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WHERE: MidAmerican Center, 1 Arena Way, Council Bluffs, IA 51503.



11:00 AM  –  Weigh-in’s

1:00 PM  –   Round-Robin Wrestling Begins and should be completed by 9:00 PM.


8:00 AM  –   Weigh-in’s

10:00 AM  –   Tournament begins and should be completed by 7 PM

Awards to top 8 placers and top 3 teams and 2 Outstanding Wrestlers.

SCHOLARSHIPS awarded to champions of the Gold Bracket.


Abraham Lincoln, IA 
Ames, IA
Apple Valley, MN
Atlantic, IA
Creighton Prep, NE
Fort Dodge, IA
Glenwood, IA
Grand Island, NE
Kearney, NE
LeMars, IA
Lewis Central, IA
Lincoln East, NE
Maysville, MO
Millard North, NE
Missouri Valley, IA
Nebraska City, NE
Newton, IA
Norris, NE
Olathe North, KS
Olathe South, KS
Omaha North, NE
Perry, IA
Plattsmouth, NE
Sergeant Bluff-Luton, IA
South Sioux City, NE
Spirit Lake, IA
St. Albert, IA
St. James Academy, KS
Thomas Jefferson, IA
Totino-Grace, MN

FOLLOW: All matches will be scored real-time via


We are headed West to Council Bluffs for a big time tournament. Roughly 120 state qualifying wrestlers will be on the mats this weekend! Last year was the tournaments debut so you probably haven’t heard about it but this tournament packs in a lot of great wrestlers from the midwest. Below you will see some of the notable wrestlers at each weight class and how they faired at last years respected state tournaments. These wrestlers are not confirmed at these weight classes for the tournament. When wrestlers coming from different states it will be difficult to pin point each wrestlers exact weight class. This will give you a good idea of the type of talent at the tournament. The number one overall ranked wrestler in the nation, Mark Hall from Apple Valley, MN will highlight the tournament at 182lbs. Let’s take a look at who you should keep your eye on this weekend.


Andrew Nielsen, Plattsmouth, NE- 5th Class B

McGwire Midkiff, Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson, IA- 8th Class 3A

Paxton Whiteaker, Lewis Central, IA- 3A State Qualifier


Jake Stogdill, Millard North, NE- 3rd Class A J

Triston Lara, Fort Dodge, IA- 4th Class 3A

Cody Graven, Maysville MO- 5th Class 1

Riley Alderman, Olathe North, KS- 6th Class 6A

Hunter Versteegh, Newton, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier

Carter Cox, Atlantic, IA- Class 2A State Qualifier

Devin Phaly, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, IA- Class 2A State Qualifier

Jordan Bober, Kearney, NE- Class A State Qualifier


Kyle Rathman, Apple Valley, MN- 3rd Class AAA 

Brayden Curry, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, IA- 3rd Class 2A

Tony Heng, Nebraska City, NE- 3rd Class B

Skylar Schmidt, Grand Island, NE- 5th Class A

Erik Birnbaum, Fort Dodge, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier

Riley Pelster, Creighton Prep, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Gabe Crocker, Kearney, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Kade VanKirk, Perry, IA- Class 2A State Qualifier

Shane Funk, Woodbury Central, IA- Class 1A State Qualifier

Paul Anderson, Millard North, NE- Class A State Qualifier


Kaleb Popplewell, Maysville, MO- 1st Class 1

Mike Kenny, Olathe North, KS- 6th Class 6A

Justin Williamson, Plattsmouth, NE- Class B State Qualifier

Blake Coen, Grand Island, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Guy Sudmann, Underwood, IA- Class 1A State Qualifier

Rique Aldana, Nebraska City, NE- Class B State Qualifier


Otis Rollins, Omaha North, NE- 2nd Class A

Stephen Tujague, St. James Academy, KS- 3rd Class 5A

Cole Detmering, Fort Dodge, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier

Cain Blenderman, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, IA- Class 2A State Qualifier


Zak Hensley, St. James Academy, KS- 1st Class 5A

Damon Rodriguez, Kearney, NE- 2nd Class A

Zach Prall, Plattsmouth, NE- 3rd Class B

Kyle Fancios, Nebraska City, NE- 3rd Class B

Lane Nichols, Woodbury Central, IA- 4th Class 1A

Dakota Dawson, Newton, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier

Nic Madsen, LeMars, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier

Tom Jennings, Underwood, IA- Class 1A State Qualifier

Mac Southard, Lewis Central, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier


Brock Morgan, Apple Valley, MN- 3rd Class AAA

Andrew Null, Plattsmouth, NE- 3rd Class B

Riley Hanson, Creighton Prep, NE- 4th Class A

Colton Clingenpeel, Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson, IA- 7th Class 3A

Trevar Bigelow, Kearney, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Austin Martz, Lincoln East, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Tim Reis, Grand Island, NE- Class A State Qualifier


Zach Jaso, Olathe North, KS- 4th Class 6A

Dante Todd, Grand Island, NE- 5th Class A

Jason Wallace, Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson, IA, 6th Class 3A

Luke Klingensmith, Woodbury Central, IA- 7th Class 1A

Zack Chytka, Apple Valley, MN- Class AAA State Qualifier

Matt Malcom, Glenwood, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier

Marcus Coleman, Ames, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier

Reid Steiner, Maysville, MO- Class 1 State Qualifier

Sammy Cokeley, St. James Academy, KS, Class 5A State Qualifier

Brandon Crowe, South Sioux City, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Dillon Duffield, Norris, NE- Class B State Qualifier


Tyler Jackson, Omaha North, NE- 1st Class A

Nick Haug, Olathe North, KS- 2nd Class 6A

Cody Kingery, Underwood, IA- 3rd Class 1A

Isaac Odell,  Lincoln East, NE- 4th Class A

Clay Lautt, St. James Academy, KS- 6th Class 5A

Mason Merritt, Kearney, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Josh Anderson, Creighton Prep, NE- Class A  State Qualifier

Ben Joerger, Ames, IA- 0-2 Class 3A State Qualifier


Matt Pratt, St. James Academy, KS- 1st Class 5A

Gage Orton, Plattsmouth, NE- 2nd Class B

Billy Thomspon, Grand Island, NE- 3rd Class A

Gable Verschoor, Woodbury Central, IA- 7th Class 1A

Jeffrey Thongvanh, Newton, IA- 8th Class 3A


Mark Hall, Apple Valley, MN- 1st Class AAA

Isaac Florell, Totino Grace, MN- Class AA State Qualifier

Darin Sornson, Nebraska City, NE- Class B State Qualifier

Blaise Eason, Norris, NE- Class B State Qualifier

Nick Birkenholz, Maysville, MO- Class 1 State Qualifier


Bobby Steveson, Apple Valley, MN- 1st Class AAA

Lance Benick, Totino Grace, MN- 1st Class AA

Cameron Schlender, Kearney, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Tyler Shriner, Grand Island, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Hank Swalla, Ames, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier

Kyle Brown, Lincoln East, NE- Class A State Qualifier

Hayden Waldstein, Lewis Central, IA- Class 3A State Qualifier


Gabe Steveson, Apple Valley, MN- 2nd Class AAA

Sam Cook, Fort Dodge, IA- 3rd Class 3A

Edger Silva, Grand Island, NE- 3rd Class A

Kez Flomo, Totino Grace, MN- Class AA State Qualifier

Nick Pray, Creighton Prep, NE-  Class A State Qualifier

Chris Thomas, Lewis Central, IA-  Class 3A State Qualifier

Harrison Townsend, Ames, IA-  Class 3A State Qualifier

Taylor Christensen, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, IA-  Class 2A State Qualifier

Nick Huffman, Maysville, MO-  Class 1 State Qualifier

Noah Uhing, South Sioux City, NE-  Class A State Qualifier


Landan Paulsen, Woodbury Central, IA- 2nd Class 1A

Josh Riggs, Maysville, MO- 2nd Class 1

DeValon Whitcomb, Omaha North, NE- 3rd Class A

Chase Miller, Olathe North, KS- 4th Class 6A

Gabriel Ledesma, Kearney, NE- 6th Class A State Qualifier 

Sam Anderson, Totino Grace, MN- Class AA State Qualifier 

Bradley Eastlack, Millard North, NE-  Class A State Qualifier 

Big thanks to Eric Schares for his help on this preview.

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  1. The highlight of the tournament is at 195 where No 1 ranked Bobby Steveson from Apple Valley could potentially face No 3 ranked Lance Bennick from Totino-Grace. This tournament could be the start to the two seeing each other back to back weekends.

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