyle he would have score, there he gets a two count on a gut wrench. (6-0 IA), Maryland takes injury time as Evans trying to work an arm bar.
RS Evans takes down to try and get out on the injury restart, Snook drops to an ankle and Evans can’t get out.

3rd:Snook takes down, optional start from Evans, just about gets a cradle locked up, first point for Snook as he gets an escape, Evans responds with a TD, got a cradle locked up and has Snook on his back, he has his NF3. Evans lets Snook back over to his belly (11-1 IA), Evans slips and Snook gets out.
RS Evans with a very agressive TD on the edge (13-3 IA) after a penalty on Evans.
RS optional start for Evans, he cuts Evans, they go OOB, Snook gets a revenge shove and there is a penalty point on Snook (14-4 IA) Evans with a TD with :10 (16-4 IA). Evans cuts Snook looking for more, doesn’t get it.

Final Score: Evans MAJ 17-5 lots of boos for Evans
Team Score: 16-3 IOWA (Evans docked a team point for unsportsmanlike conduct)

184: #8 Sammy Brooks vs Tony Gardner
1st:Brooks comes out, working a two on one Gardner trying to pick up Brooks leg, that’s not going to work. They go OOB
RS Brooks back to working his tie, goes double collar, goes for a trip, then drops to a single on the edge but they go OOB
RS cation Brooks
RS Brooks with an underhook, now Gardner gets into better position and Brooks switches to a whizzer, they go OOB
RS Brooks with a ton of pressure, Maryland warned for stalling there on the edge. OOB
RS Gardner with double underhooks, tries to jack Brooks up but he slips it and gets in on a single leg for a TD, gets a wrist and turns Garnder for NF3 (5-0 IA) period ends.

2nd:Brooks takes down, up to his feet and out (6-0 IA), backs Garnder out and gets a second stall call (7-0 IA) a flurry of action and Brooks with a TD on the edge (9-0 IA).
RS Brooks goes optional start, cuts his man and it’s (9-1 IA) they go OOB
RS Brooks goes for a double, misses almost gets a TD, but Maryland gets the TD to Brooks back for a 4 point move, Brooks gets a reversal, Brooks cuts him on the edge (11-6 IA), Brooks with a double at the buzzer, TD (13-6 IA)

3rd: Maryland starts down and Brooks gives the escape, het’s already in on another score attempt, they had a graphic up so I missed the shot (15-7 IA), Brooks gets another NF3 tilt (18-7 IA) and they go OOB.
Maryland challenging a TD right now, call is upheld Brooks TD
RS Brooks riding tough, Gardner to his feet, Sammy in on a single, but he slips out, but it doesn’t matter

Final Score: Brooks MAJ 19-8 over Gardner
Team Score:20-3 IOWA

197: Kris Klapprodt vs Rob Fitzgerald
1st:Both guys just working some ties, neither committing to a full shot, their MD does, but Klapp slips out has MD’s leg and gets the TD. MD trying to get out, but is returned and Klapp getting some back points. (5-0 IA), Klapp gives up an escape with :30 to go (5-1 IA), period ends.

2nd:Klapp takes down, Works to a tripod, but goes back to his base, tries to hit a roll, but MD follows. MD puts in a half and Klapp is having trouble. Klapp rolls ends on his belly has to work to his base. 1:00 left Klapp still not out, now he is bellied out, trying to work up again, gets to his knees, but MD is keeping a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Klapp gets ridden out.

3rd:Klapp rides for a few seconds, but then just lets MD up, MD gets in on a single, Klapp off to the side and gets a stalemate.
RS A double attempt by MD, but Klapp has his hips back, he catches the ankle and is able to score (7-2 IA), MD is up and out (7-3 IA), Klapp tries a half high crotch, MD doing some desperation moves and Klapp capitalizes on another TD

Final Score: Klapprodt DEC 9-3 Fitzgerald
Team Score: 23-3 IOWA

285: #2 Bobby Telford vs #13 Spencer Myers
1st:Myers in on a shot, but Bobby fights it off on the edge.
RS Telford has a tight collar tie on Myers, but both guys working for inside position. Telford doing a fairly good job backing, Myers drops to an ankle on the edge, Telford not really in trouble, trying to go behind just needs to break the hands, but they stalemate.
RS Nothing much, scoreless first

2nd:Telford defers, Myers goes down, Myers tries to tripod up, but Telford breaks him down, working a spiral ride. Myers bellies out and Telford trying to pull the arm out, he’s got 1:00 RT. They stalemate.
RS Myers to his feet, Telford rides him OOB
RS Telford gets Myers to his belly again, and he gets the ride out, score still 0-0

3rd:Telford goes down, Myers fixing his head gear…
Telford is up and out, :03, so he’s still got RT. Telford backing Myers OOB
RS Telford has a collar tie. Maryland either doesn’t want that tie or can’t get inside position. Under :30 to go, Telford scores a TD on a single and wins the match

Final Score:Telford DEC 4-0 over Myers
Team Score:26-3 IOWA

125: #5 Thomas Gilman vs Josh Polacek
1st: Gilman out to a fast start (like usual) TD release, in on a front headlock and gets a go behind (4-1 IA), lets Polacek up. Another TD Gilman, and he cuts right away (6-2 IA), another TD going OOB (8-3 IA)
RS Gilman cuts, going for another TD with under :30 to go, they get a potentially dangerous.
RS Gilman tapping the head :20 left tries a throw by, period ends.

2nd:MD defers, Gilman takes down, MD throws a leg in and Gilman was on his feet, but ends up back on his base. Gilman trying to pull the leg out. MD gets in a bad position just hangs on for stalemate. Gilman to his feet again, but MD gets that right leg in and Gilman is unable to get out. He is returned to his base. :30 remains, Gilman back on his feet, grabs the leg and pulls on it for a reversal with :15 to go (10-4 IA)

3rd:Md goes down, Gilman does an optional start, cuts him and then scores a TD by dropping to a single on the edge. (12-5 IA)
RS Another optional start release, MD takes a shot, Gilman has good D and snaps MD down catches the ankle and goes around for a TD (14-5 IA), Gilman cuts and goes behind (16-6 IA) another cut and score. GIlman is the worst because he scores so fast. He cuts again and scores (20-9 IA)

Final Score:Gilman MAJ 20-9
Team Score:30-3 IOWA

133: #3 Cory Clark vs #20 Geoffrey Alexander
1st:Maryland jumps out front to a 2-0 lead with a takedown on the edge.
RS, Clark to his feet, and is out (2-1 IA) Clark working a two on one tie, Clark and Alexander in a scramble with Clark scoring a TD with under :30 to go. (3-2 IA)

2nd:Clark takes down, takes him a few seconds to get to his feet, but he does and gets out. He gets in on a low single and is trying to catch the far ankle for score, he gets around (6-2 IA) with 1:00 to go. Clark throws in both legs. Clark riding and they stalemate.
RS Clark dinged for locked hands, (6-3 IA), but Clark finishes the ride.

3rd:Alexander takes down, Clark gets both legs in to belly Alexander out. Clark working for an arm bar. They stalemate with :45 left
RS Alexander tries to hit a stand up, Clark never lets him to his feet, Clark keeping the pressure on, Alexander to his feet, is returned, Clark gets too high and is reversed Clark almost catches Alexander too high but the match ends.

Final Score:Clark by decsion 7-5
Team Score:33-3 IOWA


By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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