8 Kinds of Wrestling Moms

By Jennie Koenig

Let’s be real here. Whenever people gather in one place in large groups, things are going to get interesting. Wrestling events are no different. Moms make up a majority of the crowd and they have a multitude of personalities. For this post, I’m just going to focus on 8 kinds of wrestling moms. Even if you’ve only been to a few wrestling events, you’ve surely met these moms. Disclaimer: I have certainly fallen into each of these categories myself. So don’t be offended if I have perfectly described you.

Introvert Mom

Introvert mom shows up early, if she can. She climbs to the tallest part of the bleachers where she perches for the day. She might even strategically place a few coats and bags around her, just so she has a foot of space. When things get too crazy, she’ll retreat to a bathroom stall for a good 20 minutes even though she doesn’t have to go, just to recharge her brain’s battery.

Spielberg Mom

Spielberg Mom has all the video equipment that exists. She has lenses that are like three feet long. None of the rest of the moms even need to get out their phones because chances are, she’s got footage of every kid on the team. And it’ll be great video. Except, sadly, for her own kid’s wrestling matches, all of which turn out like the rest of the mom’s videos: like something is running with a camera.

Snack Mom

Snack Mom is the best. You want to be friends with snack mom. She’s got all kinds of stuff in her little cooler that the people at the door thought was a purse. She’s a planner, and we love her for that. Especially since we may or may not have just sent our kid with another $5 to the concession stand.

Proximity Mom

Proximity Mom has to get as close to the actual wrestling match as possible before the coach drags her away. She just wants to see what’s going on, right? That, or she wants to be close enough to save her baby. Either way, she’s gonna get right up in there.

Mat Moms

Oh, the Mat Moms! With their mat mom shirts (I have one), their embroidered everything, their insta posts and their hashtags. They have buttons and gear and cool socks and stuff. They make signs and bring treats for the team. Mat Moms are serious fans who like, will totally take a selfie with you and tag you because you’re in this together!

Alexa Mom

Alexa Mom is exactly like Amazon’s Alexa. If you aren’t sure where your kid is supposed to be, just ask Alexa. “Alexa, where is Silas supposed to wrestle next?” “C-LAS. IS ON DECK. ON MAT 3″. She also knows the record of the kids your child has wrestled as well.

Jungle Gym Mom

Jungle Gym Mom is completely covered in children. They are crawling all over her and half of them aren’t even hers. She’s got crayons. She’s got slime. She’s got tablets and books. She’s got it all. But the kids still prefer to use her as a diving board to launch them into the coats between the bleacher seats.

Jekyll & Hyde Mom

This mom. This mom is incredible. She should be studied by scientists. She is the sweetest gem of a mom there ever was. That is, until her child is wrestling. Then she just changes suddenly into a version of herself that will haunt your dreams forever. Yelling. Cheering. Shouting. Fake Cussing. Real Cussing. Apologizing while shouting. And when the match is over, she goes right back to discussing her latest etsy find like nothing happened.

Chances are, you’ve probably been all of these moms at one moment or another. Perhaps you’re a combination of a few or all of these on any given day! But no matter which category you’re most likely to fall into, the most important thing is that you show up and be the mom that YOUR kid needs. That’s the best gift you can give your wrestler: be YOU!

And if YOU happen to be in the snack mom category, you should totally sit by me.

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