2018 Battle of Waterloo Brackets

Below you will see how teams that participated in the Battle of Waterloo finished at dual/traditional state tournaments as well as team and individual accomplishments. Reminder this year all matches will be streamed live by IAwrestle on Trackwrestling.


Battle of Waterloo Historical Numbers:
Year Dual Finishers Traditional Finishers Ind. State Qualifiers State Placewinners State Finalist State Champions
2010 (11) IC West- 1st WSR- 1st 152 88 20 9
Bettendorf- 2nd IC West- 2nd
WSR-3rd Linn-Mar-3rd
Don Bosco- 2nd Denver-Tripoli- 2nd
N-P- 3rd West Delaware- 3rd
Don Bosco- 2nd
N-P- 3rd
2011 (12) WDM Valley- 2nd IC West- 3rd 159 90 26 13
IC West- 3rd Denver-Tripoli- 1st
West Delaware-2nd West Delaware- 3rd
Denver-Tripoli-3rd Don Bosco- 1st
N-P- 1st N-P- 2nd
2012 (13) WSR-3rd CR Prairie- 3rd 156 94 24 12
Dav. Assmpt- 1st West Delaware-1st
West Delaware-2nd Dav. Assmpt- 2nd
2013 (14) WSR-3rd 152 88 34 16
Dav. Assmpt- 1st WSR- 3rd
Independence- 3rd Dav. Assmpt- 1st
Clarion- 1st Alburnett- 3rd
Don Bosco- 2nd
2014 (15) Union-1st Union- 3rd 169 91 29 16
Dav. Assmpt- 2nd Alburnett- 1st
Clarion- 1st Clarion- 2nd
Alburnett- 3rd
2015 (16) Alburnett- 1st Alburnett- 1st 157 104 27 16
Lisbon- 2nd Lisbon- 2nd
Dav. Assmpt- 1st Clarion- 2nd
Clarion- 2nd WDM Valley- 3rd
New Hampton- 3rd
WDM Valley- 1st
2016 (17) WSR-3rd WDM Valley- 3rd 154 88 23 16
New Hampton-1st New Hampton-2nd
Dav. Assmpt-3rd Dav. Assmpt- 3rd
Lisbon- 1st Lisbon- 1st
Don Bosco- 2nd Don Bosco- 2nd
Lake Mills- 3rd
2017 (18) Don Bosco- 1st Lisbon- 1st 157 91 23 16
Lisbon- 2nd Don Bosco- 2nd
New Hampton-1st New Hampton-2nd
WDM Valley- 3rd
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  1. Lisbon didn’t get 2nd at Duals last year, they didn’t even get 3rd. You appear to have left Denver and Lake Mills off of your list

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