According to a report from New Hampton Tribune, Nick Hemann has been let go of his head coaching duties at New Hampton/Turkey Valley.

““The New Hampton Community School District is announcing that Mr. Nick Hemann will not be completing this wrestling season as the head wrestling coach with the district,” Superintendent Jay Jurrens wrote in the statement, but Jurrens did say Hemann will continue in his position with as a high school special education teacher with the district.

Jurrens said that assistant coaches Matt Paulus and Andy Geerts will serve as co-coaches and be assisted by the program’s volunteer coaches.

NH/TV recently received the No. 3 ranking by the IWCOA with five ranked wrestlers. NH/TV is the returning Class 2A dual team champions with a runner-up finish at the traditional state tournament.

Statement from Nick Hemann:

“Unfortunately something where I thought I was simply helping and passing something on to someone. It was not communicated properly and I should have known better. There is nobody to blame but myself and I have accepted the responsibility all while trying to rationalize “the why” as I told family members who were also devastated. Most importantly my four children who were just as invested in Chickasaw Wrestling as I was. Obviously something that I was very passionate about is no longer with me and I need to somehow find the purpose that god had for this happening when it did. I will tell you this, NOBODY cared about the New Hampton Wrestling program and those wrestler more than myself. I never asked them to do anything I wasn’t willing to do myself and would give them the shirt off of my back. I appreciate the hundreds of people reaching out to me during this difficult time. Thank you”

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25 thoughts on “Nick Hemann Out Immediately at New Hampton/Turkey Valley”
  1. This man KNOWINGLY put kids with UNCURABLE, communicable skin conditions (mat herpes) on the mat with other kids. At least three, possibly more, wrestlers from other school districts now have permanent, uncurable skin conditions because this guy didn’t have the courage to bench a kid who was contagious. Meanwhile, these three kids weren’t eligible to compete in conference meets, through no fault of their own, because they are now contagious and following the correct protocols. Meanwhile, the kid he illegally dispenses meds to continues to compete. This man is lucky he was only fired from his coaching gig and hasn’t ended up in court over this.

    1. Well, putting it that way and that is what really happened. I totally agree. Winning cannot trump the health and safety of your own kids and the health of the opposing wrestler(s). Pressure of being at the top can lead to bad decisions.

  2. He was wrong and went about it wrong. If he cared so much he would have done it differently and he himself would tell you as much. If he doesn’t want to admit that then that is on him as he hasn’t learned nearly as much as he should have! Look at it the way you want but the bottom line is that it is illegal. All coaches care for their kids make no mistake it’s just that some have enough sense to do what is right and realize it’s not always about the win. Shame on Nick!! I hope you and everyone from New Hampton that supports you can swallow a little bit of your pride and realize that there is a right way to do things!

    1. Well, I am not from the New Hampton community or even part of the Iowa wrestling community, but I am part of the wrestling coaching community. Everyone is welcome to have their opinion, it’s to bad this couldn’t have been dealt with differently. We all have made mistakes over the years as coaches, and I guess, he is paying the price for his mistake. Passionate people are hard to come by these days, especially teacher/coaches. Coaching is such a thankless sport, but the rewards of training kids to become young men is priceless. I have seen many kids from broken homes succeed in life because of wrestling. Coach, learn from your mistake, and become an even better coach, I have a feeling the kids you have coached over the years have thanked you and will be there for you. Good luck.

      Coach from “The Clash”

  3. You have to be kidding me, he got fired because of that… $1.50 prescription of Valtrax…

    These parents have no idea how invested coaches get with their guys… He obviously went about it the wrong way, but shame on whomever made this a big deal. Should have their been a consequence…yes, but 11 years of dedication to a program that he himself probably built, and this is the thanks you get for trying to help someone out.

  4. To all of those saying that he was in the wrong and saying that what he did was not right. I say F you. He is the best coach in the state by far and cares about the wrestlers at the same level as his children.

  5. Trying to help? Yes. Doing it the right way? Not a chance!! There are doctors who do this and he is not one of them. I bet it sucks for him that he can’t coach but hopefully he will learn from it and move on!

  6. TOO bad – these days some of those kids parents are no shows to everything – the poor kid probably needed him and you can hardly look wrong at a kid anymore without getting in trouble – ill bet he was trying to help him get cleared for the next meet, as the parents did nothing – yep blame the coach rather than the parents stepping up and admitting they are losers

  7. Stupid other schools coaches get caught drunk driving and hunting and shit without license and still have job. And the suppose to be a role model but he is helping out and gets fired the other 2 no punishment.

  8. Stupid other schools coaches get caught drunk driving and hunting and shit without license and still have job. And the suppose to be a role model but he is helping out and gets fired the other 2 no punishment.

  9. Rumor is he tried to help one of the wrestlers through a weekend by giving them medicine for a skin condition and it cost him his coaching job. It sounds like he had good intentions but took the wrong approach with the wrong kid/parents. Nobody wins in that situation.

  10. Well what I heard isn’t all that bad. Was trying to look out for his wrestlers, but might have been parents job…

    1. Not that bad? You have kids wrestling with herpes and there wrestling kids from other teams and especially this time of year. Think about it, there are rules and this is quite serious!

      1. I heard was distributing meds for skin disease….. If a kid has a skin disease it’s up to the trained professional at the weigh inn to decide if he wrestles or not

        1. I’m sure they will be checking the new Hampton kids pretty good this week. (Hopefully)

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