The Associated Wrestling Press released new class of 2015 rankings  on Monday with results from Fargo factored in. It should come as no surprise that several Iowans made the list, including two whom we recently interviewed in Fredy Stroker and Dayton Racer.

Let’s start with the top ten overall: Anthony Valencia, Logan Massa, Myles Martin, Zahid Valencia, Ke-Shawn Hayes, Vincenzo Joseph, Fox Baldwin, Matt Kolodzik, Nick Piccinni, and Bobby Stevenson. Nothing too out of the ordinary here.

Iowans ranked by AWP: #14 Fredy Stroker, #35 Max Thomsen, #38 Bryce Steiert, #55 Cash Wilcke, #63 Jake Marnin, and #83 Dayton Racer. Steven Holloway and Ryan Parmley round out the list with an honorable mention nods (which AWP classifies as someone who is in the 101-150 range). That is a pretty solid group to have six recruits in the top 100, with one-third of them yet to make their college commitment.

Now I know it’s early, but let’s go ahead and take a look at what the top recruiting classes look like so far:

#1 – Arizona State – #1 Anthony Valencia (184), #4 Zahid Valencia (174), #11 Lance Benick (197), #24 Josh Maruca (149)
A bit of an obvious pick since they currently have three guys in the top 11, and another top 25 guy. While we haven’t even hit the November early signing period, there is a good chance that no one is going to top Zeke Jones’s first recruiting class.

#2 – Virginia – #7 Fox Baldwin (157/165), #30 Sam Krivus (125/133), #46 Cameron Harrell (149), HM Corbin Allen (149/157)
Right now it makes the most sense to put this team in the second spot. They have three top 50 guys, and one of those is a top ten. Virginia did an excellent job of acquiring good talent early on.

#3 – Minnesota – #10 Bobby Stevenson (197), #14 Fredy Stroker (149/157)
Minnesota jumps into the top five after adding Fredy Stroker late last night. Having two top 15 recruits is a solid start for Minnesota. Stroker isn’t the first Iowan to head north, as not too long ago four time Iowa state champion Mack Reiter of Don Bosco wrestled under coach J-Rob.

#4 – Oklahoma State – #13 Joe Smith (149), #26 Kaid Brock (125/133), #45 Boo Lewallen (125/133)
This one stung a bit, but again they have three guys in the top 50 so they are already off to a strong start. I am also making the assumption that Joe Smith commits to where his dad is the coach, as I can’t find anything that shows him actually committing.

Tie #4 – Michigan – #2 Logan Massa (157), #31 Austin Assad (125)
At this stage in the game with so few of the recruits actually committed, I would say that Michigan is in a tie with Oklahoma State. They may have one less recruit than Oklahoma State, but any time you have a top five guy it helps close the distance (see why no one will probably touch Zeke Jones at Arizona State).

#6- Northern Iowa – #35 Max Thomsen (141/149), #38 Bryce Steiert (157)
Hey now, there is a familiar name! That’s right with two top 40 recruits Doug Schwab has already put himself in contention for a top recruiting class (if he adds another piece he should stay in the top ten). Schwab’s two acquisitions in this recruiting class are the best any Panther fan could have hoped for. Not only are they some of the top talent in their state, these two are some of the top talent to get period. Looking at the recruiting classes Schwab has put together, we could be looking at one of the strongest Panther teams to take the mat in years (and that includes a team that went 13-0 last year).

So that leaves Marnin and Racer in state left to commit among top 100 recruits. We know what programs Racer is looking into from his interview earlier this week. Racer could push Missouri or Iowa’s recruiting class into just outside the top five.

There is one Hawkeye (Wilcke #55) and one Cyclone (DiBlasi #75) which means at the moment Iowa has the edge over Iowa State for the second best recruiting class in the state. A lot will change between now and the end of the recruiting season, but that is where they stand currently.

AWP also ranked underclassmen and here are where some Iowans stand (note these don’t reflect Fargo yet):

(EDIT it looks like this list was updated today) 2016: #17 Carter Happel (132) – Lisbon, #39 Gannon Gremmel (220) -Dubuque Hempstead, #48 Brock Rathbun (120) – Center Point, #60 Ethan Andersen (220) – Southeast Polk, and #72 Carter Isley (195) – Albia

2017: None (but I suspect we see Bryce West sometime soon)

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By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle