Caleb Rathjen
Photo: Cam Kramer | IAwrestle


Team Tournament Rankings
1 SE Polk (10)
2 Waverly-Shell Rock (10)
3 Fort Dodge (7)
4 Waukee (7)
5 WDM Valley (4)
6 Ankeny Centennial (5)
7 Mason City (3)
8 Bettendorf (6)
9 North Scott (4)
10 Linn-Mar (5)
1 Ethan Wood-Finley IC High Jr
2 Aiden Riggins Waverly-Shell Rock Fr
3 Connor Kelley Waukee So
4 Trever Anderson Ankeny Fr
5 Rheiner Stahlbaum Johnston So
6 Lane Cowell Fort Dodge So
7 Ryder Downey Indianola Fr
8 Tanner Wink Lewis Central So
9 Teme Larson Waterloo West Sr
10 Brandon O’Brien Linn-Mar So
1 Drake Ayala Fort Dodge So
2 Nate Kahoe DM Lincoln Sr
3 Devin Harmison SE Polk Sr
4 Austin Kegley CR Prairie Jr
5 Bailey Roybal Waverly-Shell Rock So
6 Grant Harbour Norwalk So
7 Thurman Christensen Waukee So
8 Cael Cox Ankeny So
9 Kaden Karns Waterloo West So
10 Dawson Biermann Western Dubuque Sr
1 Cullan Schriever Mason City Jr
2 Hunter Garvin IC West Fr
3 Carson Taylor Fort Dodge Jr
4 Jacob Penrith Cedar Falls Sr
5 Aiden Evans Bettendorf Jr
6 Nick Miller Waukee Sr
7 Thomas Edwards Johnston Jr
8 Joel Jesuroga SE Polk Fr
9 Keaton Moret Norwalk Jr
10 Bryce Parke Linn-Mar So
1 Caleb Rathjen Ankeny So
2 Nick Oldham WDM Valley Sr
3 Matthew Jordan DM East Sr
4 Caleb McCabe North Scott Sr
5 Dylan Albrecht Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
6 Carter Martinson SE Polk Fr
7 Brooks Cowell Fort Dodge Jr
8 Carson Murray Dowling Catholic Jr
9 Ty Pfiffner CR Kennedy So
10 Joe Foreman CR Washington So
1 Ben Monroe Ankeny Centennial Jr
2 Joe Pins Dubuque Hempstead Sr
3 Conrad Braswell CR Prairie Sr
4 Evan Yant Waverly-Shell Rock Jr
5 Caleb Helgeson Johnston So
6 Brock Espalin DM East Jr
7 Camden Baarda SE Polk Jr
8 Sam Kallem Ankeny Jr
9 Jackson Barth Cedar Falls Jr
10 Duncan Delzell Burlington Jr
1 Nathan Marchand SE Polk Sr
2 Cody Anderson Waukee Jr
3 Colby Schriever Mason City Jr
4 Drevon Ross Fort Dodge Sr
5 Deven Strief North Scott So
6 Dylan Falck CR Kennedy Jr
7 Graham Gambrall IC West So
8 James Edwards Johnston Jr
9 Tanner Higgins Lewis Central Jr
10 Jack Plagge Cedar Falls Jr
1 Eli Loyd Pleasant Valley Jr
2 Deville Dentis DM East Sr
3 Collin Lewis North Scott Sr
4 Caleb Corbin WDM Valley So
5 Eric Owens Ankeny Centennial Sr
6 Ryan Strickland SE Polk Sr
7 Ethan Vetterick Norwalk Jr
8 Tyler Murphy Dubuque Hempstead Sr
9 Logan Adamson Bettendorf So
10 Cayden Langreck Waverly-Shell Rock Fr
1 Lance Runyon SE Polk Sr
2 Carter Schmidt Norwalk Sr
3 Jake Matthaidess North Scott Jr
4 Bryson Hervel Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
5 Luke Fistler Dallas Center-Grimes Jr
6 Owen Towers Urbandale Sr
7 Andrew Rohret Clear Creek-Amana Sr
8 Mason Seifried Waukee Sr
9 Cade Moss Johnston Sr
10 Kyle Hefley IC High Sr
1 Cade DeVos SE Polk Sr
2 Jacob Hermann Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
3 Logan Neils Ankeny Centennial Jr
4 Ryker Kurimski Western Dubuque Sr
5 Caleb Kingery Lewis Central Sr
6 Parker Klocke Carroll Sr
7 Voyen Adamson Bettendorf Sr
8 Hayden Friedrichsen Urbandale Sr
9 Trever Maiers Dubuque Hempstead Sr
10 Colton LaGrange CR Prairie Sr
1 Anthony Zach Waukee Sr
2 Will Jefferson Bettendorf Sr
3 Blake Underwood WDM Valley Jr
4 Kaden Smith Fort Dodge Sr
5 Jake Hosch Western Dubuque Jr
6 Ryan Plummer Linn-Mar Jr
7 James DeMeyer Mount Pleasant Sr
8 Ashton Barker IC Liberty So
9 Kent Kragenbrink Dubuque Hempstead Sr
10 Jay Oostendorp CR Kennedy Jr
1 Jacob Wempen Linn-Mar Sr
2 Devin Ludwig Western Dubuque Sr
3 Nic Leo Ankeny Centennial Sr
4 Zach Needham Dallas Center-Grimes Jr
5 Brett Mower Glenwood Sr
6 Will Hoeft IC West Jr
7 Alex Blizzard Bettendorf Sr
8 Cael Knox CR Kennedy So
9 Brennan Broders Muscatine Sr
10 Matt Scott DM East Sr
1 Gabe Christenson SE Polk Jr
2 Brayden Wolf Waverly-Shell Rock Jr
3 Ethan Barry Clinton Jr
4 Ashton Stoner-DeGroot CR Prairie Jr
5 Cade Parker CR Kennedy Jr
6 Sam Hayes Fort Madison Sr
7 Landon Green IC West Sr
8 Triston Licht Fort Dodge Sr
9 Dalton Sell Muscatine Sr
10 Cole Rathjen Ankeny Sr
1 Greg Hagen Dowling Catholic Sr
2 Cameron Baker CB Thomas Jefferson Sr
3 Tanner Schultz Linn-Mar Sr
4 Owen Dunne Dubuque Hempstead Sr
5 Cam Jones CR Kennedy Sr
6 Nate Heckart Norwalk Sr
7 Gage Linahon Newton Jr
8 Zach Beason Mount Pleasant Sr
9 Kalob Runyon SE Polk So
10 Cael Thorson Waukee Jr
1 Beau Lombardi WDM Valley Sr
2 Troy Monahan Mason City Sr
3 Andrew Snyder Waverly-Shell Rock Sr
4 Jacob Murry IC High Sr
5 Griffin Liddle Bettendorf So
6 Manny McGowan Davenport Central Sr
7 Josh Vis CR Kennedy Jr
8 Jordan Anderson Marshalltown Jr
9 Jake Brownlee Ottumwa Sr
10 Lane Pruisner Ankeny Centennial Sr


28 thoughts on “IAwrestle 3A Team and Individual rankings (12/18/18)”
  1. You guys are hilarious! You do realize that ALL rankings are subjective right? We are all guessing! Especially with High School kids. I appreciate the time and research IAwrestle does to put these rankings out! Maybe you don’t agree but, it doesn’t really matter anyway. It will all shake out at State!

    1. What’s really funny is that IAwrestle acts like if we question them we are wrong because “look at the history” it’s all just an opinion but if we say that then we hear from Dirty T and the boys about how their results show how great they are at doing this.

  2. Heise was dropped from 138. W-SR only has 9 ranked wrestlers even with gaining Langreck.

      1. dude chill, why do all you guys on here take offense to anyone questioning your rankings? Schares flips out in 1a because someone questions why he’d rank someone 5th if he isn’t willing to bet on them to place and basically nothing to support the ranking. you get pissy on 3a cause someone says you guys are just guessing. Jesus man for supposedly being about growing wrestling and starting discussions you sure to be about looking good and making your money.

        1. If someone says our rankings specifically don’t hold water have something to back up that statement. Maybe we just shouldn’t give explanations or defend anything we put our name on.

          1. So he says it’s you guys guessing at who you think is best. Unless I’m mistaken that’s what this is your opinion, your best guess. You get offended by that and have to brag about your percentage. Who cares, do you guys get a trophy for it? Is there a rankings championship? Maybe just post them and let them be what they are, an opinion. Who cares if someone disagrees with it unless you guys are really that think skinned that you have to try to prove your right which is what this appears to be.

              1. I’ll try this again.
                Just keep talking tony. Your true arrogance just keeps coming through!

      1. 138. Washburn pinned Strief. Washburn falls out of the rankings Strief moves up 4 spots??

              1. We going to get an explanation as to why a loss hurt one guy at that weight for rankings but not another? It’s a fair question if a loss hurts one wrestler’s ranking why doesn’t it affect another?

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