Podcast: Recapping a busy weekend of wrestling

Iowa’s premier site for youth, high school, college, and international wrestling. Potentially Dangerous Podcast this week is hosted by Ross Bartachek and Lars Underbakke.

0:00 – Cliff Keen Las Vegas – Northern Iowa and Iowa State takeaways

14:45 – Iowa dual recap with Princeton

24:20 – Keith Young thoughts

30:00 – Independence Invite was bananas

1:00:00 – Looking ahead to Mt Vernon and CBWC

1:05:45 – New Rankings are coming next weekend

This podcast is sponsored by Big Game Wrestling Club in North Liberty. For more information search Big Game Wrestling on Facebook or @BigGameWR on Twitter and Instagram. You can also email Coach Dylan Carew at dcarew103@yahoo.com.

We are also supported by Prime Movement in Iowa City. For more details check out their website and schedule a free consolation today. https://primemvmt.weebly.com/


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