Q: Coming of an absence there,  it’s gotta be nice to come back and get a win.

Moore: Yeah, it’s nice to get back on the winning train and move forward. Coach always says it’s easier to move forward when your winning.

Q: You talk about putting together a full 7 minutes, talk about nearly finishing a shot in the 3rd period and finishing one in OT.

Moore: Those guys are pretty stingy. You just gotta stay focused for seven minutes like I said, and you kind of have to refocus during the match and make sure you are where you need to be. That type of thing. Then when something opens up you’re ready for it. I was ready for it tonight and now to build on this, it’s just opening things up, instead of waiting for them to open things up.

Q: How much of it is mental?

Moore: There is a mental aspect to it for all athletes, and you have to be in tune with your mental process and that’s something everybody needs (to do). To answer that question for me, there is a bit of a mental process for me as well as everybody.

Q: Did you feel like your offense is where you need it to be tonight?

Moore: It was probably not as many attempts as there probably should have been and there has been in the past. And that is something I have to build on. Other than that I got to that leg in that second hold, hid my ankles and finished strong.

Q: Every time you’ve wrestled Harger and wrestled it’s been 10-12 points on the board total. Why was it such a low scoring match tonight?

Moore: You know there is not really a whole lot of excuses.. other than that which I am about to throw out an excuse. It’s probably our 7th or 8th time wrestling. We go back to high school and seeing each other a lot and that tends to happen. As a competitor I can’t let that happen. Especially for the fans.

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle