When: March 12th, 2022 at 6:30PM. 

Where: Franklin Junior High

Tickets: Eventbrite $15-$40 ($450 VIP Tables)

Stream: Rokfin

By Randi Yeager

The Night of Conflict, Iowa’s premier high school wrestling event, is headed to the state’s capital for a night of high caliber wrestling. Fans can expect some of the best at the high school and youth level to compete on stage. The card already has seven matches locked with state champ versus state champ. General admission and VIP tickets can be found at NightofConflict.com. Night of Conflict will be streamed live and archived for premium subscribers on Rokfin.

Wil Oberbroeckling of Sebolt vs. Dawson Youngblut of Immortal

Dawson is a 5x AAU State Champion, 2022 Tulsa Champion, 2022 USA State Champion, Winter Nationals Champion and Tulsa Kick off Champion. Dawson’s coach describes him as a pretty chill dude. Watching Dawson’s matches at state he seemed to be pretty unphased by his opponent and not worried about too much. He was very laid back and just wrestled while also listening well to his corner. 

TJ Sebolt tells me that they call Wil “bam bam” and he’s likely going to get a black eye and be bloody. He’s a bruiser and isn’t scared to be physical. Wil is a 2022 USA and AAU State champion, Preseason national placer, Freestyle and Greco State Champion and is a multiple time National Champion and Placer.

I’m excited to see if Youngblut’s cool and calm demeanor remains with Oberbroeckling’s aggressive and physical pace. 


Fun Fact:

Dawson loves the outdoors and is an avid hunter and fisherman. In his freetime you will most likely find him sitting in a tree stand or trying to hook a big fish.

Nico DeSalvo of Sebolt vs. Gavin Landers of Immortal

This is going to be a fun match to watch. Local Iowa stand out Gavin Landers will see if he has what it takes to slow down Nico DeSalvo and his endless gas tank and incredible technique. While Nico has accolades such as Iowa/USA State Champion, Iowa AAU State Champion, Tulsa Kickoff and Tulsa Nationals Champion, Preseason Nationals runner up and UWW U15 Freestyle All American, he is not alone in big wins and tough competition. Gavin is a 7x AAU State Champion, 7x Iowa/USA State Champion, Multiple time National All American including Tulsa and Super 32 events. 2x Winter Nationals champion, USA Preseason Nationals champion and 3x finalist. 

Nico came to Iowa from Louisiana and has made some noise in his short time here. He’s a very dominant wrestler who is always looking to take on the next person who wants to scrap with him. Both boys have a calm demeanor on the mat and don’t seem to get too worked up, we’ll see if they push each other past that. This is going to be a great opportunity for Gavin to rise up to some new tough competition and I’m glad we get to witness it this weekend! 


Fun Facts:

Nico got into his first real fist fight with two other kids while at Disney World on vacation.

Gavin loves the outdoors. If he’s not wrestling you’ll find him hunting, fishing, playing baseball and following his favorite sports teams.

Nolan Fellers of Sebolt vs. Jaxon Miller of Ubasa

Nolan and Jaxon are both two of the hardest working wrestlers in the state. Both of these kids are outstanding athletes and travel the country leaving their opponents in the dust. They are just a step ahead of the rest and it’s hard to find competition to challenge them. This should be a battle that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Jaxon is a 2x AAU state champion, 2022 USA State Champion, 2021 USA state champion in all 3 styles, 2021 Preseason Nationals Champion, 2021 Tulsa Nationals champion, 2021 Super 32 Champion, 15x National Champion, has traveled the U.S. to wrestle on national dual teams and train and is a 4x Winter Nationals Champion. Jaxon hasn’t been in the wrestling scene long and has changed drastically from his start but he leaves no question this is where he belongs. He is dominant and will manhandle his opponents with his overpowering strength and fluster them with his speed and skill level. 

Nolan is not one that backs up or backs down. He’s very focused on his training and is in the room with some of the best high schoolers in the country. He waits for his opportunity and baits his opponents into where he wants them. He is very skilled at underhooks and is comfortable going upper body. He likes to control the ties but will continue to attack the legs as well. 

Both of these kids are very used to having the upper hand and being the more aggressive and dominant wrestler in their matches. It will be an all out battle for control. 


Fun Fact:

Jaxon has only been wrestling for 4 years. He enjoys rock climbing, is a multisport athlete and a straight A Student. He’s even better at Fortnite than he is at wrestling.

Hudson “Ace” Chittum of Boom Ranch vs. Hayden Schwab of Immortal

I am not familiar with Hudson Chittum as he is from TN but it appears that he is a State Champion and multiple time State and National finalist and champion. He has wrestled Hayden twice and they are currently 1-1. Both match ups were in Tulsa. 

Hayden is the oldest of the Schwab boys and he has had to have some patience in his training and skill development and is clearly putting in the work to see his effort and determination start paying off. He is a 3x AAU state placer and was the 2022 AAU State Champion, 2021 USA State champion and Post Season Nationals finalist. He got 4th in Tulsa in 2022 and placed 7th at Super 32 in 2021.

Hayden has a motor that is hard to match, he pushes himself to the limit and will go hard from start to finish. We’re excited to see this big match up right here in Iowa.


Fun Fact:

Hayden is leaving for his second mission trip to Africa in April.

Cooper Hinz of Big Game vs. Hendrix Schwab of Immortal

Cooper wanted this match up and he’s hungry to win it. He’s a kid that likes the challenge and will chase the matches that make him better. He’s long and lean and moves very well. His confidence rounds out his ability to grind out some big wins. He is a 4x AAU state placer, 3x USA state placer and 2x USA state Freestyle and Greco champion.

Hendrix is a 2x AAU state champion, 4x placer. He is a 2021 Freestyle Nationals Champion and Greco Nationals runner up, 2021 Post Season Nationals runner up, and 2020 Post Season Nationals Champion. Hendrix has found his way in the wrestling world pretty quickly and has had success early on. He’s tough as nails and will battle with anyone that toes the line with him. He’s extremely powerful and stays calm and collected, especially in tight matches when others would get flustered.


Fun Facts:

Cooper’s favorite things to do are wrestle, golf, fish and eat ice cream.

Hendrix’s favorite football team is the Steelers.

Kai McDonald of Sebolt vs. Ty Martin of Immortal

Kai McDonald has been on the radar of the youth scene the past few years after somewhat randomly stumbling upon wrestling. I remember talking to his dad during his first Super PeeWee state run and being amazed they were not a wrestling family and he had just started. It’s been all gas since then. He is a 3x AAU state Champion, 2x USA State Champion, State Freestyle Champion, 2021 National Freestyle Champion, 2022 Super 32 Runner up and 2021 Tulsa Nationals Champion. He’s been on multiple National level dual teams and is a multiple time All American. Kai is a work horse and he isn’t going to stop until the last second. 

Ty Martin is a name we’ve heard many times throughout the years. He is a multiple time AAU and USA state Champion. He also won USA Preseason Nationals this year. Ty has some really big name wins under his belt. He is coming into this match hungry to take down a competitor that does not lose often. Ty seems like a quiet, humble kid off the mat but when that whistle blows he’s going right to work. This match is going to be fireworks and we’re here for it!


Fun Facts:

Kai is a 2x state track and field champion in the long jump and also qualified for the Junior Olympics in the Long Jump and Javelin.

Liam “Catfish” Jennett of Sebolt vs. Ethan Humphrey of Big Game


This is going to be one heck of a match up. Liam is one of the baddest 5th graders in the state, if not the country and is ready to take on a 7th grader and also Division C State Champion out of Eastern Iowa. He will definitely have his hands full with Ethan. 

Ethan is a 2x AAU state champion, 5x placer. He’s a 2x USA state champion, Tulsa Nationals finalist and placer. Folkstyle nationals finalist and has been a member of several National Dual teams. In the past few years he has really evolved into a very confident and complete wrestler. He is very skilled at wrestling in almost any position and the scrambles that are sure to come from these two are going to be exciting!

Liam is no stranger to national level, tough competition and will take on anyone that will step on the mat. He is a 2x AAU State Champion, 2x Super PeeWee State Champion, 2x USA State Triple Crown winner, Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco National champion. He is a Tulsa Kick off, Tulsa Nationals and Reno Worlds Champion, a 2x AAU Winter Nationals Champion and Super 32 Champion. There’s not much he hasn’t taken home gold in. Describing his style is a tough thing to do. TJ Sebolt calls him a free spirit. He’s calm, cool and collected but you never know what he’s going to do. If his coaches are screaming one thing, he’s likely going for a leg cradle, gator bacon or maybe a cartwheel because Catfish does what Catfish wants but one thing is for sure, he’ll keep it interesting!

Jennett knows what he’s up against with Ethan and better be prepared to wrestle at his highest level because Humphreys will be ready to put on a show. 


Fun Facts:

Liam is Willie Sailor’s favorite wrestler. He also once ate 14 cheese dogs while competing and simultaneously winning Folkstyle Nationals. 

If Ethan isn’t on the wrestling mat you’ll find him out hunting big bucks or on a river slaying cats. 

Chase Watkinson of McDominate vs. Jack Wallukait of Ubasa

Chase is a 2x AAU State Champion, 2x USA State Champion and USA freestyle and Greco State Champion. He was the 2021 Preseason Nationals Champion and Northern plains regional Greco Champion. He also was a 2020 Tulsa Nationals Finalist. He has also traveled around the U.S. competing on National dual teams. Chase is a fast paced wrestler with no stop in him. He’s long and lean and is a smart scrambler. He’s not scared of tough competition and just wants to keep testing himself and his skills. He won against Wallukait once in a tight 1-0 battle earlier this season and knows that he’s going to have to bring his A game to get another win over him. 

Jack is one of the best kids in the state despite some of his placements in larger tournaments. He’s deceptively strong with heavy hands, if he gets a hold of you you’re going to have a hard time getting away from him. He’s little but he’s tough and he’s been battling it out at one of the toughest weights for years. His single leg dumps are some of the best we’ve seen and he will scramble with the best of ’em. He is still working towards that State title but we have no doubt it’s coming and it won’t be the only one. 

We’re excited to watch these two throw down and see if they keep it as close as they did at the beginning of the season or if one of them has gotten an edge over the other. 


Fun Facts:

When Chase was 8 years old he made the finals of a national tournament in San Diego, California and got to wrestle on a US Navy aircraft Carrier.

Jack tells me a fun fact about him is that he is very short. You’ll have the opportunity to see for yourself Saturday night that he isn’t lying.

Brayton Foster of Sebolt vs. Amir Newman-Winfrey of Hammer Time

Brayton and Amir are no strangers to each other as it seems they wrestle each other multiple times a year. Most recently they wrestled in the AAU state finals in a 9-1 major decision with Amir taking the Championship. Brayton has not yet been able to secure a win over Amir and he will definitely be looking to change that this weekend. Foster is a 2x state placer, 1x finalist. He is a multiple time National placer, 4x Tulsa place winner and has been on multiple national dual teams.

Amir is a 3x AAU State Champion, 2x Super PeeWee State Champion, 2x USA State Champion, Multiple time National placer and Champion, including Tulsa Nationals and Super 32. He has traveled the U.S competing on National dual teams as well. Amir is a very fast paced high speed wrestler who rarely can find someone to challenge him on the mat but Brayton is all heart and will battle every second until the very end. We will see if Brayton can change some things up and get the W.


Fun Facts:

Brayton had a bone infection that took him out for a year. He got typhoid fever from touching an iguana. He also loves roller coasters and is a man of few words.

We will see you Saturday night for some crazy battles between some of the best youth and high schoolers our State has to offer! You aren’t going to want to miss it!