You read that title correctly, here at IA Wrestle in the pursuit to feed all of your wrestling needs will begin to broadcast a online segment, and we’re going to do it LIVE. The segment titled ‘cROSS Face’ will premiere Wednesday night, so be looking for the post next week.

Starting next week we will put a post up with the video embedded (which means you shouldn’t have to leave IA Wrestle to view) into the article for your viewing pleasure. What will we talk about? For starters we will dig into the Preseason Rankings post that was put up today, and will try and dive in to explain all the ins and outs of Wrestle Stats ranking process. Depending on length we may get to discussing the Hawkeye Wrestling Club members Brent Metcalf and Tony Ramos competing at the World Championships.

So, what will be the benefits of having this show live you may be wondering? Well, it’s to be able to interact with you! We will do our best to follow along in the comments section below the video, and answer any questions that may come up along the way. It’s that easy, drop a comment, receive an answer (to the best of our ability). Of course while we are in the process of coming off as intelligent beings, it may be difficult to be constantly scanning the comments section, so if you would like to try and assure your questions to be answered go ahead and send your questions to : We will review the best questions we receive, and will do our due diligence of coming up with a response to try and answer them. If you’re on Twitter you can also tweet your questions to @RossIAWrestle or @IAwrestle and use the hashtag #cROSSface.

We are really excited about entering into this new opportunity and we hope that you the fans will enjoy it as well.

See you soon!

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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