YOU Make the Call – Backpoints or Nah?

The nearfall points in question starts around the 1:00 mark. Tough angle. You make the call! Comment below.



6 thoughts on “YOU Make the Call – Backpoints or Nah?

  1. You can see the referee’s hand held verticle signaling that he didn’t meet the 45 degree angle in his judgement (which you can’t question)… but once both shoulders were off the mat, now it progresses to the high bridge criteria and there should have been a count. 2 points nearfall all day long IMO. Shoulder came down a couple of times, but hard to tell the back angle… could have been 4.

    Coaching point to the young official – THANKS FOR DOING WHAT YOUR ARE DOING, we need more young officials, but consider givining the benefit of the doubt to the guy that is initiating the action and taking the risk. It’s better for the sport and incents more action.

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