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Please note: IAwrestle does not rank freshman in the first set of rankings. They need to have a high school resume first. Team rankings are based solely on projected tournament points. Ranked wrestlers are given a point value based on their ranking below and those points are tallied for the team rankings.

3A –

2A –

1A –

Team Tournament Rankings
1 Don Bosco (8)
2 Lisbon (8)
3 Underwood (6)
4 Denver (8)
5 West Sioux, Hawarden (6)
6 Logan-Magnolia (6)
7 West Hancock (4)
8 Woodbury Central (3)
9 New London (5)
10 Eagle Grove (3)
1 Jader Briggs Akron-Westfield Jr
2 Quincy Happel Lisbon So
3 Jace Rose Riverside, Oakland So
4 Ryan Duckett St. Edmonds Jr
5 Noah Strohmeyer Colfax-Mingo Jr
6 Kevin King South Central Calhoun So
7 Bryce Thompson Highland-Riverside Jr
8 Cale Reding BGM, Brooklyn So
9 Kaden Petersen Rockford Jr
10 Ali Gerbracht AGWSR Sr
1 Marcel Lopez New London So
2 Brayden Graff West Sioux, Hawarden So
3 Jakob Whitinger Nashua-Plainfield Sr
4 Clayton McDonough Central Springs So
5 Joe Ebaugh Denver So
6 Ethan Maldonado South Winneshiek So
7 Tyler Stein Clarion-Goldfield Sr
8 Sean Thompson Logan-Magnolia So
9 John Schroder Riverside-Oakland Jr
10 Hayden Fischer AHSTW So
1 Hagen Heistand Logan-Magnolia So
2 Stevie Barnes Underwood So
3 Trey Lashbrook AGWSR Jr
4 Damon Huston Midland Jr
5 Mason Dye Sigourney-Keota Sr
6 Brooks Meyer Denver Jr
7 Garrett Funk Don Bosco So
8 Cade Siebrecht Lisbon So
9 Bryce Shaha Mount Ayr Jr
10 Drayven Kraft West Sioux, Hawarden So
1 Adam Allard West Sioux, Hawarden Sr
2 Aidan Noonan Cascade Jr
3 Beau Klingensmith Woodbury Central Jr
4 Michael McClelland Don Bosco Jr
5 Kael Brisker Wilton Jr
6 Lincoln Holub Lisbon Jr
7 Gabe Rolon Eagle Grove Jr
8 Cael Cassady Martensdale, St. Mary’s Jr
9 Connor Attkisson Tri Center Sr
10 Randy Jimenez SE Warren Jr
1 Robert Avila Jr Lisbon So
2 Cole Cassady Martensdale, St. Mary’s Sr
3 Trey Schuck Sibley-Ocheyedan Sr
4 Daniel Meeker Wapello Sr
5 Jacob Moore Denver Sr
6 Cullen Koedam West Sioux, Hawarden So
7 Tyler Helgeson Lake Mills Sr
8 Zane Ziegler Underwood Sr
9 Gunnar Larsen AC/GC Jr
10 Trae Ehlen Mount Ayr Jr
1 Cael Happel Lisbon Sr
2 Logan James Underwood Sr
3 Easton Larson Don Bosco Sr
4 Gabriel Lewis Denver Sr
5 Remington Hansen Clarion-Goldfield Jr
6 Heath Moyer North Linn Sr
7 Ethan Stubbs MFL MarMac Sr
8 Cyden Fitch Colfax-Mingo Sr
9 Jordan Khommanyvong South Central Calhoun Jr
10 Gavin Maguire Logan-Magnolia So
1 Nick Hamilton Underwood So
2 Briar Reisz Logan-Magnolia Jr
3 Cael Rahnavardi Don Bosco Jr
4 Dillon Lynott West Sioux, Hawarden Sr
5 Lawson Losee Riceville So
6 Isaac Schimmels Denver Jr
7 Sherman Hayes East Union Sr
8 Reed Abbas Clarion-Goldfield Jr
9 Brody Hawtrey North Cedar Sr
10 Blake McAlister South Central Calhoun So
1 Wade Mitchell Woodbury Central Sr
2 Blake Thomsen Underwood Sr
3 Cael Frost Don Bosco Jr
4 Marshall Hauck Lisbon Sr
5 Mark Dawson Eagle Grove Sr
6 Logan Schnuelle South Winneshiek Sr
7 Logan Meyer Denver Sr
8 Garett Seaba Clarion-Goldfield So
9 Casey Hanson Lake Mills Jr
10 Tate Entriken Hudson So
1 Benjamin Smith Iowa Valley Sr
2 Cade Tenold Don Bosco So
3 Aiden Zook North Tama So
4 Nate Monahan Woodbury Central Sr
5 John Ebaugh Denver Sr
6 Gabe Carter New London Sr
7 Spencer Roth Graettinger-Terril/RA Sr
8 Trystin Ross Colfax-Mingo Sr
9 Seth Kiesel AHSTW Sr
10 Dylan Marker Central Springs Sr
1 Carson Tenold Don Bosco So
2 Ethan Fulcher Hudson Sr
3 Tristan Mulder Western Christian Jr
4 Drew Venteicher Beford/Lenox Sr
5 Elijah Wagner Lake Mills Jr
6 Nick Haynes Missouri Valley Sr
7 Bryson Freeberg Tri-Center Sr
8 Drew Fox Riceville Jr
9 Derik Downing Nashua-Plainfield Jr
10 Chase Kruse Louisa-Muscatine Sr
1 Thomas Even Don Bosco Sr
2 Treyton Cacek Graettinger-Terril/RA Sr
3 Carson Lynott West Sioux, Hawarden So
4 Coy Baker Wilton Sr
5 Alex De Roos Alta-Aurelia Jr
6 Cole Kelly West Hancock Jr
7 Drake Harnish Lake Mills Sr
8 Derek Anderson Hinton Jr
9 Gavin Holmes New London Sr
10 Evan Kalainoff Nashua-Plainfield Sr
1 Cole Clark Lisbon Jr
2 Trever Dorn Denver Sr
3 Ethan Allie Belle Plaine Sr
4 Tate Hagen West Hancock Sr
5 Treyten Steffen Sumner-Fredericksburg Sr
6 Darius Gashe West Monona Sr
7 Tyler Thurston North Cedar Sr
8 Luke Mosinski Audubon Sr
9 Gavyn Fischer AHSTW Sr
10 Cameron Raines New London Sr
1 Joel Mendoza Eagle Grove Sr
2 Luke Recker East Buchanan Jr
3 Isaac Steffans Postville Sr
4 Cale Anthony Pleasantville Sr
5 Tanner Hagen West Hancock Sr
6 Chris Gardner Underwood Jr
7 Keegan Akers Mediapolis Sr
8 Jaxon Allen New London Sr
9 Rex Johnsen Logan-Magnolia So
10 Blake Haub Ogden Sr
1 Chandler Redenius West Hancock Sr
2 Ryley Snell Interstate 35 So
3 Barrett Pitt Logan-Magnolia Sr
4 Chet Buss North Butler-Clarksville So
5 Gabe Hayes Louisa-Muscatine Sr
6 Brant Batles Lisbon Jr
7 Brady Canada AHSTW Sr
8 Kipp Corbin East Sac County Sr
9 Matthew Kauffman Pleasantville Jr
10 Daniel Tapken English Valleys Sr
17 thoughts on “Class 1A Iowa High School Preseason Rankings”
  1. It is not b.s. in all cases. I have watched coaches for one school in our area walk right up to our athletes and ask them to transfer. It may not happen as much as people say………..but it happens.

  2. I just saw Anderson of Hinton (8-1A) pin Chayce Hooyer of S. Center (4-2A) in the first period.

    1. Yea, I probably could’ve added Ferguson but didn’t know his status. We weren’t even sure where Hanson was enrolled at until recently. If they are both wrestling to start the season they will likely be in the next set. Those were the two I was probably most up in the air about.

  3. So bosco recuits football and wrestlers but I see they make state baseball almost every year do they recuit players for that sport too? Was the Schares kid that is playing college ball a recuit also can someone answer? From down in southern iowa just wondering ?

  4. Didn’t Meeker finish ahead of Shuck last year…? Don’t believe Shuck ever wrestled him?…. Meeker a 3x placewinner.. Even a finalist 2 yrs ago… Shuck 1x.. Not a big deal… Just curious

    1. The thinking there was that Schuck gave Avila and Cassady a better match than Meeker did. He just so happened to meet up with them sooner in the bracket. I wouldn’t argue with anyone that would put Meeker over Schuck tho

    1. I had about 10 guys I didn’t get confirmation out of. With 140 ranked kids and the 50 others that were considered but didn’t quite make it in there will always be a few you can’t get ahold of. Briggs was one of those 10 I couldn’t get ahold of.

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