State Seeding Coming in 2019

Can you believe it!!!???


9 thoughts on “State Seeding Coming in 2019

  1. What happens when a guy drops a weight or jumps a weight as sectionals so he has no common opponents or head to head? Will being a qualifier or placer at a different weight or in a different class give more points? What if it’s an undefeated kid but he only has 5 matches due to injury? Teams who wrestle tougher schedules could actually be hurt by this process because a kid who has 7 losses but they are all to qualifiers in other classes will get less points than someone who is undefeated but hasn’t wrestled a ranked guy all year.

    I’m not saying seeding is a bad idea but using the same basic criteria as the local invite doesn’t seem like the right way to go about it. Im not sure what the right way is but I just think this could be a mess.

    Pretty sure the state guys don’t care though all they really care about is the money coming in.

  2. This is great, now we can be just like all the other states! Forget that we have had one of the best state tournaments in the country. No more have to see matches to see first round, second round etc…Never thought I would see Iowa be a follower in wrestling, always thought of us as a leader!

    • Whats stupid is he the best 2 wrestlers in the state faced each other in the second round just so some schmuck who barely makes it in a weak district can get by to the semis semis.

      • Who say’s they are the best 2 wrestlers? Think about it, if that happens and he is really that good you are talking 3rd instead of 2nd place. Everyone talks like that but it really doesn’t mean that much. They can come back to 3rd. All we are doing is taking the suspense out of the tourney while trying to make sure the best wrestlers on paper, places where “SOMEONE” thinks they should. Let the wrestlers figure it out. The best wrestler all year may not be the best wrestler at the state tourney. How many times have we seen that? Next thing is somebody will want to start medaling out to top 10 so more kids feel better about them selves.

  3. so if it works out terribly will they scrap it or is it a tough luck here’s what you get thing like moving state duals?

  4. We keep asking about girls wrestling as to other states coming on board, sounds like 30 other states already seed……
    Change is good!!

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