Brady Henderson
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Team Tournament Rankings
1 Don Bosco (11)
2 Denver (8)
3 Lisbon (5)
4 Woodbury Central (4)
5 MFL, MarMac (4)
6 Underwood (5)
7 West Sioux (4)
8 Interstate 35 (4)
9 Martensdale-St Mary’s (3)
10 Lake Mills (4)
1 Jaymus Wilson Alburnett Sr
2 Damon Huston Midland, Wyoming So
3 Marcel Lopez New London Fr
4 Chris Ferguson Sioux Central Fr
5 Donavon Hanson Manson NW Webster So
6 Jace Rose Oakland, Riverside Fr
7 Garrett Funk Don Bosco Fr
8 Chase Lyons Denver Jr
9 Kael Brisker Wilton So
10 Sean Thompson Logan-Magnolia Fr
1 Beau Klingensmith Woodbury Central So
2 Jakob Whitinger Nashua-Plainfield Jr
3 Mason Dye Sigourney-Keota Jr
4 Brooks Meyer Denver So
5 Bryce Shaha Mount Ayr So
6 Colton Meeker Wapello Sr
7 Aiden Noonan Cascade, Western Dubuque So
8 Quincy Happel Lisbon Fr
9 Stevie Barnes Underwood Fr
10 Bryce McDonough Central Springs Fr
1 Adam Allard West Sioux Jr
2 Daniel Kimball Don Bosco Sr
3 Casey Baker Interstate 35 Sr
4 Trey Lashbrook AGWSR So
5 Cauy Fitch Colfax-Mingo Sr
6 Randy Jiminez SE Warren So
7 Connor Attkisson Tri-Center Jr
8 Jakson Cobb Wayne So
9 Aiden Christiansen Hinton Jr
10 Cael Cassady Martensdale-St. Mary So
1 Robert Avila Jr Lisbon Fr
2 Cole Cassady Martensdale-St. Mary Jr
3 Briar Reisz Logan-Magnolia So
4 Trae Ehlen Mount Ayr So
5 Isaac Schimmels Denver So
6 Tyler Helgeson Lake Mills Jr
7 Trey Schuck Sibley-Ocheyedan Jr
8 Carter Pals Central Springs Jr
9 Bryce Trees North Butler Sr
10 Michael McClelland Don Bosco So
1 Cael Happel Lisbon Jr
2 Gabe Lewis Denver Jr
3 Josh Tibbits Martensdale-St. Mary’s Sr
4 Jacob McBride Newman Catholic Sr
5 Logan James Underwood So
6 Easton Larson Don Bosco Jr
7 Heath Moyer North Linn Jr
8 Nolan Noonan Cascade, Western Dubuque Sr
9 Daniel Meeker Wapello Jr
10 Dillon Lynott West Sioux Jr
1 Cobe Siebrecht Lisbon Sr
2 Riley Wright Denver Sr
3 Nick Hamilton Underwood Fr
4 Cael Frost Don Bosco So
5 Caiden Jones Lake Mills Sr
6 Teagan Lundquist Southwest Valley Sr
7 Cory Anderson Wilton Sr
8 Grant Hoeger Beckman Catholic Sr
9 Bryce Kafton MVAO Sr
10 Gabriel Smith Oakland, Riverside Sr
1 Wade Mitchell Woodbury Central Jr
2 Blake Thomsen Underwood Jr
3 Spencer Griffin Emmetsburg Sr
4 Michael Egan MFL, MarMac Sr
5 Wyatt Appleseth Panorama So
6 Ryne Mohrfeld Lisbon Sr
7 Duke Kyle Missouri Valley Sr
8 Max Wettengel Don Bosco Sr
9 Mark Dawson Eagle Grove Jr
10 Brady Hahn Highland, Riverside Sr
1 Brady Henderson North Linn Sr
2 Kaleb Krall Wapsie Valley Sr
3 Kory Van Oort West Sioux Sr
4 Cade Tenold Don Bosco Fr
5 Ethan Elliot Interstate 35 Sr
6 Garrett Arment Woodbury Central Sr
7 Mason Griffin Emmetsburg Jr
8 Ben Smith Iowa Valley Jr
9 Chase McAlister South Central Calhoun Sr
10 Kameron Black Newman Catholic Sr
1 John Henrich Akron-Westfield Sr
2 Carson Tenold Don Bosco Fr
3 Drew Venteicher Bedford/Lenox Jr
4 John Ebaugh Denver Jr
5 Mason Woosley Interstate 35 Sr
6 Spencer Roth Graettinger-Terril/R-A Jr
7 Bret Hoyman Emmetsburg Jr
8 Elijah Wagner Lake Mills So
9 Michael Baker Underwood Sr
10 Caleb Lalonde Mediapolis Sr
1 Cael Krueger Denver Sr
2 Ethan Fulcher Hudson Jr
3 Tristan Mulder Western Christian So
4 Hunter Clasen Bellevue Sr
5 Alex Hanner Kingsley-Pierson Sr
6 Treyton Cacek Graettinger-Terril/R-A Jr
7 Tate Hagen West Hancock Jr
8 Nick Haynes Missouri Valley Jr
9 Garret Bruce East Sac Sr
10 Caleb Stoltz Van Buren Sr
1 Gabe Pauley AHSTW Sr
2 Thomas Even Don Bosco Jr
3 Tucker Kroeze Belmond-Klemme Sr
4 Carter Murray Graettinger-Terril/RA Sr
5 Nick Milder Regina, Iowa City Sr
6 Nathan Johanningmeier MFL, Mar Mac Sr
7 Jim Moss Woodbury Central Sr
8 Colby Page SE Warren Sr
9 Weiland Steffen Sumner-Fredericksburg Sr
10 Quinton Rechkemmer North Linn Sr
1 Zach Ryg Central Springs Sr
2 Owen Grover Beckman Catholic Sr
3 Chase McCleisch Newman Catholic Sr
4 Bryce Schares Don Bosco Sr
5 Darius Gashe West Monona Jr
6 Drake Harnish Lake Mills Jr
7 Ethan Allie Belle Plaine Jr
8 Logan Koedam West Sioux Sr
9 Rowan Udell Iowa City Regina Jr
10 Tyler Thurston North Cedar Jr
1 Garet Sims Iowa Valley Sr
2 Nick Gaes Alta-Aurelia Sr
3 Garrett Keehner MFL MarMac Sr
4 Brett Schoenherr Midland, Wyoming Sr
5 Joel Mendoza Eagle Grove Jr
6 Alex Hommer SE Warren Sr
7 Chance Strough Bedford/Lenox Sr
8 Dylan Obermeier Audubon Sr
9 Brock Thompson Interstate 35 Jr
10 Blake Haub Ogden Jr
1 Brock Farley Denver Sr
2 Arron Olson Missouri Valley Sr
3 Korby Keehner MFL Mar Mac Sr
4 Matthew Kaufman Pleasantville So
5 Trenton Dirks Westwood Sr
6 Brady Canada AHSTW Jr
7 Noah Pittman Don Bosco Sr
8 Rylan Duffy Wapsie Valley Sr
9 Chandler Redenius West Hancock Jr
10 Chase Gallagher North Cedar Sr
28 thoughts on “IAwrestle 1A Team and Individual rankings (12/18/18)”
  1. I believe Henderson and VanOort are wrestling 45 this year. That will be a tough weight! Also 52 looks solid with Krall, Tenold and Elliott. I have only seen Elliott this year and he looks legit having beat 4 top ten contenders between 1a 2a and 3a and is still undefeated, seems like a stretch for Tenold to be above him. Interesting to see how it all plays out.

      1. If Henderson and Van Oort go down how does that affect things in your eyes 3 former state finalist at one weight who comes out on top? I see Mitchell injury defaulted out of their tourney this weekend any word on what happened?

        1. From what we have heard Van Oort is staying up. Haven’t heard on Mitchell. Henderson has looked tough as nails this year, would be fun to see a Henderson/Mitchell match up.

          1. Mitchell is fine was checked out by the doctor on Monday. Tweaked his elbow a little and no reason to risk it this early in the season.

  2. Why do you have Robert Avilla at 126 and Cael Happel at 132, they have been wrestling opposite that all year with Robert at 132 and Cael at 126?

  3. Any thoughts on the kraft kid from west Sioux at 106? looks like he is putting to a heck of a season so far he close to cracking the top 10?

    1. He’s right there. Actually West Sioux had a few guys I would consider 11 or 12 and it’s really just a best guess when you get to the bottom few. The LoMa 113 was another one, could have just as easily been in there but at the end of the day you have to make a decision.

  4. Pinned by a guy that was a state placewinner, at a tough weight, while being injured. Sometimes people get too caught up in the number a guy is ranked. Not all number 5’s are created equal. Some 5’s are title contenders and others I wouldn’t bet on to place. Next question.

    1. If they are ranked 5 shouldn’t they be expected to place? I mean if you think a guy is the 5th ranked wrestler in the state that means you think he’s one of the 5 best that’s what rankings are right who you think the top 10 guys in each weight are. So if he’s #5 ranked and you aren’t betting on to place why are you ranking him in the top 5 guys of the state? weak weight or not that isn’t saying much about your own belief in your rankings. So basically youre saying hey he’s my #5 ranked guy in the state but I don’t think he’s good enough to make it to the top 8 in the state? really?

      You say people are getting to caught up in the number next to them, your job is to rank them from the best guy in the state in your opinion to the #10 guy in the state in your opinion but yet you wouldn’t even bet your guy at #5 to place? Doesn’t exactly give a lot of weight to the rankings here if your just saying well look it’s a number but I don’t expect him to place. rank him 9 or 10 if that’s the case.

      1. Dude lighten up, rankings should not be defining your little Johnny anyway. Put your eggs in the February basket, little Johnny can perform to whatever number he wants.

        1. The guys doing the rankings need to lighten up. Seriously they get questioned on them and get all defensive. They want the rankings to be looked at and respected but when they get questioned about why they put someone in a spot they respond with give me your rankings or saying they wouldn’t bet on someone ranked in the top 5 to place. If you want me to respect your rankings then put out ones where you will bet on your guys in the top 5 to medal otherwise why rank them?

          1. I love having discussions on guys. I’ll always respect someone’s opinion that respects mine, but when someone comes at me guns blazin I will always immediately match their level. You’ll find plenty of times I’ve had open conversations with people.

            Some of you people must not be familiar with how gambling works. There a always a few weights where 5-15 is just who wakes up on the right side of the bed that day because guys are so close. I’ll always rank them in the order I feel is appropriate, but I wouldn’t bet an amount of money that matters to me on SOME kids. I’d do friendly wagers all day, but sometime it’s just too close to bet the farm. Next question.

  5. must be a real shallow weight if the #5 guy can be pinned by a 152lber and still climb from unranked to #5 with one significant win.

      1. I would agree with 170. After the top 3 it will be about who shows up. Tough to rank 4-10 at that weight if you ask me.

        1. Tough to do, but if its your job to do it shouldn’t you put out something where there is so legit reasons why a guy is ranked where they are other than just giving us some line about it being tough to do or demanding we give them our rankings? I have no clue who the top 10 guys at each weight are as it’s not my job to follow that but if it was I’d think that I’d give a little more reason than well a guy beat this one guy who was ranked. If you question a banker do they demand you show them how to do it? If you go to a grocery store and question a price do they demand you tell them the price it should be? I appreciate you guys do this but if you’re going to do it you better expect criticism and if you can’t accept that some people might be childish about it without acting just as childish then maybe this isn’t the line of work for you.

          1. I literally told you exactly why he’s ranked so high. They resumes of the guys below are lesser than his this year. I’ve done nothing but give you answers. I have entire spreadsheets on why each guy is in each place. Our results the last years have spoken for themselves. Thanks for all of your support, I appreciate my fans.

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