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WrestleStat Rankings are 100% computer generated and is based on a custom variation of the popular Chess Rating system called Elo (see Wikipedia for detailed information). There have been a few modifications to the algorithm to make this work well for wrestling. The algorithm factors in the margin of victory in every match. The FALL produces the largest margin of victory. Other special weighting is applied for wrestlers that have fewer total matches. Any non-traditional results (forfeits, etc) do not have the margin of victory factored in when calculating the rating change for that particular match.

We hope you enjoy this different way of looking at wrestling rankings. No politics, No human error, JUST RESULTS. Once wrestling starts the freshman will earn their stripes and climb the rankings. Be sure to check out the other features above at WrestleStat.

 *Please note that these rankings are all based off last years matches. We will update the weights and teams as soon as the computer allows us too. We realize these rankings will look a lot different than the other sites. That is why we are doing this on our site. Remember it is from a computer and computers make mistakes too. We are two months out from competition so as we hear of transfers and weight changes we will do our best to change the rankings.*

1. Jesse Delgado SR Illinois
2. Nahshon Garrett JR Cornell
3.Nicholas Megaludis SR Penn State
4. Joey Dance SO Virginia Tech
5. Dylan Peters SO Northern Iowa
6. Darian Cruz SO Lehigh
7. David Terao JR American
8. Edward Klimara JR Oklahoma State
9. Thomas Gilman SO Iowa
10. Bradley Taylor SO Wisconsin
11. Martin(Josh) Martinez SO Air Force
12. Tyler Cox JR Wyoming
13. Joshua Rodriguez SO North Dakota State University
14. Robert Deutsch JR Rider
15. Evan Silver JR Stanford
16. Jordan Conaway JR Penn State
17. Tim Lambert SO Nebraska
18. Nathan Tomasello SO Ohio State
19. Kory Mines SR Edinboro
20. Paul Petrov JR Bucknell

1. Aaron (A.J.) Schopp SR Edinboro
2. Mason Beckman JR Lehigh
3. Cory Clark SO Iowa
4. Cody Brewer SR Oklahoma
5. Christopher Dardanes SR Minnesota
6. Mark Grey SO Cornell
7. Rosario Bruno JR Michigan
8. Earl Hall JR Iowa State
9. Johnni DiJulius JR Ohio State
10. Zane Richards SO Illinois
11. Geoffrey Alexander JR Maryland
12. James Gulibon SO Penn State
13. Kevin Norstrem SO Virginia Tech
14. Connor Schram SO Stanford
15. Nick Soto SR Chattanooga
16. Devon Lotito JR Cal Poly
17. Jamel Hudson SO Hofstra
18. Jordan Northrup SO Northern Illinois
19. Mackenzie McGuire JR Kent State
20. Dennis Gustafson SO Virginia Tech

1. Logan Stieber SR Ohio State
2. Devin Carter SR Virginia Tech
3. Mitchell Port SR Edinboro
4. Evan Henderson SR North Carolina
5. Zain Retherford SO Penn State
6. Stephen Dutton III SR Michigan
7. Richard Durso SR Franklin & Marshall
8. Anthony Collica SO Oklahoma State
9. Todd Preston JR Harvard
10. Nick Dardanes SR Minnesota
11. Anthony Abidin JR Nebraska
12. Zach Horan JR Central Michigan
13. Chris Mecate JR Old Dominion
14. Josh Dziewa SR Iowa
15. Edgar Bright SO Pittsburgh
16. Lavion Mayes SO Missouri
17. Anthony Mcnugh SO Air Force
18. Khishignyam Undrakhbayar JR The Citadel
19. Christopher Vassar SO Gardner-Webb
20. Sam Speno JR North Carolina State

1. Jason Tsirtsis SO Northwestern
2. Joshua Kindig SR Oklahoma State
3. David Habat SR Edinboro
4. Drake Houdashelt SR Missouri
5. Mitchell Minotti JR Lehigh
6. Justin Arthur SO Nebraska
7. Hunter Stieber SR Ohio State
8. Jake Sueflohn SR Nebraska
9. Christopher Villalonga SR Cornell
10. Brandon Sorensen SO Iowa
11. Scott Sakaguchi SR Oregon State
12. Augustus Sako SR Virginia
13. Alexander Richardson JR Old Dominion
14. Brody Grothus JR Iowa
15. David Cisneros SO Cornell
16. Dyllan Cottrell JR Appalachian State
17. Quinton Murphy JR Clarion
18. Mike Racciato SO Pittsburgh
19. Andrew Alton SR Penn State
20. TJ Miller SO Virginia

1. Dylan Ness SR Minnesota
2. James Green SR Nebraska
3. Ian Miller SO Kent State
4. Brian Realbuto SO Cornell
5. Anthony Perrotti JR Rutgers
6. Joseph LaVallee SO Missouri
7. Luke Smith JR Central Michigan
8. Thomas Gantt SR North Carolina State
9. Nestor Taffur SR Boston U.
10. Roger Pena SR Oregon State
11. Taylor Walsh JR Indiana
12. Blaise Butler JR Virginia
13. Brian Murphy SO Michigan
14. Kyle Bradley JR Missouri
15. Dylan Alton SR Penn State
16. Cody Pack SR South Dakota State
17. Austin Matthews SO Edinboro
18. Patrick Rhoads JR Iowa
19. Brandon Kingsley SO Minnesota
20 Zach Brunson SO Illinois

1. Nicholas Sulzer SR Virginia
2. Alex Dieringer JR Oklahoma State
3. Michael Moreno SR Iowa State
4. Pierce Harger SR Northwestern
5. Dylan Palacio SO Cornell
6. Isaac Jordan SO Wisconsin
7. Nick Moore SR Iowa
8. Taylor Massa SO Michigan
9. Corey Mock SR Chattanooga
10. Cooper Moore SO Northern Iowa
11. Jackson Morse SR Illinois
12. Jim Wilson SO Stanford
13. Bo Jordan SO Ohio State
14. Austin Wilson SO Nebraska
15. Ryan Leblanc SR Indiana
16. Dakota Friesth JR Wyoming
17. Chris Moon SR Virginia Tech
18. Peyton Walsh SR Navy
19. Casey Kent SO Pennsylvania
20. Harrison Hightower SR Ohio

1. Logan Storley SR Minnesota
2. Robert Kokesh SR Nebraska
3. Mathew Brown SR Penn State
4. Michael Evans SR Iowa
5. Tyler Wilps SR Pittsburgh
6. Bryce Hammond SO CSU Bakersfield
7. Mathew Miller JR Navy
8. Tanner Weatherman JR Iowa State
9. Elliot Riddick SO Lehigh
10. Mike Ottinger SR Central Michigan
11. Zach Epperly SO Virginia Tech
12. Kyle Crutchmer SO Oklahoma State
13. Hayden Zillmer JR North Dakota State University
14. Cody Walters JR Ohio
15. Mark Martin JR Ohio State
16. Alex Meyer SO Iowa
17. Connor Brennan JR Rider
18. Joe Latham JR Oregon State
19. Austin Gabel JR Virginia Tech
20. Owen Scott JR Cornell

1. Gabriel Dean SO Cornell
2. Jack Dechow SO Old Dominion
3. Lawrence Thomas JR Pennsylvania
4. Ophir Bernstein SR Brown
5. Max Thomusseit SR Pittsburgh
6. Kenny Courts JR Ohio State
7. Blake Stauffer SO Arizona State
8. Sam Brooks SO Iowa
9. Brett Pfarr SO Minnesota
10. Sam Wheeler SO Kent State
11. Nathaniel Brown SR Lehigh
12. Lelund Weatherspoon SO Iowa State
13. Domenic Abounader SO Michigan
14. Timothy Dudley SO Nebraska
15. Benjamin Stroh SO Wyoming
16. Lazarus Reyes SO Illinois
17. Victor Avery JR Edinboro
18. Nolan Boyd SO Oklahoma State
19. John Rizqallah SR Michigan State
20. John Eblen SR Missouri

1. J’Den Cox SO Missouri
2. Scott Schiller SR Minnesota
3. Kyven Gadson SR Iowa State
4. Conner Hartmann JR Duke
5. Morgan McIntosh JR Penn State
6. Nathan Burak JR Iowa
7. Nick Bonaccorsi JR Pittsburgh
8. Phillip Wellington JR Ohio
9. Braden Atwood SR Purdue
10. Alex Polizzi SR Northwestern
11. Dan Scherer SR Stanford
12. Jace Bennett SR Cornell
13. Taylor Meeks JR Oregon State
14. Zach Nye JR Virginia
15. Austin Schafer JR Oklahoma State
16. Shane Woods JR Wyoming
17. Willie Miklus SO Missouri
18. Timothy McCall SR Wisconsin
19. Brandon Palik SR Drexel
20. Abram Ayala JR Princeton

1. Nick Gwiazdowski JR North Carolina State
2. Michael McMullan SR Northwestern
3. Bobby Telford SR Iowa
4. Austin Marsden JR Oklahoma State
5. Adam Coon SO Michigan
6. Connor Medbery JR Wisconsin
7. Nick Tavanello SO Ohio State
8. Kyle Colling SR Arizona State
9. James Lawson SR Penn State
10. Spencer Myers SR Maryland
11. William Smith JR Rutgers
12. Jonathan Gingrich SR Penn State
13. Amarveer Dhesi SO Oregon State
14. Joe Stolfi JR Bucknell
15. Adam Fager SR Utah Valley University
16. Maximilian Wessell JR Lehigh
17. Ross Larson JR Oklahoma
18. Michael Kroells SO Minnesota
19. Ty Walz SO Virginia Tech
20. Devin Mellon SR Missouri

    1. I also think Tomasello, BoJO, and Snyder (I assume you don’t rank true freshman) are under ranked but I can at least understand the justification because they are freshman.

  1. Matthews at 57 is now at edinboro. Quinton Murphy is no longer at Clarion, and Justin Arthur has moved on to Nebraska. On a side note Cam Cyphert left claron as well and is now contending for a HWT position at Lock Haven.

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