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Gunther is ranked #7 at 152 by WIN magazine, and will add to Iowa’s middle weight depth. Gunther has taken one of the nations top juniors Manville to the wire a few years ago and below is a match between him and Loving (OK). Loving recently finished 2nd at preseason nationals, which included a win over Dayton Racer, so it should be considered a quality win.

How did you get involved in wrestling?
I got involved in wrestling in 4th grade because of a flyer for a local club. My dad was a wrestler so he signed me up.

What other school(s) were you considering?
I was considering Illinois, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Central Michigan, and Northern Colorado


What made you pick Iowa over those schools?
I chose Iowa over these schools because of the coaches and the wrestlers in the room. For me it was the best fit and where I could see myself becoming an NCAA champ.


Did the chance to wrestle in front of the most fans in the country influence your decision?
On my visit when I walked out into Carver Hawkeye Arena, and imagined those stands filled with people, I knew I had to wrestle there.


Are you excited about your fellow recruits and accomplishing big things as an overall recruiting class at Iowa?
I’m very excited to wrestle with my recruiting class. I know that we will accomplish big things as a team.


Is there anyone you would like to thank?
I would like to Thank my parents, Mike Powell, Dale Eggert, Mike Poeta, John Henslee, and Jeff Keske. All of these coaches have helped me become the man, and wrestler I am today.
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