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This past week at the Dan Gable Wrestling Complex we had the opportunity to catch up with Iowa senior Nick Moore who is looking to go out on top in his last year. Moore has spent the offseason motivated by not making the All-American stand, and because of that coach Brands stated he spent the offseason “training angry”.

Q: You wrestled arguably as well as anyone on the team last year and had, what I’m sure was for you a disappointing March. How was your mentality this summer?

Moore: There was a down period there after nationals where I just got away for a while. It was a good time to think about things, and to think about things other than wrestling. After that you get into that Summer phase and you get into camps and it’s a little different because you have grown accustomed to getting away from it. Then a couple workouts in and your mind is back into (wrestling). It’s time to turn the page on last year and then move forward and tackle this year.

Q: Are you guys feeling confident that you can get Iowa back to what we were used to seeing during that three year stretch?

Moore: I think we are confident. I think it is more of an individual thing with 125 going out and doing their job, and then all the way up to heavyweight. It comes together as team confidence, but you build it individually.

Q: Coach Brands described you as training angry, is that fair to say how you are preparing for the season?

Moore: That kinda got coined earlier this summer, and Tom liked it and he said it to me and I didn’t mind it either. It’s kinda just training alone, training by yourself, and training without the results. It just used to motivate me and keep me going. So yeah, I guess that is training angry.

(Video by Kirk, transcription done by Ross)