What: The 2018 Battle of Waterloo
When: December 14-15
Where: Young Ice Arena, 125 Commercial Street, Waterloo, IA 50701
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19 thoughts on “2018 Battle of Waterloo Brackets”
  1. This is funny you guys complaining about a seed just wait till they seed the individual state tournament and screw that up there is not a lot of smart wrestlers out there they will have the state tournament all screwed but that’s what most of the idiot’s wanted

    1. I agree there is no way they will be able to seed the state tournament you are talking about people who don’t know what they are doing it is laughable

  2. “Lake Mills is a 4, tough to give them much more respect when they lost to Emmetsburg in a tournament last weekend. I also dont recall them ever finishing about the 3rd pool without going back and looking. Osage is legitimately a good team, I expect them to have a good year.”

    I have no affiliation with either, but I’m not sure I understand your arguement. It appears it was an Invitational that Lake Mills lost to a good Emmetsburg team by a half a point. This is and always has been a Dual Tournament. I believe they have got 3rd at State duals the last 2 years while finishing outside the top 10 at Individual State.

    I can’t recall Osage wrestling in the afternoon at all in the last few years, meaning they have finished in the bottom 16. Looking at their lineup, yes they are a good team, but I don’t see the connection from their lineup last year, to this year that accounts for this jump to a 2 seed.

    Regardless of what happens at this tournament, these 2 are the top 2 teams in their area and will have to dual each other at some point during the year, and I’m looking forward to a hell of a dual.

    1. If you look at past years results Lake Mills has been a underachiever compared to their seeds.

  3. Did this committee pass around an entire 1/5 of Jack while they discussed these seeds?

    1. Agreed… Some of these seeds are just laughable. Osage a 2 seed? Clear Lake beat Clarion by double digit points last week and seeded belw them… And Lake Mills continues to get no Respect .. Also new Hampton as what a 6 seed?

      1. I believe Clear Lake is a 5 seed and Clarion a 6 seed.
        West Delaware walked away with the title at the South Winn tourney on Saturday with #1 seeded Denver;#2 seeded Osage and #6 seeded New Hampton in same tourney. Should be some exciting wrestling this weekend!

      2. Don’t look to far into it, with Clarions injuries and open weight your results wouldn’t of been the same with Clear Lake, lets just get some scrappin in and get ready for post season.

    2. Here is a little inside look at how the committee goes about establishing seeds. It also should be noted that since the BOW has been around, the number a times a team has finished 2 or more places above where they were seeded has been almost nonexistent. I dont have the numbers right in front of me, but I dont recall a team ever finishing 3 places above or below their seed, and in the few cases a team was 2 above/below it usually had to do with a team having unforeseen injures and holding guys out.

      As far as the seeds this year. A lot of teams lumped in that 3-6 range with not a whole lot of separation this early in the year. A few things most people dont take into consideration also is that at least 6 teams this year had to wrestle the afternoon session on friday per their high school administration so that bumps teams up or down a spot from their “true seed”. Not to mention every effort possible is made to avoid conference match ups in the first round, and even sometimes a round or two after that.

      As for some of the specific teams mentioned below. Clarion and Clear Lake are right there with each which is why they are one seed apart, we will see how they end up this weekend with full lineups. Lake Mills is a 4, tough to give them much more respect when they lost to Emmetsburg in a tournament last weekend. I also dont recall them ever finishing about the 3rd pool without going back and looking. Osage is legitimately a good team, I expect them to have a good year. New Hampton is a 5, not a 6, and they are down a bit this year. Havent had great early season results compared to where they have been.

      This should clear up most complaints. As always some people will complain, but if a team is within 1 pool of their seed for Saturday the committee did their job.

      1. Osage as a 2 is a joke…I think they look to far into individual tournament results… Remember this is a “dual” tournament

        1. Who should be a 2 seed instead of Osage? Make a case for another team. I would like to see how you would seed the event. Step up and do some research and put together your bracket and see what your teams would do. Keep in mind the information that Eric Schares posted above about limitations by administration.

          If you look they have only been beat by 2 #1 seeds(WD & Denver) and another 2 seed (Lisbon) this year by the teams in the BOW. Beat Ankeny, NH/TV and 8 other teams in very tough competition. I know the members of the seeding committee and they spend a lot of time researching who has what kids back, how many open weights, talk to coaches to see if anyone has been hurt and will be back for the event, look at competition level – (hurts lake Mills, helped Osage), they solicit information from neutral coaches who have seen the teams in action, etc…

          1. U are talking about individual tournaments…. There is a huge difference between a good tournament team and a good dual team…Osage and Lake Mills pretty much have the same teams as last year…. And LM dominated them in the dual and the conference tournament…. Not to Mention LM beat Lisbon by 17 points in the 3rd place dual at state last year

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